Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chastity Reality

Mistress hasn't said so, but seems to be more than willing to let me stay locked in chastity indefinitely.  This excites me more than it frightens me.  My head spins with the thought that I may never touch my cock again or know pleasure without it being approved by Mistress.  No more touching myself absentmindedly.  No more edging myself.  No more 'just a couple strokes'.  No more rubbing my cock into the sheets (that's not touching myself, right?). 

Most mornings I reach down and give my cock a feel.  I think it is instinct at this point.  At 5 in the morning a touch will usually give me a nice 'morning wood' hard on.  I would usually push down on my cock and feel it strain, and it would be a nice erotic feeling.  Some mornings I might do this longer than not.  Other mornings, if Mistress is already up, I might edge myself.  This morning this reality hit me.  I was coming out of my slumber and I reached down to feel my cock.  All I could feel is warm steel on my hands and my cock felt nothing whatsoever.  My head spun.  I am an official chastity slave.  My cock got hard just thinking about the control I have relinquished.  In my entire life I never thought I would get to this point, but here I am.  I am in heaven knowing Mistress has 100% control over my cock.

That being said I want to make sure Mistress knows that me being locked should not stop her from being pleased in any way she wants.  I have fingers, a mouth, a tongue and of course a cock for Mistress to use for her pleasure.  We also have many toys and a fucking machine.  There is no reason Mistress can't be 100% satisfied even while I go without.  In reality, me being locked in chastity doesn't have to limit my orgasms either.  It just means that anytime Mistress isn't using my cock, it's locked up.  I do love the idea of serving Mistress sexually as a true sex slave.   

I am going on a business trip soon.  Normally this would mean Mistress would let me out of chastity.  In some cases Mistress would give me a mind blowing orgasm prior to me leaving to make sure I am not horny on the road.  Other times she would give me orders to orgasm while I am on the road for the same purpose.  I am asking Mistress to keep me locked up on this trip.  I have imagined that I would switch into my CB-6000 on Sunday before heading to the airport.  I would put a ring in my piercing that requires a special tool to open.  I would secure the ring inside the device, so that I cannot pull out.  I would have to send Mistress a picture or two a day of me in my device or in some other compromising position.  I imagine taking my prostate massage toy to see if I am able to make myself come anally or video myself milking my prostate. That may be me asking for too much pleasure.

So that sums up my feelings of being locked 24/7/365.  I love falling deeper and deeper into submission.  I love my Mistress.         


Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Over the last few years I have acquired a good selection of BDSM videos that are on my hard drive.  A good number of them were from when I was a member of the family of websites.  Now my preference is Femdom videos, but I also saved a good portion of Male Dom, Female to Female, and even some transexual and gay BDSM porn as Mistress sometimes likes to watch those types of videos.

I don't watch these videos often.  Maybe if I or we are traveling, and very rarely at home.  Yesterday was one of those rare days.  I have a Roku video streamer and there is a channel on it that is connected these videos so we can watch them on any of our large screen TV's.  Mistress stepped out to get her nails done and run a couple errands. I was working from home doing some tedious online class for work, so I decided to have some entertainment playing in the background waiting for the online class to progress.  I went into the "all videos" section and decided on the letter P, hoping to find some predicament bondage.

I first watched a couple girls Domme a guy.  It was a lot of boring spanking and ass fucking, so I fast forwarded through much of the video until they made him cum and then made him eat his cum.

Then I watched a very short one where a guy was tied up in a jail cell.  The woman came in and stroked him to orgasm and then kept on stroking until he was begging her to stop.

The next one was a guy locked in chastity.  The only stimulation he gets is his Mistress kneads his balls until he has an orgasm.  After he cums she makes him fuck himself in the ass with a dildo to show his obedience after an orgasm.  That's devious.  

The next one I stumbled across was called Point of No Return.  It's from the's Device Bondage.  Now this one is Male Dom which doesn't do it for me as much as Femdom does.  However in this case it did an awful lot for me.  Mainly because of how jealous I was of what this woman had to endure.  Just to be clear, most of what this woman goes through rides a fine line of being too much.  In every scene there are tears, screams, yelling in frustration, hopelessness, fear, pain, humiliation, exposure, degradation and for her, many, many orgasms. 

