Friday, July 22, 2016

To punish or not?

I have waited a few days to write this post as I wasn't sure how to approach it.  A few nights ago Mistress and I had a stupid fight right before bed.  I was so mad and frustrated that I went to sleep in a spare bedroom and purposely chose not to wear a nighty like I have been ordered to every night for weeks.  That's one of the hard things about real life in a D/s relationship.  I was so bent out of shape about our argument that I couldn't imagine being told to do something. Had I been locked in chastity I would have left the device on.  It's easier to keep doing it if I already started vs going to put something on when I'm mad.

So this is where the tough part comes in.  We both agree the fight was stupid.  Do we keep our system in place or do we go with a one time waiver due to the circumstances?  At first, I was thinking a waiver is appropriate.  The last couple days I have changed my mind on that.  Here's why.  Let's say my punishment is to spend a night in the cage.  I could try and argue that we should waive it due to the fight being stupid.  Ultimately, she doesn't have to give me a reason for making me do whatever she wants.  In fact, she could say, "I will waive the punishment, but I want you to sleep in the cage because it pleases me."  There would be no argument for that.  I have already agreed to those terms.

Another plus to a punishment (whatever it may be) is I may think twice the next time something like this happens.  Maybe not.  Either way, the dynamic would continue.

One one hand I am not wanting a punishment because it will suck.  On the other hand, I want a punishment to enforce the rules.  How can rules be enforced without consequences?  I wrote this simply to let Mistress know what has been going through my mind since Monday night.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mainstream D/s?

I was scrolling through my twitter feed that is heavy on politics, and came across a twitter feed for an e-magazine called "scandalous women.

I didn't think much about it until I saw another tweet with a definite D/s feel to it.   What I found was a website that that describes itself as " is a sex-positive, woman-centric online magazine that entertains and informs adventurous, independent, romantic and liberated women with articles on sex, celebrities, music, culture, fashion, fantasy, and beauty.  Oh, yeah… and pictures of hot guys!

The website began as a yahoo club/group in 1999.  After moving to its own domain in 2000, it gradually morphed into the web’s only stiletto feminist site at the time, embracing all aspects of alpha female entertainment.

Today, stands as a hybrid of popular women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Playgirl." and  "... a young trendsetting audience of women aged 18 – 42"

I've been into D/s as long as I can remember.  As recent as 20 years ago, you really had to search for D/s information and the source of it then was frequently sketchy adult bookstores in the seedy part of town.  Finding someone like minded was a nearly impossible task.  This site isn't exclusively D/s, but it certainly has a Female Dominant feel to it.

It's good to see something that I grew up with in the shadows becoming so much more mainstream.

Here are some articles that grabbed my attention. (click to open)

Orgasmic Benefits of Male Orgasm Denial

Party Hard! The Rise of Recreational Viagra Use

Collaring Your Lover

Feminist CFNM Documentary Ready to Roll  (Clothed Female Naked Male)

12 Women Share What It’s Really Like To Be A Dominatrix

Some Powerful Men Like to be Tied Up. Here’s Why

Dominating a Man for the First Time

Gay Guys for Female Eyes

The Power Of Cuckolding

Can Your Vanilla Friends Handle Your Kink?

Breaking Him In

BDSM Is The New College Hookup

The Scandalous Guide to Female Dominance

Sexual Power For Women - Chapters 1-15

Monday, July 11, 2016

Professional Domme

Mistress and I have talked about spending some time Professional Domme at some point in the future.  Discussions have ranged from just me going to us both going.  I imagine us going together and me being domme'd by both, as well as us both being domme'd by a Mistress.  I also imagine Mistress sending me to one with me not having a clue what was going to happen.

We're still very much in a cautious discussion phase.  I had mentioned to her that I read a blog where the husband and wife have done this.  I was going to include some passages that I found hot, but I find that I can't do it any justice.  So here are the relevant links to her page from oldest to newest.

Professional Attention -

Visit with a Pro: part 1 -
Visit with a Pro: part 2 -
Visit with a Pro: part 3 -

Personal Trainer: third time lucky -
Update on Trainer -

Husband Punished by Wife in front of Escort -

Playtime! -
Playtime Happened: My Spanking -
Playtime Happened: His Spanking -

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Orgasm and Chastity Update

Last night Mistress and I had a bit of sexy time.   I begged Mistress to not let me cum, but she told me if I didn't I would be sleeping in the cage. I didn't realize it had been so long, but I went 22 days without an orgasm.  Now the clock is back to zero :-(

Additionally I had been locked in chastity for over 7 days, and I must say, with my new device it was the easiest 7 days I have had in 16 years of experimenting with chastity.  Mistress let me stay unlocked overnight and had me lock back up this morning.  Finally a device I can wear indefinitely.

from Evotion Wearables

Is Harsh Possible?

