Thursday, March 17, 2016

Post Orgasm Torture

The other day I saw a post on FetLife titled "Brutal - Post Orgasm Torture".  I went to the link and what I saw transfixed me.  It was a nearly 18 minute video of one guy absolutely destroying another guy with overstimulating his cock.  Apparently this video was shot after a previous 22 minutes in which the sub was forced to cum.  The Dom used a Hitachi Magic Wang and a cock sleeve as well as his hands.  As much as I love the helplessness of it, I hate post orgasm torture.  In fact I have learned to stop reacting in hopes that Mistress will get bored and stop stimulating my cock.  This Dom just keeps going and going and eventually the sub has to react.

I love the absolute mind fuck that goes with wanting to cum and then regretting then regretting that you did.  I fantasize and being post orgasm tortured for around an hour with the entire goal of making me cum a 2nd time.  Literally taking no break from stimulating my cock, pushing through my defiance and any safe-words, and working me over until I cum or until I am exhausted.          

Since I am not into guy on guy I tired to find some femdom ones.  I had mixed results.

 The video I mentioned can me found here  It's well worth the watch.


  1. That IS a terrible position to be in!!
    That last pic reminds me of what Wife will sometimes do... can't help but cringe even now, lol! sara

  2. I hate POT, but I love the loss of control.