The first scene is my favorite, mainly because this one would be the easiest for us to duplicate at home.  The scene starts with the woman fully dressed and bent over in a stockade type restraint.  We have one of these in the basement, not exact, but close enough.  She is in heels, a dress, and panties.  I imagine she has been left in this position for some time, to wear her down both physically and mentally.  In this position she is to high to kneel and too low to get any relief for her lower back.  I am certain the heels are adding to her discomfort.  And now I am jealous wishing I could trade places.    

Picture of the stockade in our basement.  
The Dom comes in the room and fondles her for a bit to show her how helpless she really is.  He whips her enough to get her dancing in pain.  He then removes her panties and keeps whipping her.  Not too hard, but certainly not too soft.  After a bit he uses scissors to cut her dress off of her leaving her completely exposed.  Next come the clover style nipple clamps.  But he is extra mean and uses 3 sets of them.  While I would absolutely hate 3 sets, I am again jealous.  

After the clamps are on, he takes a string and ties it from the center of one pair of the nipple clamps and then has her bend her knees.  He then ties the ends of the string to each of her knees.

He then whips her a bit trying to get her to straighten her legs and pull the clamps off.  She resists and keeps her knees bent, so he steps it up.  He grabs a cattle prod and walks behind her.  She can't see it but she can hear it charging.  He tells her to straighten her legs.  She starts crying saying she can't.  He keeps telling her to do it, and gets more and more scared and frustrated.  Since she won't do it herself he tells her she is going to get shocked.  He makes her choose a leg.  

By now, her left leg is shaking uncontrollably.  I am sure there is some fear about it, but mostly being in this position for so long and not being able to change leg position.  Now at this point I am starting to feel real empathy for her.  I hate electricity.  I hate the thought of electric shock.  Even something mild compared to a cattle prod would have me reacting the same way she is reacting.  Electricity is one thing that puts true fear in my heart.  As much as it scares me and I would fight it, I am again jealous of this poor girl.

She eventually picks the right leg and he shocks her hard.  She jumps and one of the clamps gets pulled off of her nipples. She is in agony.  He backs off a bit and lets her regain her composure.  Her legs are still shaking while he strokes her skin.  After a short bit he starts back up and tells her she still needs to straighten her legs.  He tells her if she doesn't, she will get the left leg with the cattle prod.  Of course she begs him not to and he ignores her request.  He zaps her and she pulls the other clamp off.  He immediately puts a Hitachi on her pussy and in no time she has rebounded from the pain and fear.  As he rubs the hitachi on her pussy he takes off and puts back on the clamps, creating a pleasure/pain battle.  She is begging to cum, her legs are shaking, and I am certain her mind is an absolute mess.  What an amazing predicament bondage scenario.  All of that and I am super jealous of her.  

The next scene has her tied like this.

He puts suction devices on her nipple, pussy and clit until they are filled with blood and sensitive.  He uses a cane on her body as she screams in pain with tears in her eyes.  Then he gives her the Hitachi treatment again.  She is drooling all over herself while begging to cum.  Eventually he puts a clothespin zipper on her, from her armpits to her toes, while the Hitachi is buzzing her.  He makes her choose decide if she wants the zipper pulled before or after she comes.  She wisely chooses before.  As much as I would hate the zipper, I am jealous of her.

The last scene starts like like this.

She is tied to Sybian vibrating saddle.  She has a corset on. Her arms are bound behind her in a leather arm binder.  She has a very tight posture collar on around her neck.  Her hair is tied to the ceiling keeping her upright and from falling off.  Her feet are tied up and back so that she cannot use her legs to escape from the vibration.  For the next 30+ minutes he vibrates her pussy and clit while alternately whipping her, torturing her nipples and using a plastic sheet to cut off her air supply.  

Through all of this, she has countless orgasms.  Since he doesn't turn off the saddle, she goes from one orgasm to being too sensitive and into another orgasm again and again.  Not being able to have multiple orgasms makes me even more jealous.  All of this was fairly boring to watch, I had to fast forward through a lot of it, but I am certain it was not boring to have to endure.  You can see the look on her face several times as though she is in another world or having an out of body experience.  In the post scene interview he said he stopped the scene because he didn't think she would or could.  Hot!  

I imagine the next day she hurt from dead to toe.  Her feet from her shoes and from being whipped.  Her legs from trying to endure so many strenuous positions.  Her back from being bent over.  Her nipples from being clamped and whipped.  Her pussy and clit from all of the orgasms and vibrations. I also bet every time she thinks of this event she will get very wet and aroused.

