Friday, September 26, 2014

Chastity & Sex

Well I would not have guessed this.  I have been having chastity fantasies.  The last couple times I have been in chastity have been positive.  I have a Mistress that cares for me and about me while I am in chastity.  It's amazing how a random comment and an occasional tease goes a long way.  Positive experiences like this will go a long way and will likely have we begging for chastity in the future.  That got me thinking about still being sexual while my cock is locked up.  These is something so hot about having sex and pleasing my Mistress all while my cock can't feel a thing.  These images came to mind.

This first image is the most powerful.  It shows just how hard the guy is.  She is rubbing his prostate gland from the outside.  I'm betting if she keeps going long enough, he will eventually have an orgasm without his cock ever being touched.

Important to remember that the penis is partly hidden beneath the scrotum..




OH you poor little boy you. Your cock is trying so hard to get hard, but being all locked up, you can’t OH it must be so sensitive, your balls are all red and swollen, and your ass just keeps taking more and more of my big hard cock.  Yes, I think you need to stay locked up while I fuck your ass.

It’s okay… you can milk into the cage if it makes you feel better.

tumblr_nccm9sKrDk1rm35woo6_500.jpg (500×667)

tumblr_ncfazfYVbX1txppgfo1_500.jpg (500×670)

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