Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Interesting Posts

I had intended to stay home today and get myself worked up, but thought that was a bad use of my time.  So I am heading into the office.  Before I left, I wanted to share a couple of hot posts I read this morning.

Sometimes She likes to watch a movie like this. She makes herself comfortable; often has me, at least partly, under her. I am tied-up, blindfolded, and have Bose soundproof headphones on (no music, obviously). That way I have no other sensory stimulation, except what she provides. She is all I can focus on- her touch, her fingers slowly brushing against my penis, her thumb gently rubbing the tip of my penis and the sensitive underside of the head. Sometimes she goes fast, but as I get close to cumming, she slows down, but still enough to keep me hard. I lose track of how many times she has edged me. By the time the movie is over, I have completely lost my mind, and she is ready for my services. I know I am going to spend the next couple hours serving her every desire..

Another Post

Well…  What a fucking Christmas.

As you may know, I’ve had my poor husband locked in his chastity cage for a while now.

We tried this once before, it didn’t go well.  Back then I locked him up and… well I guess I more or less ignored him.  I didn’t mean to do anything of the sort.  In my eyes, I wasn’t doing anything different than what I usually do.  Well, except locking his dick up.

It didn’t work.  He felt neglected.  He got angry.  I didn’t understand what was happening.  Feelings were hurt.

We took a big break.  We hashed through what was wrong. 

I didn’t realize that when you play this close to fire, you really have to be careful not to burn everything down.

We started round 2 a few weeks ago.  This time we had some better rules and safeguards.  One of them was that I would tease him or cuddle him or play with him at least 10 minutes a day. 

The other was that if I felt he was too needy or too clingy or I just wanted to be left alone, I’d say something, and he’d back off without a giving me grief.

It was a wild success. 

I. LOVED. IT.  While he was locked up, he showered me with worship.  He did everything I asked without any bullshit.  He did extra work around the house.  He wasn’t some pussy wimpy guy like I was afraid he might turn into, he was the strong man I fell in love with… just under my lock and key.  He was my Knight in shining armor, I was his Queen. 

I never came so hard.

Christmas eve around 11:30 pm I teased him about keeping him locked up, or telling him I was tired and wanted to go to bed.

He handled it all in good humor.

At 12:00am I unlocked him and played with his dick.  He became hard instantly, and just started fucking me like a madman.  It was great.

Shockingly he came right away. 

Also shockingly, he fucked me again in 5 minutes.  The second time was slower, more loving, but still had parts that were like an angry slam fuck.

We’ve been going wild since.

Shark week (my period) is coming up here any day.  I’ve told him that I am locking him up as soon as it hits.  I don’t want to have sex during that (gross!) and I told him there is no reason he needs to be free while I am… out of commission.

He asked when unlock will be.  I’ve simply told him “We’ll see.”  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Dark Side

The other day I told Mistress that although I had my fantasies, I want her to fulfill hers.  I want her to take me to the places she wants to take me even if they aren't on my kink list.  I want to see her enjoy her dark fantasies the way I like mine.  Even if they aren't on my list, I know I will enjoy what comes my way.  Since I had told her that, I just found a post that is supportive of such things.  Here it is.

Reconciling my dark side…

BDSM is not a road to travel down if you are afraid of introspection. There is a difference between a little slap and tickle, and realizing that the act of giving pain truly turns you on. While there are many levels of sadism, and I believe I read a post by bdsmgallery in which he described them, each of us has to face the fact that someone else’s pain, suffering, tears, bruises and utter submission has brought us the dark satisfaction that we seek. For me, it has been a bumpy road to acceptance.

Looking into the mirror and seeing a dark side that I had somehow managed to ignore or keep buried in a place that I did not know existed within myself, was extremely difficult. What is wrong with me? It is a question I have asked myself many times.  I know I am not the only one that questions themselves… I have read posts by both dominants and subs that struggle with accepting what each of us need. (I hope you don't mind if I reference you both… boston-jason , a dominant, and doasyouretold, a sub, have written beautiful posts about their personal journey of acceptance.)  The short answer is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I did not have some crazy, abusive Father that made me hate men. I was not raised in a man hating household, nor do I detest men, on the contrary…. I adore them!  (The first assumption that people make of those of us involved in the BDSM lifestyle, is that we are either, misogynists or misandrists.)