Having to endure even one of these scenes let alone 3 on top of each other seems very difficult.  I am extremely turned on imagining myself having to go through something similar and so intense.  Being pushed in such a way that I would seriously consider using my safe-word (during electricity) and either not using it or not being allowed to have one.  Riding the line between torture and ecstasy would be such a mind fuck.  My cock strains against my device just thinking about it.  That made me pretty jealous of this woman and many like her.  


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Yearning for things that used to have issues with.

When I was writing yesterday's post about playing with chastity for 18 years, I came to a realization.  For so many years I hated chastity unless it was 100% tied to a D/s scene.  I would be into it if I thought I was going to get tied up or if there was some teasing involved, etc.  Any time those things would drop off, or life would get in the way or even worse, I would would get in an argument with my Mistress, I would instantly hate chastity.

That has changed for me over the last few years.  Now I accept this is who I am.  Do I prefer to have chastity tied to something?  Sure.  Does it suck to be locked up and not have anything kinky going on in our lives?  Absolutely.  Being locked is now a part of me.  Not because I like the device, but because I like what it symbolizes, my surrender to being fully controlled by my Mistress.

There is nothing hotter than to know that not only is my next orgasm fully dependent on Mistress, but so is any sensation my cock gets.  Surrendering my cock and forgetting about what is in it for me is a true mind-fuck.  Knowing that life can interrupt us and I will likely stay locked makes me feel so owned.  I now see myself begging to stay locked, where just a few years ago, I would go out of my way to avoid being locked up.  That is a real change.

I have also realized how far I have come regarding feminization.  Every since I was 7 or 8, I had a thing for women's clothes.  Not so much wearing them, but admiring them to a point of wanting to see how they felt.  At around 10 or 12 years old my sister caught me trying on a pair of my mom's pantyhose.  She yelled out loud what I was doing and my parents heard.  I was made fun of.  Not in a mean way, but in the way a family pokes fun at each other.  I of course denied it and ever since then have been challenged by the shame that comes with having a fetish like this.

Through out my teenage years I would borrower an item from my mom's drawer or the drawer of a friends sister.  I would wear whatever item it was, masturbate and shame would wash over me as soon as I came.  I would return or throw away the item and swear to never do anything like that again.

When I started living by myself I was able to acquire a few items and would hide them in a drawer.  I would use them occasionally and hide them away.  At some point I would go a little more extreme and when I did, the shame would come back and then the purge.

I dated during these times and in my longer relationships, I would share this part of me.  For the most part it was tolerated in the bedroom and with a sexual connotation.  When any of those relationships would end, I would be horrified that my secret was out and I would purge the acquired feminine items yet again.  I generally would only partake in this part of me 1-2 times a year on average.

In my first marriage my wife was more supportive of this part of me, but it was always used in a D/s way.  I was treated in a slutty, trashy way.  Heavy makeup, forced exhibitionism, and verbal humiliation were the primary drivers.  I don't mean that in a negative way, it was fun.  There is definitely something about that kind of play that gets a guy like me going.

That relationship ended and I half purged.  Kink was used as an excuse by my ex to end the relationship.  I knew I wasn't going to change, but I also wanted to separate myself from the kink that was being used to end my marriage.  I put almost everything in storage.

That brings me to my current Mistress.  Shortly after meeting Mistress we knew each other pretty well on a sexual level.  I was too old to not be upfront about my proclivities, and confided in her most of my kinks.  The feminization part of me took a bit longer to reveal to her, and when I did, her eyes kind of lit up.  She had me get me feminine things out of storage.  She made me try on every item and show her how I looked.  She made me get rid of any of the items that were not flattering or classy enough for her.  She wanted me to look good and to feel good about dressing up.  That first year, Mistress really helped me accept that this is a part of me.  We had some amazing scenes with me fully feminized and I no longer had the shame after an orgasm.  So now that I accept and yearn to explore more and more of my feminine side, the idea of being treated like a whore adds an element of erotic humiliation.

Over the last few years, Mistress has helped me grow my wardrobe.  I am now comfortable for the most part dressing up.  I am not yet to a point where I would dress on my own on a daily basis without it being some sort of an order with consequences for disobeying.  The societal taboo of being dressed as a woman is still strong in me after all of these years.  I still need some sort of coercion.

