Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nipple Torture

I had no real intention of posting, but I saw a Tumblr post that had the following pics on it.  Additional comments after this photo set.

I love nipple play when I am restrained.  I love how the woman above puts on the clamps, twists them and takes them off.  I often fantasize about having my nipples tortured until I safeword and beyond.  Obviously putting clamps on and taking them off do wonders.  Fingernails, teeth, high heels, emery boards, hair clips, binder clips, tape, and pointy things and suction all do wonders as well.  I think of Mistress working my nipples over until they are irritated and red and the pain lingers for days.  I get hard just thinking about it.  

Clamps on the tongue suck

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Clean up duty

The other night Mistress and I had some after work cocktails, a nice bath and some naughty time.  I was able to have Mistress let me tease and deny her with my fingers.  I would get her close to the edge of orgasm and stop.  It frustrated her, but I was able to convince her to let me do it a few more times.  In between edging her I also put my cock inside her and edged myself with her pussy.  When I thought she was ready, I went ahead and made her cum with my fingers.  She came harder than I expected which I attribute to the edging.  I gave her a few more orgasms and each one was wetter than the last.  She was cumming so hard I loved it.  Mistress had me put my cock inside her.  I was wanting to cum, but not quite there.  I asked Mistress to egg me on a bit and she started telling me how I was going to eat the cum out of her pussy once I came.  Now I hate doing it, but I went from half way ready to cum, to not being able to stop from cumming.  In no time I was asking permission to cum and it was granted.  I came hard, and Mistress didn't miss a beat, she told me to clean her out.  I was reluctant, but also didn't to see that would happen if I refused.  I also knew that the sooner I started, the easier it would be as I still hadn't had my post orgasm drop yet.  Had I waited the task would have been much harder.  I cleaned up what I could and proceeded to give Mistress one more super squirty orgasm.

The next morning, Mistress told me I could expect to do that every time I cum.  I kind of brushed it off, but at the same time it certainly is in my mind. I don't like it, but that makes me like it.  The loss of control on my part, and her taking more control is so hot to me.  Making me do things she knows I don't like is also super hot.  I think about what might happen if I decide I don't want to do it.  Is it a cage-able offense?  It is if she says it is.

This situation reminds me of something a read a while ago.  The Mistress made her slave cum into his hand and then roll 3 dice.  For each dot on the dice the sub had to wait 10 seconds before he could eat his cum.  A minimum 30 seconds and a terrible 3 minute wait for it to get all cold and his horniness to drop off.

So while I don't like my new task, I am very excited to see where it takes us...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Feminine orders

I am now at 3 weeks of wearing a nighty every night.  Yesterday I was ordered to wear panties and a camisole under my work clothes.  It's one thing to wear panties, but a whole other thing to wear anything on my upper half in public.  I picked out a shirt that is a little thicker and has a pattern to hide the obvious lines of the camisole.  I was very aware of the situation I was in all day long.  I found myself having to adjust the shoulder straps on my shoulder a few times during the day as they kept sliding down.  In short, my mind was in a very submissive feminine mood all day.  That mood carried over to today and while it messes with my mind it does so in a good way.  I particularly like it when Mistress taunts me a bit with femininity.  I this case I had to text her a picture while I was at work.  She then commented on the sexiness causing me to blush.  When we go to bed at night and she reminds me of my nighty and my place in our relationship, it goes straight to my brain.  There is nothing like some erotic humiliation to get me going.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Cage

So I am coming up on 3 weeks of wearing a nighty every night.  It's been hard to remember some nights, but Mistress' recent threat to make me sleep in the cage for not wearing one is a powerful motivator.  Since I have promised to do so without hesitation adds an extra dynamic.  I kind of want to test Mistress to see if she will really do it, but at the same time, I don't want to sleep in the cage so I am not willing to test her.  I know it will suck.  I think of her adding additional ways for me to mess up so that she has more control over me.  While the mental image of the cage is powerful, I am sure it will be much more powerful after I spend a night in it and Mistress isn't afraid to use it.  It's a huge mind fuck, which I am a big fan of.  Here are some hot pics of what it might look like.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A bit of rambling

10 straight nights in a nighty
9 days since my last orgasm
7 days in chastity

Those three things have me in quite a state of mind.  Mistress is out of town and if I were not locked up, I believe I would have edged myself so many times one of those edges would have likely gone a bit too far and I would have spilled.  I am so careful about not going too far, that on those rare occasions when it does happen it's pretty much a ruined orgasm.

Every morning I have woken up in such a horny mood.  I wake myself up with naughty thoughts and desires.  The longer I go without orgasm, the more naughty they become.  I would be edging myself, but my new device keeps that from happening, but the lack of edging doesn't take away the desire.

Mistress said she was torn between having me locked up while she was gone, or making me cum into a pair of panties, to be used as a gag at a later time.  I absolutely loved it when she recently took a cum crusted pair of panties I had cum in over a year ago and used it as a gag.  Her wish to make me do that again has been playing in my mind over and over.  I came up with some variations of the idea.

  • Mistress would order me to unlock myself, cum in a pair of panties and then immediately lock myself back up with the next numbered lock.  I would have to record it for proof I did as told.
  • Mistress would have me put the panties in a ziplock and put it in the freezer for later use.  Instead of me sucking on dry cum, I would be sucking on gooey thawed cum.
In addition to this, I have been thinking about the marks I still have on my inner thighs from over a week ago.  I love wearing marks on my body that Mistress has given me.  I love being vulnerable and helpless so she can hurt me.  I fantasize about her hurting me more than she ever has.  I fantasize about being pushed past my limits and Mistress getting more turned on the more she hurts me.

Lastly, my nighties have me thinking about wearing soft, sexy, feminine clothes.  The erotic humiliation of wearing feminine items for Mistress is intoxicating.

I just had to ramble a bit on how I am feeling this morning. I miss my Mistress and when she's gone my mind goes into submissive overdrive for some reason.  I am a hot little mess today.    

Friday, June 3, 2016


So it turns out I measured wrong for my new chastity device.  The seller was kind to let me redo it for a reduced price, but the lead time is long.  I decided to make an adjustment to see if I could still wear it while waiting for the new device.  I am happy to announce that I can.  I have been locked full time for 52 hours, with no discomfort.  For that reason I removed the metal lock and installed the plastic tamper proof lock.  This device is comfortable enough that I won't get resentful if Mistress isn't into D/s.  I can stay locked 24/7 indefinitely and not dwell on it the whole time.  The best part is my balls don't get relentlessly tugged on so I can actually sleep through most erections.

To keep myself honest I went through all of my remaining security tags.  I wished I used them in order prior to this to make it easier, but I didn't.

Below is a list of all tags.  The grayed out ones are ones previously used.  I installed #537003 today.

Now I am locked until Mistress decides otherwise.  She con spot check the number to make sure I haven't cheated.  She's going on her trip soon so I am pretty certain I will be locked during that time.  I'll be lucky if she decides to use my cock sooner and then I can use the next tag.  Of course, there is no requirement to unlock me for me to pleasure her.  Some of my hottest times have been taking care of her while locked.

I am very excited to think I have found a comfortable, cheat proof, 24/7/365 solution to chastity.