Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick Fantasy

I hadn't really planned on posting today as I have been very busy.  However I did see one Tumblr post that spoke to me (below).  I imagine Mistress making me dress like these women including my breast forms, wig, make-up etc.  She would make me set up my phone video camera and she would instruct me to copy the pics below.  I imagine attaching the cup to a mirror in our closet or basement, our shower door or of I wouldn't chicken out, our back door.  She would set a time for me to duplicate each picture (like 2-3 minutes for each, or longer if she wanted to be extra mean).  She might have me set the camera on the other side of the glass.  She might make me put a condom on it and impale myself in the ass.  The last one is extra naughty because it appears to be in a public restroom. Either way, these pictures were hot to me and made me want to be these women.

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