In closing I am amazed at how much Mistress has helped me grow in my submission.  It's all because she is the best woman I have ever known.  She has helped me accept who I am.  She has loved me and encouraged me through my insecurities about being a submissive guy with feminization fantasies.  She has made things I would never consider (24/7 chastity, wearing perfume daily, shaving my armpits, etc.) a part of my daily life.  There is no way I could ever go back, even if I wanted to.  I am so in love with my Mistress.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Chastity Thoughts

Yesterday I confessed to touching myself and even edging myself without permission.  Mistress didn't say a word about yesterdays post or my confession, but she did take the keys from my chastity device and hid them. When I started touching myself, I had zero plans on confessing.  I don't do it often, especially lately, but I do it once in a while, more when I am ramped up like I am now.  No harm, no foul, right?  For years I have believed that if I touched and didn't cum, I wasn't really doing anything wrong.     

Now I look at it a little differently.  I can't be tied up 24/7, although that sounds amazing.  I can't go out to work in bondage or in feminine clothes.  I have asked Mistress to control me in as many ways as she is willing to.  I have to ask permission to go out.  I wear perfume and women's deodorant.  I shave my body clean and smooth of all hair.  My toenails are often painted.  I often wear a collar.  I sometimes dress feminine at home.  I frequently wear a nighty to bed.  Mistress can tie me up any time she wishes.  She can beat and bruise me (I do love wearing the bruises she gives me).  She can lock me in a cage in a room by myself for hours on end.  All of these things are ways she can control, me.  The more things she does to me, the more I am under her spell.  I love the idea of having more and more control taken from me and to be as slave like as possible.  

That brings me back to chastity.  Mistress controls my orgasms.  Most of this I already do by myself on the honor system.  Fewer orgasms for me keeps me in a submissive and subservient state of mind.  However the only way for her to control my orgasms and me touching myself 100% is with chastity.  Chastity is 24/7 bondage.  Chastity is the ultimate form of day-to-day control.  We can go about our hectic life and chastity is still there, fucking with my mind, in a good way.

Since I have found a couple devices that I can wear for several days comfortably, I am now of the mindset that I can be in chastity full time without a break.  I may need to swap devices out, but I can be locked up completely.  

With this mindset, I was looking at adding a couple devices to my 'wardrobe'.  When I started with chastity 18 years ago, the cheapest devices were over $100.  I bought one device that was so expensive, looking back I am embarrassed to say how much I spent.  These days, there are so many devices out there and almost all of the designs out there have knock-off versions that are under $50 and in many cases under $25.

The one I am wearing now is my current favorite.  It was $21.  

In addition to being comfortable it's also very secure.  My piercing holds it in place, but sometimes it tugs and irritates my piercing.  When it does, I swap over to my CB-6000.


It's not as secure as the steel device, I can sometimes pull out of the device in the bath tub, even thought it's still locked to my balls.  Although it's not ideal, it does give my piercing a break.  Other than the security issue, it causes my balls to try out due to friction from being held out and down.  

That has me looking for another device to swap into to keep me locked but comfortable.  

This device is a knock-off of the device I thought was going to be the best one ever.  Unfortunately I am allergic to the plastic from that manufacturer.  This device is only $28, which is about 85% less than I paid for the device I am allergic to.  I can tell this one uses a different plastic.  As you can see in the picture, this one has a spiked ring for short-term punishment.  It also comes with a smooth one for long term wear.  

Here is another device that is getting surprising good reviews.

It's super short.  It's about 1.5 inches long and that .5 is the ring itself.  It's so small and tight that nothing shifts so that nothing needs to be constantly adjusted.  I can add a PA lock to keep it secure if pulling out is an issue.    

Being locked 24/7/365 doesn't mean Mistress needs to go without.  She can easily unlock me and lock me back up immediately afterward.  She can use my mouth and fingers.  I can learn how satisfying it is to provide total pleasure to Mistress without regard to my own sexual release   By doing this, I can easily imagine that for the rest of my life I will never know what my own cock feels like unlocked without Mistress around.  That is control.


Friday, November 24, 2017

An orgasm hasn't helped

Tuesday morning I was released from chastity after 5 days for a Dr's appointment.  Mistress and I had sex on Wednesday morning.  It was the first time we had sex in 26 days and therefore my first orgasm in nearly a month.  I am certain Mistress didn't wait 26 days for her orgasm.  I am sure she has had many which is a very hot idea of her cumming so many times while I don't.

