Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Forced Orgasms

Below is something I found online.  It's about women, but the same thing could be done to a man (without multiple orgasms)

Forced Orgasms. This game is best once you've gotten her to the point that the girl is no longer enjoying cuming. When her pussy is so sensitive that it has begun to hurt (men, imagine cuming and then someone continuing to work on the head of your cock without mercy).

She thinks she can’t possibly cum again. This is the point when she would take the vibrator off her clit, but of course she can’t. It’s bound tightly to her, and she can't squirm her way off it. It hurts. She begs. And then, it begins to feel good again. The orgasm builds and builds, and then she cums hard screaming. And immediately the pain returns. She begs. She pleads. She can't take anymore. She'll do anything. And then it once again begins to feel good through the pain, and the whole twisted process begins anew. But each time, the pain is a little greater and the orgasm a little.

Also, Mistress had me plugged for 2 hours today.  It was challenging since I hadn't done it in a few weeks, but I got it done.  I ran errands with it in and felt so slutty.  Thank you Mistress!

Venus 2000 and Hitachi

Hitachi and the squeeze method.

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