Thursday, December 27, 2018

Locked, painted and sleeping in a nighty

We’ve been busy.  Very busy, so I am not able to post as much as I would like to.  Here’s a quick update on the last few weeks.

I have been unlocked from my chastity device since November 30th which means I have been free for 3.5 weeks.  I also haven’t worn a nighty or had my toenails painted for the same amount of time.  I have been occasionally wearing a pair of panties when I am overcome with naughty thoughts.

Since I have been unlocked I have been touching myself a fair amount.  Mistress has been getting out of bed before me and when I can’t fall back asleep I reach down and edge myself over and over.  In some cases, I edge 40-60 times before getting out of bed.  That's not as much as it sounds as I can edge a few times a minute.  I don’t leak much, but when I do I lick it up.  That’s one way to start my day, with the taste of cum in my mouth.  Ick.

While edging I have many, many fantasies.  My more frequent fantasies are predicament bondage and extreme edging, denial and forced orgasms. 

I love the idea of being tied in a way that makes me uncomfortable and where I have to choose between 2 bad choices.  Nipples tied to feet.  Tied bent over in heels.  Tied in a squat position.  Clothespin zipper that I inevitably have to rip off myself.  So many ideas. 

I also long to be tied for hours upon hours being edged.  Of course this long of a scene would be somewhat boring for Mistress so I dream of automating it on some level.  Using the Hitachi and cock sleeve on an intermittent timer that I have.  I can set it to run 30 seconds and off for a minute or any variation of those times.  It can run indefinitely.  If I cum?  Too bad.  The vibrations don’t stop.  I imagine similar treatment with the Venus 2000 sucking machine.  For this, I imagine it being on a very slow sucking motion and I am kept on the edge for hours.  Once I cum, the machine is turned up and the sucking gets stronger and faster.  The goal being,  to make me cum as many times as possible, and when I do cum, to have a brutal post orgasm torture.  I imagine this treatment being used as a punishment instead of a reward.  The first orgasm would feel good, but I would fight having it knowing what would happen after I came.  Mistress could certainly use my mouth or masturbate next to me, but to be able to do this for hours she would need to be able to leave me.  We have a baby monitor app that could be used to monitor me.


As I stated it’s been almost a month since I had any kink/chastity/feminization.  That changed yesterday.  Mistress had me give her an orgasm with my cock.  As I was pleasuring her, Mistress commanded that I lock myself up in chastity, paint my toenails and start wearing nighties again.  That put me over the edge.  I tried to keep from cumming and ended up ruining my orgasm in the process, right before asking for even more tasks.  Thank you Mistress! Please feel encouraged and emboldened to add extra torments, tortures, tasks and humiliations to my world. I yearn to suffer for you.

Good thing Mistress had me lock back up.  There is nothing like a ruined orgasm that makes me want to masturbate to orgasm.  This morning would have been the time to do it too, as Mistress got up before me.  I’m fairly certain I would have had an unauthorized orgasm. I have been planning on getting myself off after my next orgasm. Chastity is keeping me honest.   

If I stay in chastity the rest of 2018, I will have been locked up for almost 4.5 months in 2018.  For short of 365 days, but  I will be locked up almost a month longer (29 more days) in 2018 as I was in 2017, and locked up 2 times as much as I was in 2016.

All in all, 2018 has been good.  I don’t ‘like’ being locked in chastity, but I LOVE being made to wear a device as much as possible.  I don’t ‘like’ sleeping in a nighty, but I LOVE that I have to wear it or any other item of Mistress’ choosing.  I don’t ‘like’ painting my toenails, but I LOVE the rush I get when I see my painted toenails and what that means.  In short, I LOVE doing many, many things I don’t ‘like’. 

Here’s to a naughty 2019! 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Orgasm Denial Reset

I was finally allowed to orgasm after 89 days of denial. Unfortunately the orgasm after that long of denial isn’t as good as you would expect.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great, just not what 89 days of denial make it. That makes it my 12th orgasm for the year.  

I was locked in chastity for 63 days. Not a record, but still one of my longest lockup’s. 

All of this chastity and denial ended last week when Mistress and I went out of town for the week. Mistress unlocked me for the flight and hasn’t locked me back up yet. Mistress chose to not have me wear nighties while we were traveling ☹️. 

