Friday, August 29, 2014

Cum Eating

For the longest time I have fantasized about eating my own cum.  I don't know why.  I think cum is disgusting.  Even when I am at my horniest, cum just seems nasty.  That being said, I still have a major fantasy about being forced to consume my own cum.  Knowing how much I hate it I have had to develop specific fantasies to make sure it’s still workable.  Here are some ideas that I will likely regret some day.

1. Cumming in or on something and then licking it up afterward.  This one seems the hardest to me.  After an orgasm I just don't have it in me to do it.  The only way I can think of doing it assuming I wasn't tied up is with force or blackmail.  The force part of it would have to be something like having the shocking dog collar locked on my balls.  I would be shocked if I didn't eat my cum up willingly.  The other is being threatened with being outed in some way.

2. Being tied down and forced.  One way is for Mistress to fill her pussy up with my cum and sit on my face.  We use lube so that’s not a good solution.  I recently put a container of coconut oil in our toy drawer.  Apparently it’s the latest and greatest lube.  My only fear is our coconut oil is pleasantly flavored.  Ideally she would sit on my face, au naturel.  Knowing how my libido drops after an orgasm I imagine Mistress would need to grab my balls in her fist and threaten a squeeze if I didn’t comply.

3. Saved cum.  This one is different as Mistress would have me save my cum up in a container we could keep frozen.  At some point she would tie me to the bed and put this frozen cum in my mouth.  The most devious plan I've heard was that a Mistress put the frozen cum in her slaves mouth and duct tapes it shut.  She immediately gives him an orgasm, his libido drops through the floor, and the cum has barely started to thaw.  In turn he is forced to endure the slow thaw of his cum, dripping down his throat until it’s all gone.  In my mind I am debating between being blindfolded or not.  Watching the cum cube drop in my mouth would be terrible, but not knowing what is coming until it’s too late is also a mind fuck.

4. Cum conditioning.  I read a blog where the man was tied up and fed his cum every day for a couple weeks.  After that amount of time he had no qualms about it and then cleaned it up every time no matter where it was.

Sources: (the comments here are very interesting)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feeling Slutty

I wanted to write this while my testosterone is still at its morning high.  I'm plugged with my largest plug, pantied, my fingernails are painted clear and my toenails are painted one shade pinker than clear.  Last night Mistress surprised me by making me wear a nighty.  After being in chastity all day and wearing the nighty last night, this morning's tasks have me hyper-sexualized right now.

I have to confess.  As much as I dislike the physical discomfort of chastity, it's more than compensated by what it does to my brain.  I am pretty much a helpless little slut right now even though I am not locked up.  Replaying the last couple times in my brain and how I felt has me very amped up.  I will probably regret what I just wrote, but I can't deny the effects of chastity.

I was so ramped up last night after being told to wear a nighty that I had a hard time going to sleep. I had so many naughty thoughts going through my mind, but most of them were not about my pleasure, they were about Mistress using my for her desires.  I fantasized about her going out with a friend of hers to a swingers club with me locked in a cage at home.

Today's fantasy...
If I didn't have so much to do today I can imagine me sitting here in just a bra and panties. My nipples clamped, the dildo gag in my mouth, a posture collar around my neck, high heels on my feet, restraints locked on my ankles and wrists.  I would be locked in chastity, and instead of a butt plug, Mistress would have me put a dildo on my ass.  Mistress would text me telling me I had to stay like this until she texted me back.  I wouldn't know if it was for how long.  My jaw would ache, my nipples would be on fire.  I would get a text, but it would be her saying she is watching me on cam.  She would tell me to rise up and down on the doldo in my ass.  She would taunt me about what a slut I have become.  She would be saving pics to humiliate me with later.

A couple things that spoke to me this morning.

Confession: this is on my wish list.
Shocking dog collar
Very Hot


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thank you Mistress

Thank you Mistress for locking up my cock today.  I truly wish it wasn't locked up, but at the same time I have a little sub-space buzz because you locked me up.  All day long I will be thinking of my cock being out of reach and that in turn will make my brain go into kinky overdrive.  

I can't emphasize enough how you locking me up, full well knowing I really dislike it, makes me so horny and submissive.  My mind is racing with the idea of you being meaner to me (even with chastity).  Taking my submissiveness and using it against me.  Making me do things I would hate, but knowing it would be a huge turn on for me after I endured it.  Using the things I have done in a submissive mindset to humiliate me further.  Getting inside my head.  Having you use me for your pleasure without worrying about my pleasure. Making me beg for a break from it all.  I could go on and on with thoughts, but would rather leave this post as a thank you than a wish list.  I love you and I love when you control me.  


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today's Edge - Vacation Naughtiness

This morning I was able to hang out in bed for a bit after Mistress left.  I didn't sleep well and that always gets my mind running in a submissive way.  We will be going on vacation soon and when I was edging myself this morning I thought about potential vacation naughtiness.  Here are some of the thoughts I came up with.

