Friday, February 21, 2014

Todays Edge - Maid Home Alone

Today Mistress gave me a couple tasks, one of which is being plugged for 2 hours.  Lately I have been using my prostate massage plug, but it's not very wide.  Today I went with the largest plug I own as soon as I got out of bed.  It was very difficult to get in, but I made it work.  It has a nice full feeling.  While plugged I didn't edge much, but I did edge to this link.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today's Edge - Very Mean Mistress Blog

In my post the other day regarding one Mistress giving advice to the other, I have been reading some of the more experienced Mistress's posts.  While a lot of what she does is extreme (in my mind), the fact she gets off on it so much is a very hot concept to me.  The meaner she is, the stronger HER orgasms are.  I edged to the posts below.  Some quick quotes that stuck in my mind and links to the full post afterward.

Subjecting him to hours of sensory deprivation bondage on the BDSM gynecological style bed –with visits for me, every hour or so, to tease and edge and deny, use my smacking ruler

Had him in his shortened maid’s outfit with his suspenders and long cream woolen socks, (see previous post), to make my lunch, clean the bathroom, do a huge pile of ironing, prepare the evening meal. Caned him several times for infringements.

Again, he was completely secured to the bed last night for three hours. I had him wearing his straight jacket and I secured his head gear to the bed head, along with his ankles to the bed which are in cuffs, and wearing a gag, blindfold and ear plugs too.

He was in the bondage for over 4 hours. I visited him about 6 times and I have never been so mean... 
 I had 6 orgasms in all on Sunday and they were all massive! There is no doubt the intensity is directly proportional to how mean I am

Soon enough he found himself bound legs wide apart, at ankle and knee, head strapped into place, silicone ear plugs, funnel gag, blindfold, straightjacket and baby video monitor. And there he stayed for 5 hours. Before the gag was fixed in place I did queen him for some lovely worship of my most secret places. (twice).

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yesterday's Edge

I edged yesterday to a blog post I didn't expect would have any edging material.  The blog post was a back and forth bewtween 2 Mistresses.  One is currently in a D/s relationship, the one asking for advice was back in one with her husband after a long break.  She was asking for advice to get back to where they were (or more).  Here are some of the quotes that spoke to me (link to full post at the bottom).  While extreme, it was very, very hot.  Another possible "be careful what you wish for".

One question that I have for you is about the section in the book that refers to slave vs slave husband and the disconnect one must have in order to maintain the dynamic. I believe this really is my issue! I love my husband and think of him as my partner and anchor. Do you find that in your relationship with your slave that you have to disconnect from the love you feel for him as a husband? any tips on your end to achieve this disconnect?

My bitch-boy is submissive at his core. It is fundamental that I know that, although I subject him to things he really, really hates at the time they are happening, and his life is controlled, denying him many freedoms – the result is that the more I treat him this way, the more soundly he sleeps, the more contented he is during all our vanilla moments. And the worse I treat him, the more he obviously worships me. 

Yes I do shut off the dynamic and do some relaxing things together like watch TV and sleep in the same bed, discuss work problems, etc. However, even in these times he absolutely knows that I see him as my pet, my toy, my slave, my property – to do with as I wish. In the times in question, I wish for the dynamic to be off and he knows that it will be switched back on at my whim when I choose. And there is nothing he can do about it. (Except deal with it as best he can.)

However.. after reading your blog, talking with you and reading Ingrid’s book I am changing! After that first day of training and behavioral modification i felt this amazing power that I really have never felt before. last night when I had him restrained in his sleepsack and was punishing his cock with the icy hot and crop i felt even more power and his whimpering made me explode! I have never experienced orgasms quite like last night.. it was mind blowing!

A submissive will test you from time to time and this may have been a test. I believe they want things to happen that they genuinely do not like, because it proves to them that they are truly helpless and controlled.

My orgasms are huge! Its such a delight. I am not sure why. I think the fact that I accept completely that I am a cruel, heartless, sadistic bitch and that I can do whatever I want to my human toy liberates me to be both relaxed and cruel and decadent. I am not sure really.

