Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Last night I slept in chastity for the first time in ages.  I don't know the last time it was, but I believe it was over 3 years ago.  I'm pretty sure I haven't had to sleep in it since we started living together.  For the most part I slept well.  I frequently turn in my sleep, and last night was no exception.  When not in chastity, I have to adjust my cock and balls due to the way the lay when I turn over.  Last night was unusual because every time I would adjust, I felt hard steel between my legs.  Around 4 AM I started getting my normal morning erections.  I can't say I slept well after 4 AM, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. Here's why...

Last night Mistress came home from work.  Normally she lets me out when she gets home, but in this case I know the chastity is a punishment and not play.  I didn't say anything as I want to make her proud for taking it as long as she wishes. A little later she asked how my day in chastity was, I told her it was ok.  She asked if it was uncomfortable, I told her it was, but not unbearably so.  That was it until bedtime.  At bedtime she was cuddly, but avoided saying anything and didn't touch me.  I was scared to have to sleep in chastity, but at the same time knew I might have to so I asked her if she meant for me to sleep locked up.  She assured me she did and I got instantly rock hard.  She also told me I would need to browse pictures I have posted on our blog for 15 minutes before getting out of bed in the morning.  It took me a bit of time to fall asleep, more wondering what was in store for me than anything else.

From about 4 to 5:45 AM I tossed and turned.  I appreciated the softness of a nighty versus my cock cage.  I felt very owned and punished.  The only thing I think would make me feel more owned would be sleeping restrained or caged.  At least I could move my body.  My cock got hard and then soft every few minutes, 30-40 times easily.  My mind was going through many dark fantasies.  I thought about what if Mistress asked how I slept, or if I wanted to be released.  From 5:45 to about 6:15 I went through our blog.  I started at the beginning, but there were not many pics early on, however I ran into some very hot posts from back then.  Especially ones where Mistress used me well.  Between the posts and the pics, all I wanted to do was stroke my cock.  Not cum, but stroke.  Not a chance and my hard-on was fairly uncomfortable.

As far as my planned responses if she had asked me how my night was it's this.

How did I sleep?  I slept ok until morning but then the device made that difficult.  It's not a real problem.

Do I want to be released?  On a scale of 1-10, I am at a 6 in my desire to be released.  To be fair, it's only been 72 hours since my last orgasm and 24 since I have been locked up.

How do I feel about being locked up?  On a scale of 1-10, I am at an 11 in wanting to stay locked up.  I have been asking Mistress to be meaner to me.  I disobeyed her and then tried to make up a lame excuse for it.  I was badly behaved in other ways.  Having Mistress take more control of me is well worth having my cock locked up indefinitely.  So long as she checks in with me and acknowledges my situation I will endure as long as she wishes.

Thank you Mistress for punishing me.                    

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