Prior to being locked in chastity I had been going through a very difficult patch emotionally about work.  When Mistress locked me up, an amazing thing happened.  All of that negative destructive energy got redirected into my libido, my sexuality and my submissiveness.  I was very horny and very such wanting to be under Mistress' firm control.

When we were having sex on Wednesday morning I was able to give Mistress an orgasm before I got to the edge myself.  Her pussy felt so amazing on my cock.  Mistress told me to cum.  I begged to not cum, as I didn't want to lose this horny neediness that I had back to disappear.  As much as I wanted to stay orgasm free, my cock really needed the stimulation.  I asked Mistress for permission to cum and in a few strokes was able to fill her up with my cum.  She was kind and didn't require me to clean her up with my tongue.  We got out of bed and spent the rest of the day decorating the house for Christmas and getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday morning I tried to get a sexual repeat of the previous day.  The orgasm I had Wednesday did absolutely nothing to reduce my horniness.  In fact, I was even more horny.  The chastity and the orgasm reminded me of my place.  My submissive soul was released from the anxiety I had been experiencing for so long.  I believe that D/s has some therapeutic powers for guys wired like me and this seems to be one of those cases.  I was horny and ornery with Mistress most of Thursday morning.  Mistress was annoyed enough that she told me she would have locked me in the cage if she didn't need my help.  I commented, that maybe that was the reason I was being snarky.  She couldn't do much about it.  I spent the rest of the morning following orders and helping Mistress get ready for Thanksgiving.

At bedtime last night my libido was back on 10.  I tried to initiate a bit, but Mistress was tired and didn't let me get too far with my initiation.  That didn't stop my libido.  As I drifted off to sleep I realized Mistress and I had the next full 3 days and nights all to ourselves.  We had nowhere to be, and nothing to do.  My submissive mind quickly started coming up with ideas.  

A couple paragraphs below this one I am going to describe in detail my 3 day fantasies.  I am writing this to communicate and to get it out of my head.  However these descriptions could also be considered me being a pushy bottom.  Below the row of asteriks are my descriptions.  If you believe this communication is me pushing form the bottom, please don't proceed.

Lastly, I have been bad.  At bed time I was so horny I thought about sneaking off to rub one out.  I didn't.  When I woke up at midnight to go to the bathroom, I was awake for about an hour and a half with thoughts running through my mind.  I touched myself The first time I stroked my cock just to get it hard.  When it got soft, I did it a 2nd time.  When it got soft I did it a 3rd time, but before stopping I took two fingers and rubbed the most sensitive part of my cock like a girl would rub her clit.  I managed to edge 3 times before stopping long enough to fall asleep.  When I woke up at 5am, I had a hard-on and proceeded to squeeze it and push it around as it felt so good.  When I got out of bed I had already planned on writing this post.  I knew I would be aroused and had already demonstrated a lock of self control, so I locked myself back up in chastity and left the keys on Mistress' vanity.   Apparently the orgasm I had made me hornier.


Fantasy #1 - The Prisoner.  This fantasy involves me spending a full 3 days in much the same way a prisoner in jail would spend their time.  Mistress would have me prep everything in advance.  I imagine being put in very plain clothes, like sweats or plain pajamas.  Mistress would take me to our spare bedroom in the basement.  I would already be locked in chastity.  Upon arriving I would see a long length of chain coming from the bathroom in the bedroom.  It would reach to one side of the bed.  Mistress would lock the chain to my ankle to keep me from leaving the room.  She would leave me there for the next 3 days.  Visiting me only to feed me very plain meals.  I would have no phone, no TV, no computer.  It wouldn't be fun, but the loss of control would be so intense for me.  I wonder if I would try to use my safe-word?  She could also change it up.  Lock me up as before, but put me on 'work release' several times throughout the day.  I would be released from my cell only to be shackled to make her meals, be given chores, made to clean the bathrooms, etc.  I might be sent to the wardens office and used sexually before being returned my my cell.  Insubordination or doing a poor job cleaning would be dealt with harshly.  Time in the 'hole' (aka the cage) or the straight jacket overnight.  There are many hot prisoner scenarios online, but the ones over many days are very hot to me.  3 days seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Fantasy #2 - Sissy, Slave, Slut weekend.  I imagine going upstairs as soon as Mistress wakes up.  I would draw a hot bath and shave every hair off of my body, including my facial hair.  When I got done, I would lock up in chastity and I would plug my sissy hole with a butt plug.  I would then paint my toenails and fingernails in a color or colors picked out by Mistress.  While waiting for my polish to dry I would put on mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc.  It's been a couple years since I have worn makeup, so I might need some help.  I would then dress in an outfit picked out by Mistress but most certainly something elaborate including stockings, bra inserts, corsets, etc..  Over the course of the next 3 days and nights I would live as Mistress female slave.  I would be expected to do chores in any outfit she chooses.  I would bathe Mistress. I would shave Mistress.  I would dress Mistress.  I would give her foot massages or full body massages.  I would service her sexually in any way she desires.  My cock would be locked away the entire time.  My ass would have something in it every waking hour and possibly 24/7 if I can endure it.  I would spend incredible amounts of time with my tongue between her legs.  I would be using my fingers, toys, or the dildo gag to give Mistress orgasms all weekend.  I would spend hours sucking on a strap-on either attached to Mistress' hips or attached to something else if she didn't want to wear it.  I would have to put on a fashion show.  Ever time I would see my nail polished hands I would be reminded of how feminine I have become with Mistress' encouragement and assistance.  Every bit of maleness would be swept aside.  Lastly at some point over the 3 days she would take me out of the house fully dressed.  We'd take her car as her windows aren't tinted.  We might even drop me off in one corner of a parking lot and make me walk to the other side.