One night Mistress fell asleep while we were watching TV. It was the first time I was unsupervised in the trio and the first time I was able to touch my own cock in over 3 months. I was very sensitive to say the least.  I edged myself numerous times before rolling onto my stomach and humping a pillow like a desperate little slut. This pushed me so close to the edge that I was afraid I would have a ruined orgasm all over my bed. I was fortunate that I had stopped in time.  I stopped that night but edged a few more time over the course of the week. I was very tempted to go into the bathroom and get myself off.  That’s why I preorder to stay locked when we travel.  I get drunk and horny and want to sneak off and cum. 

A few days later Mistress came over to my bed at 6 am with a couple of towels. She wanted me to fuck her.  I wanted to fuck her too. We had stayed out late partying with co-workers and both had hangovers. Because of this I was able to fuck without stopping. I was finally able to give Mistress the orgasm(s) she deserved. While we had sex I let my mouth run a bit. 

Mistress and I talked about her being meaner to me. We talked about me being dressed feminine more, much more. We talked about me starting my day with a quick caning to help with my attitude. I begged to be treated more harshly by Mistress and held accountable. These words resonated deeply with me and my wish is for them to be more than just words. I yearn to be a total slave. 

That night, I wanted to give myself an orgasm. This is one of my biggest cheating issues. After a long period of denial, my orgasm is less than perfect. I’m also reminded how good it feels to cum. I also figure that since I just came Mistress won’t notice another orgasm.  I usually cheat and get myself off. It’s why I prefer to be locked up right after an orgasm, especially a ruined one, especially in a hotel room.   I did not cheat this time, but the temptation was strong. 

The next morning Mistress came to my bed and teased my cock and hit me in the balls for about 2 hours. I was in heaven but also very frustrated. I wanted to plead my case again about all of the things I’d love to have done to me. The humiliation, pain and degradation I want to be out through. Mistress teased about keeping me tied up and teased.  I added how hot it would be to be tied to a bed for an entire day and driven mad with teasing.  Eventually Mistress stopped and we headed home from our trip.

We’ve been back for a few days. Yesterday Mistress got out of bed before me. I was able to edge myself 40-50 times.  I fantasized about all the things we talked about as well as some deeper desires. The entire time my brain telling me that I could sneak an orgasm and Mistress would never know.  I was soooooo tempted to just get it out of my system.  I stopped edging before getting too close for comfort. l didn’t cum.

So that’s where we are today. After being allowed to orgasm last week, I have been reminded of just how awesome an orgasm can be. It’s the main reason I think that being denied longer works in reverse. I need to be reminded of what an orgasm feels like so that when I am denied, the desire is that much stronger. 

Here are a few pictures of my mood this morning.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Still Denied

It's now been 82 days since I have had an orgasm.  I have been locked in chastity for 62 days with a one day break.  Needless to say I am horny and desperate.  My early morning mind is consumed with lot's and lot's of dirty thoughts, but I am too busy to do anything with these thoughts.  Here are a few pictures of what I have been fantasizing about.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Mistress and I went away for the weekend.  I was given the key to release myself from chastity on Friday morning so that Mistress could have access to my cock.  It was nice to be able to shave everything without being blocked by a device.  On Friday night Mistress was getting tired and I asked if she had any intention of using me at that time.  She said no so I locked up so I wouldn't be tempted.  That was a good idea. 

You can see my device peeking out through the lace
Being drunk in a hotel with Mistress asleep in the next room is my 'go to' time for masturbating.  Not so on this trip  The next morning Mistress didn't say anything about the device so I was locked up all day and night, including the hot tubs at the hotel.

Sunday morning Mistress told me to unlock myself.  I went into the bathroom, raised my tight pink nighty and removed my device.  I sprayed a bit of my perfume on me and went back to bed.  Mistress teased my cock with her hands and it felt amazing.  It had been so long since my cock had felt anything in week so I was in heaven.  After about 10 minutes Mistress had me put my cock inside her.  The feeling was indescribable.  Her previous teasing was probably not a good idea.  After about 20 slow strokes I was ready to cum.  I had to stop.  Mistress flexed her vaginal muscles and that was enough to keep me on the edge.  She reached up under my nighty to pinch my nipples.  I was so close to exploding.  And then she started talking.  She said I needed to start dressing feminine at home again.  Skirts and heels, etc.  I had to pull out.  Her fucking words put me over the edge.  I leaked a bit. 

At this point my cock was worthless.  I was so hyper-sensitive that it served no sexual purpose for Mistress.  I felt bad about it, but also was surprised how my of a sissy chastity slave I have become.  This is when it hit me that my mouth and fingers were better than my cock as far as being able to take care of Mistress needs.  Talk about a mind-fuck. 