Having my finger and toenails painted clear for the entire vacation.
Mistress having me wear clear mascara every night at dinner.
Wearing light perfume or feminine deodorant in the evenings.
Panties as much as she wants.  Or no underwear.  Or???
Being forced to wear a butt plug in the pool or at dinner.
Wearing my chastity device in the pool.  No one would likely notice, but I would imagine the whole world could see it.
Bondage bed straps
Strap on play
Ziptie bondage
Feminine bedwear
A nice bruised ass to take on vacation

Needless to say I was very aroused and ready to cum with all of these thoughts going through my mind.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Follow up to chastity

Today is kind of weird.  Yesterday I didn't like the discomfort of chastity, but loved the headspace I was in.  Today I am happy to be comfortable, but miss the control aspect of chastity.  I am not good at articulating the pros and cons, but this guy is.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In chastity

I sit here writing this with a large plug in my ass and my cock locked away in chastity.  I went through the blog and it appears I have not been in chastity since March 8th, 2012.

As suspected, it's uncomfortable, but the discomfort is more than replaced by the loss of control that I crave.  It's a roller coaster.  I forget I'm locked, things get comfy and I realize there is no strain, my mind realizes I am locked up and I start getting hard again.  It's an endless circle, hard, soft, hard, soft, etc.  I feel like I have a buzz from the device.

I also find my mind really wandering.  Naughty thoughts keep crossing my mind.  Fantasies of Mistress being mean to me.  While looking for the date I was last in chastity, I saw a lot of blog posts I can't believe I posted.  Mean, humiliating, fear inducing, disgusting, painful, embarrassing, but all erotic to me in one way or another.  Stupid Libido and Stupid Chastity.

I was cleaning out my x-rated blog list and while doing so had the urge to edge.  I couldn't.  Thank got me hard.  Instead I saved some pics that spoke to me louder than the rest.  The first one is the most interesting.  I can only imagine what this guy had to go through and it reminds me of how Mistress has been using me.  There are cords to an e-stim device, 2 dildos attached to his body, his cock and balls bound.

One well used Franklin. He went straight back into his cage after me using him all night.
One well used Franklin. He went straight back into his cage after me using him all night
A masturbatrix applies a testicle compression device to her subject…screwing it tight carefully for optimum uncomfortable pressure…..
She knows that correct testicle compression can assist in delaying orgasm but ensuring a copious spend when a ruined orgasm and reflex ejaculation is finally triggered….
She is obviously pleased that she got the pressure ‘just right’ with this subject!



Wow, those clamps, and her face.  

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A Mistress applies a testicle compression device to her subject…screwing it tight carefully for optimum uncomfortable pressure…..She knows that correct testicle compression can assist in delaying orgasm but ensuring a copious spend when a ruined orgasm and reflex ejaculation is finally triggered….She is obviously pleased that she got the pressure ‘just right’ with this subject!
Need to be dominated?
So full
Waterboarding.  Hot and fucking scary.
Gag, Plug, and chastity - and smiles.
I love his pain and her smirk
Fantasizing of mouth rape
Nice humiliation.  Especially if they are her own.  I'm jealous.

Training: Day 3 

Poor Pet, dripping everywhere. He’s begging for release but I don’t think it’s the right time. -Mistress
Poor Pet, dripping everywhere. He’s begging for release but I don’t think it’s the right time. -Mistress

Disgusting.  However, thinking about being forced to swallow it is a turn on

too big!

Good stress position to think about the errors of one's ways.
Post orgasm torture

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Today's Edge - Hot Story

The Cock That Couldn’t Cum – Tied Down and Tortured

Posted by cagedmonkey on August 7, 2014
This morning, after sending the little ones off to camp once again, My Lady and I spent a few minutes in bed cuddling naked with each other. It’s such a nice thing to be able to do that during this week. After a few moments, I let my hands roam all over ML’s sexy body. I began kissing her shoulders and her back, and soon I was moving down between her legs, my tongue searching out her wet horny pussy.

I missed My Lady’s taste so much over the past couple of days. It seemed as though she missed the touch of my lips on her pussy, also, because she was moaning within seconds. She sounded so sexy, letting the noise out as loud as she wanted to. I rubbed my face all over her pussy lips, covering my face in her pussy juice. She always loves it when I do that. So do I.

After a quick cum, My Lady grabbed her wand and said she wanted to cum on a nice thick cock. I was happy to oblige, sliding myself into her tight wetness as she vibrated her clit. The wand did it’s magic rather quickly, as ML came pretty hard pretty fast. I felt her pussy grip and squeeze my cock as I struggled to control my soaring pleasure. After her orgasm, ML continued to play with the wand. I told her that I couldn’t hold off much longer. “Well, get Adam,” she instructed me, “I’m not finished cumming with a thick cock inside me yet.”

