Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ball Busting and Squeezing

Last week Mistress commented on a couple of the pictures in one of my posts.  This one has been playing in my mind ever since then.

Now I really am not a fan of getting hit in the balls.  It's not the kind of erotic pain I enjoy.  However it is the loss of control that I crave.  Being unable to protect my most sensitive parts creates an instant helplessness that speaks so deeply to me.

Now some guys get off on getting kicked in the balls, which I don't get.

When I fantasize about having my balls hurt it's in more about a cumulative effect, along with some erotic stimulation, and not so violent.

One of my favorite fantasies is about the concept of ball tapping.  Being tied down with my balls bound tightly.  Generally the balls shouldn't be tied tight if they are going to be hit as it can cause a rupture, but this technique is only soft blows to the balls.  After being restrained, Mistress would take out something like a ruler or paint stirrer.  She would start lightly tapping my balls.  At first I would chuckle about not being hurt, but it's not any one hit that is supposed to hurt, it's the cumulative effect of hundreds of light taps in the same place.  I dream of being hit this way until I am almost in tears begging for her to stop.  I imagine by balls would be bruised and in pain for a couple days, but again, not because of any one hit.

My next fantasy goes back to the first picture in this post.  The idea of being stroked and punched or squeezed at the same time is intriguing.  Being edged and then hit in the balls being forced back from the edge of orgasm.  Being so close to the edge that a punch to the balls forces cum to release in a ruined orgasm.  The pleasure and then pain, going back and forth until the inevitable painful orgasm.  And then not stopping.  I shudder at the thought.

In the Femdom world the best I have seen at this is the Barefoot Princess.  She hits and squeezes her subs balls as she edges him.  The entire time warning him not to cum.  When he eventually does, she hits and squeezes some more.  Often times he has to eat his cum afterward.  

Here is an example.  I also have a whole folder of her videos on our server at home.

In my search I found a guy that is very into ball busting, edging and post orgasm torture.  He has 200+ videos of him pleasuring and torturing a variety of guys with his particular skill set.  If I was gay I would try to meet him.

This guy has some really good techniques.  One thing that I think a lot of people would miss is that he is also relentlessly teasing these guys nipples.  They are red and irritated by the time he is done.  I am mesmerized at how he keeps these guys on the edge for hours and then ruins their orgasms.  That's a dream come true!

For more ideas you can see his page on X-Tube -

in closing, I hate ball pain, but I love being helpless along with the back and forth of pleasure and pain.


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