Friday, September 19, 2014

Femme Thoughts

My mind is the victim of a perfect confluence of events.  13 days with no orgasm.  4+ days in chastity.  Weather getting cooler.  Mistress picking out my bedwear almost every night.  I am thinking a lot of femme thoughts.  I have noticed that the longer I am from my last orgasm the more my mind turns toward feminization.  Thoughts about lacy panties bras and garters. Dressing feminine under my clothes, being dressed at home, painted toenails and fingernails.  Perfume, high heels, toe rings, anklets.  Mistress rubbing up on my female attired body and treating me like a girl slave, hmmmm.  I also think about Mistress encouraging me to dress and be feminine when we are together, but also use it to humiliate me a little bit.  While I still fantasize about bondage, the femme side is taking the lead right now.

I had a dream the other night about Mistress taking me to a one of those boudoir places.  It was a short dream as I woke up in the middle, but I do remember being in a vintage panty, girdle, bra heels, makeup and a wig.  Mistress was looking at me from behind the female photographer.  I'm curious where that dream would have gone if I hadn't woken up.

Mistress had me paint my toenails in 2 different colors using the colors of our local football team.  While I had hoped to be wearing flip flops until October, it's sexy of her to have me do it now (a little bit of that meanness I have been asking for).  While it's something I want to hide, these 2 colors have some deniability if I were found out, so it's not quite the mindfuck as pink or red nail polish is.  I am still happy she made me do it. I love my Mistress!

Today's mood.

Candles and bindings.
Romance is in the air.
Our kind of romance, that is.


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