Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hot Mess

I've only been locked in chastity for 48 hours, and I am a hot mess.  There is simply no way to have this steel cage locked on my cock and balls and not be affected.  My mind is bouncing between what I need to be doing, Mistress controlling me, my cock, and dark fantasies.  There is no stopping it.

Now it would be easy to say the device is what is causing my horniness, but that's just a delivery method.  What's really causing my horniness is Mistress's attitude.  She is exhibiting a certain demeanor that I find exhilarating.  She is acting a little aloof about my situation.  She seems more determined to make a statement to me that she is done tolerating my insolence.  While I know she cares, she is giving me a signal that she really doesn't care if I am in discomfort.  Last night, in addition to making me sleep in chastity she also made me sleep in a nighty.  Not wearing a nighty is what got me into this situation.  The effect is dramatic on my mind. Genius Mistress!  Genius!  I am intoxicated with thoughts of Mistress asserting herself, demanding more of me and her being meaner to me.  The real aphrodisiac isn't the chastity device, it's the loss of control I have of my situation.

Follow up.  I am pretty much where I was yesterday.  Do I want out? Yes, of course.  At 4 this morning I was awoken by a painful hard-on due to me having to urinate.  I was feeling my punishment despite all the sexy thoughts I have been having.  After using the bathroom I was able to go back to sleep.  At 4 AM I wanted out so bad.  But now, on a scale of 1-10, I am still at a 6 in wanting to be released.  Do I want to stay locked up and endure whatever comes my way?  Absolutely, as long as necessary.

Mistress made a comment about maybe letting me out on Friday to clean up.  I assured her that this device is hygienic and that I can clean myself with just a bit of effort. If she wants to let me out because she feels she has punished me enough, than that's cool.  However, if she is feeling guilty or wants to show mercy or thinks I need a break, I want to endure.  I want her to feel comfortable being meaner and have confidence in punishing me as she sees fit.  I am reminded of the saying, "it's not real until you want it to stop".  Of course my mindset might change in the next 48 hours, but I am determined to enthusiastically take my punishment.

I ran across the picture below.  I like to think this is going through MBB's mind right now. Especially the words at the bottom.  I love you Mistress!!!

I am going to break you.

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