Last month I read a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers

Julie and her husband are into some pretty hard spanking scenarios.  In fact, she likes the term beating and I would agree that's what she does.  The post I am referencing is about some of her readers saying she was "overly sadistic".  Some readers seem to be horrified that she can be that mean and that her husband is somehow being abused.

To make sure that her husband was ok with things they had a discussion.  He assured her things were just perfect.  On his part, he likes to beg her to stop and to vocalize his discomfort, but recently held back because he felt her relent. To make sure they were on the same page they decided to test things out.  They went back to square one and started with a safeword again for a practice beating.  Julie starts beating her husband, and when he starts begging her to stop, she feels herself start to let up.  She remembers the agreement and she keeps going, harder now.  It turns out she can go much harder than she thought and that he is really ok with it.  He eventually uses his safeword, not because of the beating, but because she threatens to withhold his tongue from her pussy.  I wrote this purposely vague as I think she writes this scene much better than I can paraphrase, so here is the link to the post 

The reason this post has stuck in my head, is I too yearn for harsher treatment.  I think it's hard as the dominant one to hurt someone and not know if the hurt is good or bad.  My Mistress gets turned on when she hurts me, but I also think she holds back.  Now I'm not saying I can take super harsh treatment, but I do think it's worth exploring.  This harsh treatment doesn't have to just be spankings.  It can take other forms like caging, chastity, feminization, along with the dozens of other nasty things I blog about.  Any of them can be pushed to an extreme and become harsh, which gets me hard just thinking about it.

Hopefully this post isn't taken as a pushy bottom as much as a communication.



Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A different take on "ruined orgasms"

Here is the 2nd post I saw that intrigued the heck out of me.  The term "ruined orgasm" is always something I have taken to mean as less pleasurable.  I have posted in the past about how there is a good reason to use a ruined orgasms to keep the post orgasm let down to a minimum so that the male submissive is aroused sooner.  This woman takes the concept to the next level.  She uses ruined orgasms to immediately use her man.  Here is a good synopsis in her words.

Whereas a normal orgasm causes him to go limp and enter what doctors call the “refractory period” where he is no longer motivated to have sex, a ruined orgasm has the opposite effect – it causes him to stay hard, fully aroused, hyper-energized, and HIGHLY motivated to have sex.

But that’s not all.  It also relaxes the urgent release channels, in his brain, temporarily raising his tolerance for sexual pleasure and increasing his stamina.  Simply put… a man who’s been ruined once or twice (or more!) in a single night can fuck you harder and longer than you ever thought possible.  He can fuck (or get fucked) continuously, relentlessly, at full intensity until you’ve had as many orgasms as you want and you’re both thoroughly exhausted.  Go ahead, get sweaty!  Let him wreck you!  Flip him and ride him to your heart’s content!  He will stay rock-hard the entire time, and he won’t cum!  Or, if he does cum, it will only be after a long, intense lovemaking session, far beyond his normal, natural physical capacity.  It’s fucking AWESOME!  Some of the best sex you will ever have!

I have experienced this myself a few times.  It usually when I am inside Mistress and I leak a bit.  The need to cum is reduced and I can then go forever.  It feels good (not as good as a full orgasm) and when I do eventually go over the top it's stronger.  It's hard to stop at just the right time.  The other time I experience it is when I am edging.  Sometimes I stop and 30 seconds later cum oozes out. I lick up my own cum because I haven't had a full orgasm and the horniness is still there.  If I went over the edge, I can't imagine freely eating my own cum.  I then stop as I don't trust myself to be able to stop like that again.  There is a huge benefit being tied up as Mistress can more effectively stop than I can.  I would define this as a minimized orgasm in order to have a fuller orgasm.  It's the closest a guy can be to multi-orgasmic.

There is much, much more to her technique which can be read here

Breaking him erotically

I ran across a Tumblr blog that had a couple really good posts.  The first one is about a Mistress breaking her slave, but instead of doing it with pain, she did it with weeks of teasing and denial.  To quote her "A month and a half ago, my amazing, sexy husband agreed to three months of constant tease and denial, without release.  Since then, almost every night, 7 nights a week (and sometimes in the morning, too!), we work together to make me cum as much as I want, then I edge him intensely, over and over again, to my heart’s content."   