Once I gained my composure, I entered Mistress again.  In no time I was on the edge again.  Mistress spoke about improving my treatment of her.  We brainstormed on ideas to improve my behavior in a D/s context.  Keeping the cane out so I can be beaten immediately upon was one idea.  Another was to keep a pair of my highest heels out so that I can be placed in the corner for time out until I can learn to behave.  Again, a combination of words and stimulation brought me over the edge.  I had to pull out again.  This time I did everything I could to not cum.  I clamped down with my kegel muscles to try and stop from leaking.  I tried so hard that I felt nothing.  No orgasm and no leaking although it was a apparent that I leaked. 

As soon as I regained my composure, I was able to enter Mistress and fuck her properly.  My leaking took my arousal down enough to allow me to fuck her and not cum.  I was finally able to give her an orgasm with my cock which is the first time I had been able to do so in over 2 months.  Mistress kept egging me on with promises of making me dress feminine and keeping my discipline up.  I was so worked up, but also frustrated.  I really tried to cum at this point, but my previous leakage left me exhausted and I pulled out unsatisfied.

Mistress had me stay unlocked the rest of the day.  That night I should have gone back into chastity, but Mistress didn't reverse her previous stance that I stay unlocked.  I went to bed in my nighty and woke up with something I hadn't had in nearly 2 months: an unrestricted hard-on.  Lying next to Mistress I stroked my cock many times.  It felt amazing.  It was weird to have my cock feel my own hand.  It was like it had been disconnected for all of this time.  I got out of bed and went downstairs.  Mistress got up before I could get myself any further stimulation.

Last night before bed I put on my nighty and went to bed.  Mistress said "you're forgetting something".  I pretended to not know what she was talking about.  She told me to lock myself back up which I did happily.  I LOVE it when she "makes" me do things.  I also confessed that I had cheated and touched myself. 

This morning I woke up, back into my submissive extremely horny state with feminization and torture over taking my thoughts.


Friday, November 16, 2018

Femme Dreams & Chastity

I am on my 50th day of being locked in chastity and it’s been 70 days since my last orgasm. Each day gets a bit more difficult, in a good way.

I had a few dreams this week related to chastity and feminization.  I had two dreams where I was somewhere barefoot and I was worried people would see my pink painted toenails. So I would walk with my toes curled under into the carpet.

In another dream I was fully dressed in a dress, heels, wig and a hat.

I was out in public and people started showing up. I have no idea why I expected privacy, but when people saw me I panicked that they would know I was a guy (I have a beard).  I took off my heels thinking that would make it less obvious.  It didn't.  The f

A few days ago I was released from chastity to do a device swap out before Mistress and I went to a meeting.  The thing is I didn't go into the new device immediately (I intended on locking back up at bed time).  When we got home from our meeting Mistress noticed my unlocked status and called me out for it.  I quickly locked myself up.  It's a huge on turn-on when Mistress either calls me out or gives me commands.  Having my chastity device acknowledged either verbally or physically is a huge turn on.  So are things such as my perfume, nighties, nail polish, etc.  Any sort of bossiness, bitchyness, attempt at humiliation or other form of acknowledgement makes me swoon.

Now chastity is not easy, but it can be very fun with the right attitude.     

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ready To Burst

It's been 64 days since my last orgasm.  I have been locked in chastity for 44 of those days so far which make it a total of 108 days I have been locked in chastity in 2018.  I have been locked up 5 days longer than I was in 2017 which was my oldest annual record.  I am 48 days shy of my record for being continuously locked up.

This is a pretty good depiction of my last orgasm

Needless to say I am an absolute horny mess.  I wake up in the mornings with my cock straining against it's cage.  My mind races with erotic, humiliating, painful, and nasty thoughts.  I dream of Mistress making me service her in multiple ways while I stay locked.  I dream of being dressed up and being her chaste feminized servant.

We've been very busy lately which has limited my posts a great deal.  It has also limited our ability to be intimate.  We were able to fit in a quick-y a couple weeks ago, but it was so quick and neither one of us came so it was essentially an edging session for us both.  While we were having sex Mistress asked me when I thought I should be allowed to cum again.  I said 'never'.  That was wrong to say.  The problem with never having another orgasm makes you forget how good they are.  It takes away the desire and the desperation since you know you will never have one.  Even if I was to never have another orgasm, I shouldn't know that is the intention.  Always believing I have the chance to cum makes the tease and denial that much more effective.  So how often should I cum?  It's not up to me of course, but I feel it should be a range.  Certainly I think I should have extremely long dry spells of 2,3,4,5 months.  I also think I should be forced to cum 4,5,6 times in a very short period.  To be tortured with orgasms to where I am brought to tears and begging Mistress to stop.

