Saturday, September 13, 2014


Yesterday Mistress surprised me a little.  She needed some alone time, so she hinted I should go out for happy hour without her.  This isn't unusual so I didn't think much about it.  I went upstairs to get ready and shortly after I got in the bath to shave my body I got a text from her that read "Before you leave, back into chastity you go...and bring me the key".  I got an instant hard-on.  Mistress hasn't been feeling well, and with me recently serving my chastity punishment I thought we would be done for at least a few days.  I was pleasantly surprised she was in the mood to control me.

I went out and couldn't get my mind of of my situation.  After a few beers I was pretty worked up.  Mistress allows me to check out other women, and will frequently point out women to me.  It's different checking out women while I am locked up vs when I am not.  I would never cheat on MBB so I am not sure why it seems to different.  

When I got home Mistress let me out.  I thought there was a 50/50 chance of me staying locked up, so when she offered me the key I took it.  I have a hunch I would have been locked up indefinitely had I come home too late.  It's almost like Cinderella's glass slipper :-)

Just as we were getting into bed Mistress had me put on a pink camisole with white boy shorts.  I told her I appreciated her being mean to me.  She told me "you just wait and see".  Another instant hard-on.  I also told her that this last week in chastity has taught me something.  Anyone reading this blog knows how much I hate chastity.  I have come to realize I don't hate chastity, I hate the role it played in my previous relationship and I carried that into this relationship.  My ex-wife would lock me up and frequently forget/ignore my situation.  I would be having this 24/7 sexual battle raging in my mind and she wouldn't be a participant.  Add not getting along and it was a mess.  When I met MBB and she used chastity on me, we weren't living together yet. I would act like my chastity with MBB was the same as I did with my ex-wife.  Now MBB and I have been living together for a few years.  We get along with or without D/s.  This week she took an small but active role in my chastity punishment, so I have realized chastity with MBB is much more enjoyable than I had ever experienced.  I may regret writing that...

Changing subjects.  I have told Mistress a few times how my kink can be somewhat controlling of me.  I have mentioned how fortunate I am to have met MBB before I met the wrong person when I was single.  The way I am wired I could be controlled and manipulated quite a bit with kink as the source.  Had I met an unethical woman I could have likely been in bad situations.  That being said, this same weakness of mine can be exploited for good.  Mistress has already used it is some ways (no dishes in the sink when she comes home, dry cleaning, her nail appointments, no unauthorized orgasms). I mention this to remind Mistress that she has more power over me than she realizes.  As she contemplates making sure her wants and needs are being fulfilled, I want her to know that she has much control over me as she wants.  I want her to know her control is something I crave.  I want her to have confidence that being meaner to me is not a bad thing, it's a good thing.  I don't want her to worry about pushing my limits.  This last week in chastity and how fulfilling it was will go into my brain as a very exciting.

Today's inspiration.


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