Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Getting worked up

So I have now slept in chastity and a nighty for the last 2 nights.  Mistress teased me a bit last night and threatened to tease me some more tonight, but without taking my device off.  Would that be uncomfortable? Yes.  Would it be as hot as hell?  Yes!

On top of that I cleaned up and rearranged our dungeon.  It's weird doing that as I forgot some of the things we have.  Seeing them all again gets some ideas going.

We have the black version of this.  It's strict and devious.  I imagine being in it and Mistress' pussy inches away from my nose and mouth while she brings herself to orgasm.

8758BD  Hogtie Submission Set

We have 2 sets of these.  One in black and the other in sissy pink.  They are designed to lock high heels on the wearer so they can't be removed.  No cheating with these.

751T-BLK   Buckling Ankle & Shoe Cuffs, Black Leather

I am shuch a shoe whore. I imagine Mistress doing this to me after a night we are out or after a long day of work.  Forced to smell her feet and falling deep into subspace.  There is something called "scent training" that is very powerful.

We also have a sensory deprivation hood very similar to below.  It has a soft, but substantial gag.  Coupled with some white noise through a pair of headphones and there is no telling where you are or for how long you've been there.  It's also nice because the padded blindfold and the gag can be removed to be used separately.

The next one scares the shit out of me.  It's the clothespin zipper.  I have even gone the next step and converted a rotisserie from an old grill to slowly automate the process of ripping them off.  I'm sure I will regret doing that sometime in the future.  I've even devised a way of being able to use the rotisserie alone but haven't got the guts to do it.


The other thing that scares the shit out of me.  Electric shocking.  Here you see 2 devices we own, and that I hate.  That being said, the fear they put into me makes me very, very agreeable.  It's one of the few things that will make meg beg as well as put the "fight or flight" response into me.

#Femdom #Mistress #Slave #Chastity #CBT

Breath play.  I ran into a plastic bag we use for breath play.  I also have a gas mask that the intake can be blocked.  I also ran into some swimmer's nose plugs which when combined with duct tape is very effective at breath control.  

I also ran into some plastic syringes that make me think of this.

Lastly, I wanted to comment on my chastity.  While I wish I weren't in it (as usual), I'm really, really enjoying everything that goes through my mind while I am locked up.  I like the idea of Mistress being mean to me.  I like the idea of her thinking of ways to push my buttons, frustrate me and even making me mad in a D/s context.  I fantasize about her thinking "how can I be meaner or how can I humiliate him today'?  I am so worked up right now.  

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