With all of this mental focus on cumming my mind has been going back to something I read many, many years ago.  The post was from a Mistress that denied her husband orgasms, but when she did allow them it had to be either non-pleasurable, humiliating, mundane or otherwise undesirable.  Of course that puts all sorts of ideas in my head.  Here are some that I came up with and some that I found online.

  • Ruined orgasm
  • Use Hitachi on chastity device to force orgasm. Ruin it if possible.  Don't unlock him!
  • Made to masturbate in front of Mistress and made to lick up the mess
  • Cum on Mistress shoes and made to lick it up
  • Clean my cum out of Mistress pussy after orgasm
  • Forced to cum into a condom and have it poured into my mouth
  • After an orgasm, smear the cum all over the slaves face and let it dry.  Don't let them wash it off
  • Post orgasm torture
  • Make the orgasm hard to achieve (stand on one leg, use numbing cream, etc)
  • Masturbate slave with icy-hot.  If he cums from this he is a real pain slut
  • Cum on or in a sex doll.  Lick it up.  A male sex doll it more humiliating
  • Have slave raise his legs over his head and make him cum into his mouth
  • Use electricity to make orgasm painful
  • Squeeze slaves balls as he orgasms and for a time afterward.  See how much cum you can squeeze out.
  • Save cum for later
  • Only let him cum when he has something in his ass.  He will soon associate the 2.
  • Make him cum on a dildo and lick it off
  • Prostate milking
All of that makes my cock hard.  Some of those things I wrote are things I wouldn't want done to me at the time, but I know damn well I would fantasize about it later.  Being in chastity sure make my mind more devious.

Now onto some obligatory pictures that have caught my attention lately.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

28 days locked

Today is my 28th day in a row locked up and 47 days since I last came. We’ve been too busy for anything outside of our day to day so the enforced chastity is a good mind fuck.  My naughty mind keep going into more extreme fantasies. Some I’m a bit ashamed of, in a good way, that I would love to confess.

Here is a post that I was just reading that had my cock straining so hard against my cage I thought I would break it.  She has some great ideas.  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Reading stories and getting worked up.

This morning I woke up very, very horny. I decided to find some stories that would get me even more ramped up.

Here is an excerpt from one of them on Literotica.

Good boy. Now crawl into our room and get on the bed doggy style." I did as I was told a little fearful of what was going to happen next. I waited on the bed with as I heard her walking into the room. "Now I want you to hold very still and relax." With that I felt a cold sensation on my asshole. I could hear the squelching of the lube she had brought in and then the intrusion as she sticks a wet finger up my hole. I gasp and rock forward but before I get to far she grabs my balls and pulls me back. "Did I give you permission to move?"

"No mistress. Sorry mistress." I feel something loop around my balls and being pulled tight.

"Now you can't move. I've just tied your balls to the bed so don't get any ideas." With that said she goes back to fingering my ass. I bit back a yelp at this intrusion and hope she gets bored soon. She then adds another finger and I let out a gasp as she runs the tips of her finger over my prostate. "Ooo somebody liked that didn't they. I'm going to make you a little ass slut. One thing I learned about were these things called anal orgasms. Apparently if you stimulate the prostate enough a male can cum just from that. So I've decided that for now that is the only way you will be cumming. And to top it off you will have to eat it all. She starts to fuck my ass rapidly making sure to stroke the prostate with each thrust. I begin to shake from the sensations and I suddenly feel a pressure disappear from me. I look between my legs and see a fluid pouring out of my cock onto a plate. She laughs in pleasure as she continues to pump in and out of my ass until the flow stops. She then pulls her fingers out and goes to wash her hand, leaving me sitting there shaking after my first anal orgasm. She comes back and pushes the plate underneath my face.

"Please mistress don't make me eat my own cum."

"Begging won't do you any good. You lost that right a long time ago. You are going to eat every drop on that plate and you will eat every drop that comes out of you for the rest of your life." She shoves my head down in the plate and all I can do is lick it up. It has a salty taste to it and I screw my face up in disgust but I finish it. She stands up and walks away leaving me tied to the bed. I'm afraid to move for fear of getting punished. My cock throbs in my cage over everything that has happened to me in the last few hours. She comes back a little while later and unties me. "Go make me dinner. I don't care what. Just surprise me."


Kneel just outside the glass door here and edge for me while I shower. I want you to count them out."