The second hardest part of self-acceptance has been the need to hide that side of my self from most of my friends and family. Unfortunately, I am not alone, as I believe most of us have to hide that side of ourselves from the people that are in our everyday lives. Society has drilled us with what is acceptable, and not acceptable in our bedrooms for so long, that we are bombarded with judgement from the vanilla world. Television portrays us a bunch of twisted, sick fucks. (*eye roll*) Even our jobs can be jeopardized by what we choose to do in our bedrooms…. or dungeons! ;-)

For me, BDSM can be cathartic, and brings an inner peace.  I have my own style, and my own way. I find I enjoy the combination of pleasure and pain combined… I like to push my sub to the peak of my ability, my personal limits, and his limits. (Or theirs… when I am lucky enough to play with someone else!) The combination of pleasure and pain confuses the brain, sending an increased load of hormones through a subs body, pushing him into subspace deeply. I, in turn, hit top-space in utter euphoria. It is a rush… the adrenaline, the arousal, the pain, the power and control, all culminate into one hugely cathartic experience. It’s addictive. 

Without learning to accept myself and this side of me, there could have been dire consequences that I have witnessed or discussed with many subs and doms alike. That lack of acceptance leads to severe subdrop, or topdrop, shame, remorse, rejection of one’s desires, and ultimately depression.  I am still learning to embrace the inner sadist, and understand her to the best of my ability, and in time I will. Until then, enjoy the journey with me….

And a special thanks to thedarksiderulestoday for the many, many challenging conversations along the way! Your insight is treasured and valued beyond measure! Thank you for knowing when to submit…. and when to allow me to be simply a lady in need of a shoulder, or an ear.
Mistress Macie

Monday, December 22, 2014


So I've been worked up for the better part of a week.  The sex we had last week at the hotel and a few nights in a nighty got my juices going again.  So this morning I painted my toenails, knowing I will have to take off the polish in just a couple days.  I have also had all sorts of things running through my head, which I am going to bullet point below.

  • Both mornings this weekend I had hoped to be inside my Mistress.  I fantasized about me pleasuring her and as soon as she had her fill of orgasms, she would push me off and tell me to go make her breakfast. She would tell me she wanted me ramped up for her evil plans in the afternoon.  
  • I have been fantasizing about getting a couple humiliating alternative to my nighties.   Something that would make sleep nearly impossible like this...
Sexy Strappy Chemise Illusion Gown Plus

  • I have thought about having to wear the cheerleading outfit I have in front of my Mistress or something else like the straight jacket or being plugged in front of her.
  • I have been fantasizing about Mistress violating my mouth in many, many ways.  Cum filled panties, her strap-on, the ejaculating dildo, spit from her mouth, etc.  I have been craving humiliation.
  • lastly, I have been craving a cathartic beating.  Something that just releases all my stress.  My new job is requiring me to take a lot of control, so I am feeling the need to have control taken away from me.
  • Something very naughty in our upcoming hotel stay.  
That's just the tip of the iceberg.  Even if none of that happens, I am so very happy to be spending some quality time with my Mistress over the holidays.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So it's been over a month since I last posted.  Life has gotten very, very busy with me starting a new job (while I still have my old one).  Mistress and I also went 3 weeks without having sex.  That's pretty close to the longest we have gone in over 4 years.

This weekend we got to have sex again.  Mistress was pretty verbal during sex and got me pretty ramped up.  She told me things were going to start getting back to where we both want them.  With me wearing things under my clothes.  Going into chastity when I am with female clients, (which I find very hot).  I added that although I am much busier now we can take some of the tasks I would do during the day and do them during the evening (like wearing a butt plug for X number of hours, or a bra until bedtime).  I think it's hotter to be wearing things with her around any way.

In addition to the above Mistress is "forcing" nighties on my again.  As much as I don't like wearing them, they do speed up my libido.  The very first night she had me in a nighty, I had a dream about me wearing pantyhose (with a hole cut out for my cock) while having sex with my Mistress as well as dreams about wearing panties 24/7 and people knowing about it.  I have been pretty ramped up the last few days thinking about all of my D/s fantasies with my Mistress.

I'd love to do a nice long drawn out post, but I don't have time.  That being said, I did find another blog post that I found pretty hot.  Here it is.

Right now hubby is “sleeping” in the bedroom and enjoying(?), well maybe not so much enjoying but ENDURING his Thanksgiving morning! It’s no parade for him this morning, hahaha! I have my honey stuffed with the large Njoy plug, tied to the bed and the magic wand secured firmly to his chastity cage. What an amazing way to spend your thanksgiving morning, don't you think??

About a half an hour into having him restrained like this I received a few texts and nothing does them justice like just taking a screenshot. He really was having a tough time because the wand was giving him just enough to edge him and keep him wanting to cum but he just wasn't getting pushed over. I told him he likely wouldn't want to cum because that wand was just going to give him some massive Post Orgasmic Torture, simply because I have no plans to turn it off if it does happen. :)

 The best part of all of this is when I went in there and straddled the wand, just like it is there, and gave myself one awesome orgasm. I soaked right through my panties! Fuck it was fantastic! I did torment him a good portion of the morning already. He is still restrained and the wand secure but I turned it off for now to give the wand a rest so I can do it all over again.  It's going to be a long day for him.