Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dominant Thoughts

First off, I hurt my back yesterday.  Mistress decided to let me out of chastity because of it.  I was slightly disappointed, as I wanted to endure, but she likely made the right move.  Adding the difficulty of chastity to a sore back would likely delay my healing.  She did put me in a nighty so she did keep me as her slave that way.

The other night when we had some really hot sex, it started with me using my hands and fingers.  Below are pictures that have inspired me.  That in turn has given me dominant thoughts.  I have spent hours upon hours under Mistress' teasing hands and fingers.  Begging, pleading, spilling my guts all while she kept me on the edge.  I would like to return the favor some time and give her some mind blowing orgasms by delaying the release.  Here are some incredibly sexy images of what I would like to do to her.

This last picture makes me imagine a long tease with no climax until she was a blubbering mess.


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