The rest of the trip needless to say his behavior was exceptional !! Did I mentioned he was tied to that toilet for 5 hours :-)

I am not sure I am an expert but I can give you the benefit of my experience. I started by making bitch-boy (bb) wear woman’s pink knickers all the time. 100% Cotton so that he did not get all sweaty and nasty. My next step was an amazingly frilly pair of cream and pink knickers from a Sissy Adult website, to wear around the house on display when serving me. His utter shame and humiliation over these motivated me to go much further. Choices included French maid, School girl, little girl. I started with French maid.

bitch-boy is in for a very tough weekend today and tomorrow. He will be used and abused, humiliated and painfully hurt and he will be waiting on me hand and foot (when he isn’t helplessly bound!). I will let you know more next week. I had a working at home day in the week just gone. He went through a very tough time for 10 hours. I did not even release his little cock from its restraint tube. My orgasms were huge! He was very subdued by bedtime  which was very sweet.

Monday, February 17, 2014


I spend a large amount of time relating my thoughts and more so my fantasies.  Today I want to focus on gratitude as far as D/s goes.

Being in a relationship is hard.  If it wasn't, everyone one be in one now, and so many wouldn't end in divorce.  Being in a relationship with someone that has D/s as part of their soul is another level.  As part of my submissive soul, I am a terrible initiator of sex (kink or non-kink).  I can't reconcile initiating with submission.  In my mind initiating is a dominant act.  It's not in reality, but that is how my mind sees it.

Part of any relationship is feeling needed, wanted and desired and initiating is a strong way to show that.  So someone that has initiation issues also has issues of partners not feeling needed, wanted and desired.  This post is my way of showing gratitude for my Mistress being part of my life.

Below is a list of things that I think may be a challenge for someone in a relationship with someone with my proclivities.

A room dedicated to our dungeon (less space for guests)
Femme clothes in closets and drawers (less space for our clothes)
Thousands of dollars of toys and clothes
Seeing her man in panties or other clothes
Seeing her man in a helpless state
Always hearing about my fantasies
Added time for some sexual activities
Pleasing me or hurting me without anything being returned to her

I am sure there are things I am missing.  My point of writing this is to let my Mistress know how much she is appreciated.  To let her know that I am very grateful that she puts up with the normal(ish) part of me, but also the D/s part of me.  It takes a very special person to be willing to be a dominant to another and I appreciate my Mistress does that for me.  I am a very lucky submissive.

I love you!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ramped Up

Thursday night Mistress tied me up, beat me, teased and denied me before giving me a wonderful orgasm.  I don't know how to explain it, but every time we are intimate or explore some facet of D/s I get super ramped up.  In addition to my own nasty thoughts, Mistress came up with a few of her own ideas.  The one that really got me was her talking about having a girls weekend and leaving me at home, femme'd up, locked in a heavy leather collar and forced to sleep in a cage each night.  She would be able to monitor me with our home webcams and give me additional orders.

Last night for our Valentines date I wore pink stockings and garter panties.  That and the marks I still have on my inner thighs had me wake up on a horniness scale of "10" this morning.  I am thinking of some very naughty things this morning.  Pics below are similar to my thoughts.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

If only all these pics were submissive men

I am unable to edge today, but going through my blog list, these really pushed my buttons.  It's just too bad it's girls in the posts and not a submissive males...

I don’t believe she took Me seriously when I told her I was a sadist. 

I’m sure she imagined a bit of rough sex and perhaps a spanking. 

Now she is standing there, a tack under each heel, holding a penny against the wall with her nose. 

I’ve given her the simple task of holding the position for ten minutes. 

Each time the penny drops it’s ten lashes on her lovely ass and the timer starts over. 

After the third time the penny hit the floor she asked, “why?”

So I told her, as I delivered another ten to her tender ass. 

"I love the way your body strains to do as I’ve instructed. I love how you push yourself to please Me. Most of all, I love watching those tears run down your cheeks. I did say that I was a sadist."

That is when she smiled.

"Thank You.", she said, and placed her nose against the penny once more. 

I had found a masochist.

I can totally imagine Mistress with her strap-on doing this to me.

And this...

And this

And this...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Today's Edge - Helpless

I've often fantasized about being helpless.  It's hard to describe the feeling, but I am guessing the guy below is feeling pretty helpless.  The person that posted the pics called it a "one hour clothespin scene" I imagine I would be hard during the bondage phase and occasionally during the scene, but I also imagine after about 10-15 minutes I would not be liking it anymore.  The clothespins would suck, especially the ones between his toes and on his rib cage.  In addition his hood is tied to his toes to force his head back.  The first 5-10 minutes I would be saying to myself how hot it was.  15-30 minutes, I would be thinking this sucks but I can get through it.  30-45 would be me starting to squirm and get pissed off.  45-60 would be total surrender.  The beauty of bondage like this is Mistress would not have to do anything other than watch.  Very little effort to totally put someone in their place.  This scene made me edge pretty quick imagining myself in it.  I am reminded of the saying, "it's not bondage until you want out" to be particularly true here.

