Friday, September 12, 2014

Released, but still under her spell.

After 4 full days and three full nights (about 85 hours) Mistress released my from my chastity punishment.  So while my cock is free, my mind is still very much locked up.  Of course chastity has something to do with it.  There is no way to have 1 lb of steel locked tightly to your cock and not have it affect you.  But for me, the reason I am still a hot mess is that Mistress took firm control of me.  She locked me longer than she ever has (I was surprised she did it as long as she did).  She acted as if she didn't care if I was challenged or not.  She confirmed what I suspected, that if I bitched at all about it my punishment would have not ended yet (very hot by the way).

It's hard to explain, but while I was in physical distress, my mind was euphoric.  While I was frustrated I was overjoyed.  While I was locked, I felt a freedom.  As much as I wanted out, I wanted to stay locked up much longer.  Not because I like chastity, but because I loved the feeling of being owned and controlled.

More important than any of the above is that I hope my Mistress got something out of the last 4 days.  I hope she got hot thinking about me being locked.  I hope she got a rush of power by seeing me walk into the bathroom first thing with my device dangling in front of me.  I hope she got wet thinking about how frustrated I must be.  I hope she found something over the last 4 days that has her planning her next attack.  I hope she will use my state of mind to fulfill her needs and wants as opposed to feeding my wants.  I really do like serving her and I am so very pliable right now.

Instead of me spouting off about a bunch of fantasy stuff, I will end with this.  I am a very fortunate man to have met someone that understands me so well and loves me enough to indulge me.  I am so very much in love.

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Training tip: Address his emotional needs and comfort him when he needs it. You are strict, but you do care… He won't be cumming anytime soon though.



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