The thought of being mercilessly tied, teased and denied for days and weeks on end turns me on and it also scares me.  I can only imagine the things I would be willing to do just for the chance to cum.  The idea of giving Mistress dozens if not hundreds of orgasms while at the same time I would get none is something that excites me greatly. As much as it disappoints me, there is something very powerful when Mistress tells me "no" when I ask to cum.

The entire post can be seen here

After I wrote that, I found another couple doing it

Monday, July 4, 2016

Mind Altering

I had forgotten the effect chastity has on me.  Especially now that I have found a device I can wear with minimal discomfort.  Several times last night I woke up and when I did, my mind went straight to naughty thoughts. I had many ideas go through my head.  Some, I am sure were dreams and others were just thoughts that came to me, but I'm not sure which ones were which. Needless to say, my chaste brain is going a million miles an hour.

  • My old device was bulky and somewhat uncomfortable.  It meant that many of the feminine items I have couldn't be worn while I was in chastity.  This new device has proven to be able to be worn with anything which makes feminization and chastity much more imaginable.  Also a tiny pink device is much more feminine than a polished piece of stainless steel.  My other device "looks" masculine.
  • I dreamt of Mistress telling me she wants me to wear pantyhose when we are together as she wants to feel my sexy smooth legs more as well as seeing me in pantyhose and shorts around the house.  The humiliation would be awesome.
  • I dreamt of wearing an anklet, feminine toe rings as well as frilly nail art
  • High heels
  • Being locked in chastity and forced to use a strapon to make love to Mistress.  So emasculating.
  • While I have been wearing nighties, I have been thinking about other night wear, especially teddies.

  • Teased in my device with no orgasm.  Forced orgasm and locked back up immediately.  Ruined orgasm and locked up immediately.
  • Clean up duty.  I imagined having to wear a condom while having sex. Afterward Mistress would take the contents and pour them into my mouth.  She would then turn the condom inside out and make me lick it clean.  She would then put the condom in my mouth and tell me to keep it in my mouth until our room was cleaned and all the toys were put away.
  • Electric torture
  • Nipple torture / zipper
  • The Cage - scares me, but turns me on too
That's all for now.  Suffice to say, I am a horny little mess that would do just about anything to prove it!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

It's working!

So I have been in my new device for over 24 hours and it seems the sizing is correct.  I'll know more in the next couple days, but for now I'm very happy.  I woke up a couple time during the night with a hard on and the device was there doing its job.  I have grown somewhat accustomed to wearing a nighty every night.  I used to have naughty thoughts every time I'd wake up and realize I was in a nighty, but those have been greatly reduced due to the length of time Mistress has been forcing me to do it.   We have a stay over guest this weekend which prevents the nighty from being worn which is why Mistress has me locked up.  The device has certainly done the job of getting my mind ramped up.  Last night I had many dreams or half dreams about naughty things.  Some of the things I remember.
  • Mistress telling me I would have to have painted toenails 365 days a year.  Due to the way my heels crack when I wear flip flops, wearing shoes and socks would be necessary.  Painted toenails would enforce the requirement.
  • Mistress telling me that now that we have found a 24/7/365 chastity device, that my orgasms will be less frequent, however she intends on using my mouth and fingers much, much more.
  • Mistress telling me that now that I have two different devices that work completely different, i should be able to be locked up 24/7/365.  If one starts to be uncomfortable or irritating, than I can wear the other one until that issue clears up.
  • Mistress tells me that since I am locked up and wearing nail polish all the time, she wants to see me in more feminine attire especially when I am home. 

 In short (pun intended) being locked up and teased by Mistress makes my head spin in naughty directions.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Take 2

I recently bought a new chastity device that was the wrong size due to me measuring incorrectly.  Last night my new device arrived and this morning I put it on as I was told it I would be wearing it this evening.  As usual I woke up full of testosterone and horniness so it was easy to want to lock myself up.

This deice is 5 millimeters smaller than the last one. It should reduce the movement that was irritating my piercing which is good, but it will be much more uncomfortable when I get hard.

Wearing this will also  prevent me from edging like I did a couple time this week.  I edged to a video of a guy getting caned pretty well.  The video is only 12 minutes start to finish, but it seemed to be more than enough for the guy in the video.


I fantasize about a beating like this, one with my safeword being ignored.

 Also edged another day to some Divine Bitches.

The day I edged to this video I leaked a tiny bit which I promptly licked up.  Additionally I wore panties a few days this week in addition to my nighty.  I do love being a little slut.