I did as I was told, easily sliding Adam’s thick shaft into her juicy pussy. She moaned louder as the fake cock stretched her pussy wide and the wand tickled her clit incessantly. Her moans turned to screams as I fucked her harder and deeper with the dildo. Her orgasm hit with incredible intensity; her entire body curled up and she screamed over and over as each wave of pleasure hit her. I could resistance from her spasming pussy as I pushed Adam inside her, her pussy eventually giving way to the hard fucking dildo. After ML (eventually) came down from her huge orgasm, it was time to head downstairs for breakfast… or so I thought. ML had other plans for me. It was finally her turn to torture her toy.

ML restrained me to the bed, cuffing my hands together behind my head and my feet together at the bottom of the bed. I couldn’t move at all, I couldn’t even spread my legs. ML then grabbed the “peppermint” lube from the nightstand and began to apply a generous amount to my cock. She began stroking me gently at first, allowing the tingly nature of the peppermint lube to settle in. Once she noticed me squirming from the sensation, she took the wand and pushed it between my legs and under my balls. A flick of the switch, and I was instantly moaning as my balls were powerfully vibrated.

My Lady stroked my cock, alternating between a fast and slow pace, sometimes switching to “up only” motions she has described before – keep that window open and handy, she uses more of those techinques later! Anyways… after a minute or so, she started quickly stroking me, pushing me towards the edge of orgasm very quickly. I moaned and whimpered, not only because I was fucking desperate for an orgasm but also because I knew what was going to happen next. At just the right moment, ML released my cock, letting it fall onto my stomach with a thump. My body tried it’s best to cum, but it was no use. She’s become an expert at edging me, and she can take me to the very tipping point basically at will now. She edges me a couple of more times, and brought me up one more time. This time, she pushed me just about as far as she possibly could without making me cum. I hung on the edge, my body NEEDING to cum so bad but unable to… then ML adjusted the wand underneath my balls. And oh God, I was going to cum! And with the wand vibrating it might actually feel good!

A millisecond before my cock began to spasm, My Lady switched the wand off. FUCK, NO!!!! I screamed in my head. Out loud, I only managed a desperate moan as my cock twitched in futility. I felt the cum creeping up the inside of my cock as my orgasm was slowly ruined. Her technique of ruining my orgasm was so damn effective, I didn’t even leak out any cum… at first. After my cock finished it’s failure at cumming, she grabbed my shaft and rubbed the palm of her hand on the sensitive head of my cock.

My body lurched off of the bed! OMG FUCK was it intense! She was giving me post orgasm torture, but without even the pleasure of giving me a true orgasm first – post ruined orgasm torture, or PROCT (apparently ML invented this, lol). My body rolled around as she continued her assault on my poor cock head. I was moaning and grunting, wishing she would stop but knowing she wouldn’t until she was finished with me. The cum from my ruined orgasm seeped out and only served to supply My Lady with more lube for her palm. When that dried, she used more peppermint lube, giving me even more terrible sensation to suffer through.

Honestly, it sucked. It was horrible – I couldn’t stay still. Every muscle in my body was firing, trying to fight off the sensory overload that my brain could only interpret as pain. I had to remind myself to breathe, but each time I did I let out a loud moan, straining my vocal cords. My neck arched back; by the time she was finished with me, my shoulder blades had lifted completely off the bed and top of my head was pressing into the mattress. At one point – I have no idea how long this went on, because I was being sexually tortured at the time – she began stroking my cock as if to make me cum. But even this was too much for me to handle, because to my dismay I couldn’t cum no matter how bad I tried. ML had overloaded my orgasm circuits, first with the ruined o and then with the post-o torture. She was telling me to cum, stroking me as if to make me, I was trying as hard as I could… and I could feel it, sooooooo close…. it was RIGHT FUCKING THERE….. but I couldn’t! FUUUUUUUCK!

My Lady finally had mercy on me, releasing her grip on my cock. But my break was short lived; ML was climbing up on top of me, straddling me facing the other way, preparing to ride me and put the cock that couldn’t cum to good use. She shoved it into her pussy and ground her hips down onto mine, taking me as deep as she could. Little did I know that she was only lubing my cock up, getting it ready for what she really craved. She pulled off me and slid the head of my cock back a little bit, lining me up with her tight asshole. She popped the head of my cock into her ass, and somehow she shoved her hips down once again, taking my cock deep and fast all the way in her ass! Her ass was pressing me into the mattress, desperate to take my entire length. It was then that I felt the vibrations again – My Lady was using the wand on her clit as she fucked her ass with my cock!

Her screams were of pure pleasure, loud and uninhibited. Her ass bounced up and down as I felt my cock being buried deep in her ass. She rode me hard and fast; the quick pace, her tight ass gripping my cock, and the vibrations of the wand through her body would have definitely brought me off had it not been for the shutdown of my ability to cum. Then her whole body began to tremble and I felt her ass spasming around my cock as her orgasm hit her. She screamed even louder, letting out all of the tension and excitement that had built up while watching me suffer at her hand. Her orgasm was massive, her body shaking and her legs flexing in and out, pushing my cock in and out of her just the littlest bit. When she had finished cumming, she was woozy as she stood up, nearly having to hold herself up against the wall just to stand up straight. That woman can cum hard!

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