Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Short break and locked again

Mistress and I spent the weekend away with some friends. There was a small chance of my chastity being seen so Mistress granted me a couple days of freedom. As much as I want to cum I didn’t have the opportunity to cum with her or the ability to sneak an orgasm. We got home on Sunday and Mistress has me wear a pink camisole and pink yoga pants for lounging around the house that evening. I absolutely love it when she picks out feminine things for me to wear. There was no indication from Mistress to lock back up. To be fair she may not have been thinking it. When Sunday night came around Mistress fell asleep before me. I had a dilemma. Stay free and risk my morning horniness or lock myself back up.  I chose to lock back up.  I left the keys on her vanity. When morning came around I was awake long before Mistress. I was lying on the couch in my camisole and yoga pants and I swear if I wasn’t locked up I would have at least edged myself and possibly more. Instead, I lay there frustrated unable to do anything about my growing frustration.  When Mistress awoke the next morning the keys that I placed on her vanity we’re gone, hidden away somewhere. My cock twitched when I saw this.

It’s now a few days later and no mention has been made of my chastity. We are back on my long term denial program. In another week I will have had only one orgasm in the first quarter of 2019.

I forgot to mention. I recently bought 4 new chastity devices on eBay. One was $8 and the rest averaged $5.50. The $8 device is a short version of my favorite device. So far shorter is better. It’s more comfortable under my clothes and requires less adjusting due to the back and forth of erections and softening.  When I had a bit of freedom on Friday morning I tried all of the devices on. What kind of guy tries on different chastity devices when he has a bit of unsupervised time unlocked?  A chastity slave that’s who.

I’ve got to run now and take the dog to the dog park. I think I’ll wear something feminine under my clothes while I’m there.

Update. On my way to the dog park.  The only shirt I am wearing is a gray satin camisole tank top. Have a fleece over it, but no other male clothes to cover it.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Well denied

I’ve been locked in Chastity for 83 of the last 85 days. 80 of those days have been in 2019. Last year I was locked 169 days so I am already locked close to half of what I was last year.  My last orgasm was over 8 weeks ago. I’ve only had one orgasm this year. Last year I was at 3 at this time of the year. 

Mistress had been surprisingly good with me being locked. We have been so busy that there hasn’t been a lot of time for any sort of physical intimacy so this chastity period is kind of convenient in a way.  My new attitude of if I’m unlocked that must mean I’m allowed to masturbate might also play into Mistress’s decision to keep me locked up.

Between work and our dog, one of us gets up way before the other.  Most days Mistress is up and I am left in bed. I used to be able to edge during these times and sometimes my edging would be a bit too much and I would leak quite a bit. There is no edging now.  The closest I get is getting super hard in my cage, over and over while I fantasize about Mistress tease torturing me.

I want to cum, but I really don’t want to cum.  If I were unlocked right now I would be in my home office.  I would be looking at some sort of porn where a guy is tied helplessly tight and edged over and over and over.  I’d get close enough to orgasm to leak, and I would lick up the small amounts. And I’m in enough of a mood that I would stroke myself to orgasm right into my office trash can. I wouldn’t consume that cum, even though I should. Being locked in chastity keeps me from having an occasional unauthorized orgasm, accidentally or on purpose.  It keeps me under control which is what I really crave. 

What I really crave is Mistress using me sexually without letting me have pleasure. I yearn to use my mouth and fingers to bring her to orgasm. I fantasize about fucking her with a strap on while my cock stays locked up. Fucking her for as hard and long as she wants as there is no over stimulation on my part. I fantasize about Mistress cumming every single day with my help or on her own while I stay denied. When she does masturbate she lets me know about it as it’s a great mindfuck.  I know that being used for her pleasure while I stay denied would really, really make me unbearably horny.  I want to be so desperate that I am nearly in tears...

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