Thursday, September 11, 2014

Settling In

I have now been in chastity a little over 72 hours.  The first 2 days were a little challenging.  Monday was ok.  Tuesday I was in a little pain and felt raw.  Yesterday was better and today even seems to be better.  I slept better last night, but still woke up early.  I got out of bed a little early today so that I wouldn't keep getting painful erections.  Getting up kept my mind off of my cock much better than lying there.  Mistress had me wear a nighty again last night and she gave me a quick tease with her fingers prior to going to sleep.

I went back through emails and blog posts.  As best as I can tell this is the longest Mistress had kept me locked up since we met 4+ years ago and the longest I have been locked up in 5+ years.  Being locked up has stages.  When I was trying to figure out the stages, I was amazed how much they resemble the 5 stages of grief.

1.  Denial - I can't believe I am locked up.  I'll be out of it soon.
2.  Anger - Man this this uncomfortable.  This sucks.
3.  Bargaining - If only I obeyed.  Are you sure you want me to stay locked up?  I promise I'll behave.
4.  Depression - I'm sad I can't feel my cock when I really want to.  Peeing in this thing is such a mess.
5.  Acceptance - Everything is going to be ok.  I'm locked.  The pain and much of the discomfort is gone.  I earned this.  I deserve it.  I want to make Mistress happy.

I am in the acceptance stage.  I am super horny however and feel my ability to resist diminishing.  My mind spins with naughty and nasty thoughts.  I get all sub-spacy.  My desire to please my Mistress is growing.  My desire for Mistress to be mean and bitchy is increasing.  I'm going to stop with all of that now.

Follow Up - My body getting used to the device and my mind is adjusting to it. On a scale of 1-10, my desire to be released is down to a 4.  My desire to endure is still an 11.

I love my Mistress and want to please her with my ability to take what she dishes out.

Today's inspiration...

Soooo Close


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