Hooded, bound and gagged with clothes pins in places where they count.

Here we tie his head to his toes for more stress.

Front view

He can move just a little.

Today's Edge - Literotica

I edged to this today.

For the next hour, she brought me to the moaning begging sweating edge of orgasm, then stopped, lightly running her fingers over my cock as my hands grabbed the bedsheets, I bit my lip, and I begged for release. Each time, her response was simply, "It'll be better if you wait." I was going out of my mind.  Continued...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today's Edge - Mistress Tips

Last night, Mistress showed me an email she got called "Mistress Tips".  All she let me see was something regarding serving a Mistress a meal.  I got instantly hard.  When we first met, this was all new to Mistress.  She was a sponge, soaking up all she could learn about Female Led Relationships and D/s.  We've had fits and starts over years, and the last year has had so much life get in the way we have drifted from the more prolific lifestyle we used to live.  That being said, I still serve Mistress in any way I can, and defer to her as much as possible.  Right now it's all I can do to not go to the website that Mistress subscribes to.  Should she decide to start following Mistress Tips again, I want to be in the dark about it.  I have learned to love the unknown, and the things that may go against my pre-conceived ideas.  I didn;t edge today, but I don;t need to.  Seeing that one email and the look in her eyes is all it took.

In addition to Mistress Tips there are some other blogs and websites I think right up our alley when the time comes.

Becoming a Mistress

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today's Edge - 3 Fantasies

Today Mistress ordered me into a camisole, tight leggings at work as well as a butt plug.  Additionally I was ordered to edge for 30 minutes.  It's been some time since I have edged, and normally I would do it before getting ready for work.  Due to today's schedule I edged while wearing the ordered items as well as a butt plug that sits right on my prostate.

I edged to several thoughts.

The first was having a cathartic tease session.  The first would be a nasty messy edging session.  Mistress would have me tied down tightly and would be bringing me to the edge time and again.  Lube would be liberal, and she would also be making a bigger mess by cumming all over me.  She might gag with dirty cum filled panties, a dildo gag or nothing.  The goal would be to keep me frustrated and as horny as possible.  I actually fantasized about not any orgasm, but multiple leaks from my cock and then being ordered to clean up and get dressed.

The 2nd would be a cathartic discipline session.  Not because I need to be punished, but I'm yearning to release a ton of endorphins as well as feel helpless.  I imagine a small warm up and then a slow severe beating. In my fantasy Mistress wouldn't stop before I safeworded.  Using a safeword would not mean the beating would end, it would just mean that I need it to go at least that far.  She would beat my body.  She would beat my cock and balls.  She would torture my nipples with clamps, sharp items, and make them an angry red color.  She would slap my face or rape my mouth with a dildo.  My breathing would be restricted.  In my fantasy, I want to surrender completely.  It might even be fun to record it or do it live online.  I may or may not get any relief from Mistress.

Lastly, I imagined a total forced feminization session.  Mistress would take the role of a man or a dominant lesbian and I would be dressed as my alter ego Sophia.  I would be locked in chastity to make my cock be a non factor.  I would be forced to suck Mistress' cock, to impale myself on her cock, and to take her cock inside me.  The only thing sexual I would get would be my lipstick covered mouth or my sissy pussy.  Mistress would have me lick and suck her pussy, fuck her with her glass dildo or for an extra mind fuck I would have to fuck her while wearing a strap-on.  I would be fucking her while my locked cock and balls swing uselessly between my legs.  In this fantasy I would not have an orgasm unless it was from penetration and I would have to stay in femme clothes until told otherwise.

Since I was edging with my prostate massager in, I was very quick to edge.  I would stop, and as my cock spasmed, the plug would spasm against my prostate, and I would dribble a little.  It reminded me of a few times when I would edge, and then I would fuck myself with the plug while cum would dribble out of my cock.  It's a pretty efficient way of draining the balls with nothing even close to an orgasm.