Tuesday, October 15, 2013


As I become more comfortable in accepting my submission and letting go of control, I can't help but think of the more severe aspects of D/s.  Some of the pictures I have seen online recently have really grabbed my attention.  Some of the pictures below scare the shit out of me, but at the same time I wish I was in them.  This is what I edged to this morning.

This 1st video is over 40 minutes long.  It is the type of caning I want to try sometime.  It's long, it looks insanely painful at times, but she really works with him to get him through it.  I would LOVE to be as bruised as he is at the end.  I can only imagine how wet my Mistress would get.  I edited it from the original 40+ minutes to something shorter to give an idea.

Original video here http://femdom-fetish-tube.com/video/3669/catarina.html

Edited version below.

Here are some other severe things I know I would hate at the time, but would reminisce about later.  I arranged the pictures below form most scariest to least scariest.

He is begging her not to shock his nipple with a stun gun.
Holy fuck that would hurt
Probably not as bad as the whippings below, but electricity scares the fuck out of me
Double shock, in chastity

Ow, ow, ow, ow


Pretty damn painful with little bits of skin

 Nice Marks.  

That's gotta suck.  
I don't know how to explain how this turns me on but it does.  

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