Some other ideas I had, but without descriptions.  Collar, multiple predicament bondage scenarios I could pre-setup, panty water, shocking dog collar, gay/trans video torture, self prostate milking, online cam, e-stim, sleeping in bondage, frozen fluids, fucking machine, molly, Walmart humiliation, interrogation, bachelor games, iphone counter game, deepthroat, remote control, forced multiple orgasms, 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Spiraling Fast

I am amazed at how being locked in chastity can affect me so quickly and thoroughly.  Juts a few days ago I was super stressed and somewhat depressed about my professional life.  Sex, D/s, FemDom, Female Led Relationship, etc. have not been on my radar for a couple weeks.  I have felt almost asexual.

Add the helplessness of a chastity device and I am back with a vengeance.  I cannot shut off my mind.  I have replaced almost all of the negativity of the past few weeks with very sexual, submissive and libido enhancing thoughts and fantasies.  Every time I wake up in the middle of the night, I am thinking of some sort of debaucherous activity instead of worrying about work.

My first instinct is to write a big long list of all the things I am thinking, but I am not going to do that. I have a Tumblr page that I have made a bunch of posts to that really speak to me and keeps me from being a pushy bottom on this post.

That being said, I will post one picture as that seems to get me more page views.




Saturday, November 18, 2017

Life in the way

It's been over a month since I last posted.  Life (and stress) have been way too prominent in my life lately.  I have barely had any erotic thoughts and really have put my libido on the back burner.

That has changed recently.  Mistress put me back in chastity to coincide with her period.  I have had more erotic thoughts in the last 72 hours than I have had in the last 3 weeks. There is something about having a locked cock that makes me focus on my cock.

This morning I woke up terribly horny.  I know part of it is the dream I had last night.  In this dream, Mistress and I were watching TV in our living room like we normally do.  However we had a slave girl tied and kneeling on our hardwood floors.  Much like the picture below.  In my dream her legs are belted in the same way, so she must kneel without relief.  Her arms are tied behind her back (no straps) and she is wearing a ring gag.  We make her kneel for an hour while we watch TV and she drools all over her body while we ignore her.

I don't have dreams I remember very often and I certainly don't have sexual dreams very much.  I don't know if the dream means anything, but I am jealous of the girl in my dream.  I love the humiliating idea of being tied naked and being forced to drool on myself while Mistress ignores me.

When I woke up this morning I put in some warm and casual feminine clothes.  I wish I had the guts to fully dress today, but it's been some time and I just couldn't do it.

Lastly, Mistress and I went to a party last night and we stayed out way later than normal.  I am nursing a hangover which makes me go to my "happy place" which means my nastiest fantasies are running through my head like crazy. It's a darn good thing I am locked up or I would be edging myself.  I read this story this morning and it made my cock throb so hard in my cock cage.  

Not all of it turns me on, but being forced to do some things I would rather not do, turns me on.

So here I sit, all worked up, with my mind running a hundred miles an hour while I am locked up.  It's good to feel this way again.