Friday, May 23, 2014

Today's mood

Instead of posting words, I am posting pics that hit my buttons this morning.






Ladies, a gurl told me something very similiar to this once, silly thing…..this made me realise the importance of psychological play in her training……something I’ve embraced with a passion ever since…. the mind is far more powerful than any physical actions… A lesson well learned.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Male Slave Cage Training

I just found this.  The thought of it is scary and intoxicating at the same time.

Male Slave Cage Training

By Domina Cambridge  -

I’m not a gentle Domme. I expect my slave men to be humble and obedient. I'm a sadist. So anyone who approaches me can expect lots of pain and even more humiliation.


Every now and then though I spot a bit of submale fluff that I want to use for amorous purposes. Damaging his soft silky skin is for once not my aim. He needs to be cheerfully dependent.

Still I want total humility and unthinking obedience. For these slave boys I use extended caging.

They stay tied up in their cages.
They are in their cages when I feed them.
Only released when it is time for work, bed or it is a scheduled time of excretion.
These guys I stroke and talk with gently. Neuro linguistic programming works just fine.
After about a month they are ready for life outside the cage. Humble and adoring slaves.

That post got me thinking about other caging pages.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Back from hiatus

It's been a while since I have posted as life has gotten in the way.  I am back thanks to a new job and my wonderful Mistress.  Last week I had to travel for work and Mistress gave me authorization to masturbate to completion.  While doing so I got caught up on some reading and wanted to post what I masturbated to.

The 2 blogs I were reading were these.

Some highlights of these posts are as follows.  These were things that got me to the edge.

Now for the unscientific poll results I promised...

The question for this poll was:
“Which of the following would you find exciting if your partner made you do it?”

Answers in order of popularity: (380 men responded)
Swallowing your own semen............ (66%)
Being naked while doing chores....... (62%)
Masturbate in front of your partner. (59%)
Wearing a butt-plug in public........... (56%)
Wearing lady's panties...................... (51%)
Being fondled in a theater................. (40%)
Being naked in front of strangers...... (32%)
Masturbate in front of others............ (32%)
Giving oral sex to a man.................... (31%)
Masturbate in a public restroom....... (13%)

From Martha L:

Elise, you are a dangerous woman. I say that in a good way and with total respect but it is true, you are a dangerous woman to the male gender and a godsend to the female gender...You have learned how to get inside of a man and turn his sex drive to a woman's advantage. It is amazing. His life is now dedicated to serving me and he is the one who set this all in motion. He begged me for this and now his life is all about me and my needs.

From Liz C:

...Robert came to me with the confession. He told me ... made him desire to worship me...

...He would be expected to obey me in all things and that my wants and needs would always supersede his own. I told him that I expected him to acknowledge and accept all of this in writing

...I kept reading the stories from your site and noted the things that turned me on or excited me. I also made a list of things that I knew excited my husband to be. I decided to build our relationship on orgasm denial, discipline, body worship, anal dildo training, and personal servitude.

...Same goes after strap-on play. When I am done dominating him like this, he will collapse on the bed and his eyes are glazed over and he looks as if he is in another world.

...Robert is allowed one orgasm per month and I use your list of humiliating ways to make him cum. Usually I let him cum on my ass and lick it clean. I always make him lick up his sperm however I decide to allow him to release it. I discipline him every couple of weeks. If he is on best behavior he is spanked. If he has displeased or disobeyed me in any way I whip him with a riding crop. He enjoys the spankings but the crop leaves welts and bruises that last for days. He is frequently reduced to tears after I have whipped him. I use my strap-on dildo on his mouth and ass at least once a week. 

From Staci V:

Elise, I enjoy your site. I use to dislike it. Actually, I use to dislike anything that had to do with FemDom, D&S or BDSM. Today however, you can count me as a believer in female domination.  My husband was the one who introduced me to all of this. To this day, I can't believe he had the balls to tell me about his need for female domination. I was as straight as they come.

... One night when my husband was not home, I called her and we chatted for hours. I told her about my struggles and she could identify as she had gone through the same thing years ago. She told me about her relationship and how her husband is her 24/7 slave. I could not believe the things she told me she does to her husband but I felt comfortable with her.

....She encouraged me to stop playing game and to become serious about female domination. She told me to read your site on a regular basis, as it is the best source out there. She encouraged me to grow up and to take the lifestyle out of the bedroom. There were lots of benefits to this type of marriage and she told me that it was time that I realized the benefits. The thing that really hit home with me was when she told me it was time for me to become selfish.

...As for me, I am loving life. My husband does most of the household chores and I have found that I am very good at making decisions and controlling the money. I am no longer a prude as I have incorporated such activities as strap-on play, golden showers, heavy discipline and C/B torture into our domination sessions/sex life. I do monitor and restrict his orgasms but I am very generous as long as he is obedient, and we still engage in regular intercourse.

From Chris V:

I told Amber of my submissive desires early in our relationship because I thought she would be receptive. Indeed, she has always been assertive and demanding - bossy, even in her own words. In fact, it was one of the reasons I was attracted to her. At first, she was hesitant... Eventually, she decided to take control formally. She loved it. From that point forward, she set the rules for me, and punished me if I broke them, by spanking me with a paddle over my pants, or by taking away privileges, or both. Otherwise, we were like any other ordinary couple.

By this time, I was in my late twenties and eager to get married. Amber, however, insisted that we wait until a year after she finished college - a three year wait. In addition, she had insisted when we first met, that there would be no sex of any kind until we were married. At the time, it was excruciating. But in hindsight, it was wonderful, because in this time Amber and I truly got to know each other and fall in love. Over these years our relationship seemed to fall into place. We became so much closer, as any couple would. In addition, obeying Amber and accepting her discipline came to seem more and more natural for me.

... I knelt before Amber and promised to serve and obey her for the rest of my life and she promised to give me guidance, discipline and loving authority for the rest of my life.

...Now, of course, Amber still sets the rules. If I disobey, my punishment usually consists of three parts: physical (spanking, for which I now have to be naked, with either her hand, a paddle, or a switch), time to think about it (standing in the corner, being sent to the bedroom, sometimes writing lines), and loss of privileges (TV, computer, going out). Sometimes in addition to the spanking, I get my mouth washed out with soap (Amber hates profanity). Amber has said that she thinks punishment is most effective if she treats me like a child while I'm being punished, as you can see from the way she chooses to punish me.

Anyway, being Amber's husband and slave has been wonderful. Thank you for providing a place on the web for people like us.