Monday, September 15, 2014


Yesterday Mistress had a nail appointment.  The night before she gave me a task.  She told me that while she was at the salon I was to dress in a cheerleader outfit I have and send her pics.  I really wasn't feeling the least bit sexy when I did it.  I felt humiliated and silly.  I still did it as I have no intention of failing at any of my assigned tasks.  Now it's a day later and I am a little worked up about her having those pictures on her phone.  While it's humiliating, it's hot.  To think she could show a friend or text me with a picture of me when I least expect it gets me hot and bothered.  I fantasize about Mistress telling me to put the cheerleader outfit on for certain football games or all day on Sunday.  I also fantasize about Mistress making me do things during her 3 hour nail appointments.  Chores, tasks, locked in a cage, more humiliations, etc.  So while I didn't want to dress as a cheerleader yesterday, the fact that I had to makes it very, very hot.  There are lots of things I think of Mistress making me do that I would not like at the time, but like this, it would become major fantasy material.  Thank you Mistress!

With sleeves and sleeveless


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