Oh Em Gee. She takes long showers; even on work days like today.

The first edge is while she washes her hair. Head tipped back, clearly luxuriating in the water cascading over her head washing the shampoo away. Of course it helps that I am a sucker for the fragrance it has. 

"That's one." I moan. 

She straightens up and wipes the water from her face and smiles at me. Clearly relishing my longing for her and my self-denial for her benefit.

The second is as she soaps her chest while smiling lovingly through the glass at me. I stop just short of ejaculating and huff a hoarse "Two." My cock twitching multiple times but fortunately not squirting. I timed it perfectly.

She smiles and wags a finger at me in mock scolding.

The third edge comes as she washes her ass, which is pointed at me. As she smiles down at me I swear she is spending far too long washing her anus with a finger. Is she actually sliding it in? I can't quite tell. "Oh god, oh god. Three" I gasp.

The fourth hits as she uses the shower head between her legs. Clearly giving herself another orgasm as I watch her and she watches me. 

"Are you ... getting ... close?" she asks.

"Yes" I moan. 

That she is watching me do this is so erotic. Through clenched teeth I say "Four" as I let go and grab my own legs and start gasping to keep from going over. 

She orgasms against the shower wall looking down at me. When she finishes shuddering she rinses and hangs up the shower head and shuts off the water.

"Hand me a towel for my hair"

I pass her the towel with the hand that hadn't been stroking my cock. She dries her hair vigorously. It makes her tits shake marvelously.

By now I am no longer fully erect, only a half mast. I am, however, on perpetual edge. It has been a minute of panting and handing her a towel since my last edge but just two strokes and I am right back at the peak "Fiiive" I croak. 

She stops drying and peeks out from under the towel and giggles at me. "Now dry me off."

I take the other towel from the warmer and wipe her down with its warm softness, drying her without actually being able to touch her. 

"That feels so nice" she says.

"Now... Be a good jerk boy and edge for me again and then hands off.

She turns and picks up her deodorant. She watches me in the mirror as she applies her deodorant. Next she picks up her perfume and gives two quick sprays. 

I let go just barely in time. "Si-hi-hi-ix"

She turns around and grasps my cock with thumb and forefinger and lightly rolls it between them. Once, twice, another edge. Good lord she can play me like a violin.

Coyly she asks "Is there anything else we should do before we lock this thing away for the day?"

I know the right thing to say "I love you. Please don't make me cum".

She closes her whole hand around my shaft. Slow and gentle she strokes. One, two, stop, another edge. 

"Really? After all that you don't want to cum?"

"No, please don't"

"No?" Stroke, stroke, stop. Another edge.

"Oh god, Please don't make me cum"

"Ok" She replies, with a half smile. 

She steps in close. The scent of her makes my head swim. My legs begin to shake.

"Kiss me" she demands in a whisper.

We kiss. Soft and deep. That alone edges me. 

I whine "Hmm Hmm Hmmm!" into the kiss and my knees start to buckle and my eyes roll up. She breaks the kiss and just stares at me.

I pant hard and fast. 

When my breathing steadies just a bit she leans in and asks "What do you say?"

"I love you. Thank you for not making me cum."

Placing a hand on my face she looks at me with a smile and movie-star eyes and says "I absolutely love hearing you say that. That is so hot and so sweet."

She turns and picks up the bra and panties from the hanger and puts them on. My head slowly starts to clear as I step back from the edge.

She picks up the cock cage and says "Let's get you secured for the day shall we?"

Friday, October 12, 2018

Locktober so far

As of today I have been locked in chastity for 15 days straight. That brings my total days this year up to 79 total days and still counting.  I need to stay locked for another 24 days to beat last years 103 days of lock up.  I would need to stay locked for another 78 days straight to beat my record of  92 days of being continuously locked.  That means I would need to be locked until December 29th to beat my old record.  The idea makes my head spin. Let’s say I wasn’t unlocked and allowed to orgasm until January 1st. That means I would be orgasm free for over 3 months and I would only have 11 orgasms for the entire year.   That’s a far cry from my 600+ orgasms a year I had when I was younger. If I stayed locked until Jan 1st I would be locked 159 days or over 5 months. The thought of that makes my cock even harder.

Since Mistress and I are busier than ever we don’t have much time for play or for me to be dressed up I am still thoroughly enjoying being locked and denied. Mistress is doing a good job of not making me feel ignored. She is however tempting me by leaving my chastity keys on her vanity. It’s much better when she hides them from me. So far the temptation is not too great.