Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Femme Tuesday

This morning I got an email from Mistress that told me I was to wear femme clothes for my workout and to wear sexy (top and bottom) undergarments today.  I got an instant hard-on when I got that email.

Normally I would have waited for Mistress to leave before putting on my workout clothes.  As I am working hard to put my male resistance away, I decided today would be a good way to demonstrate that.  I put on workout shorts, tank top, socks and a pull over - all femme in front of Mistress.  It was humiliating, but necessary for me to start really allowing myself to submit without question.  While writing this my head is swimming in subspace.

Last night Mistress went out after work.  I took the time to organize my drawers so that I could have all of my femme clothes within easy reach for Mistress to pick out or for me when ordered.

I haven't edged in several days due to being busy, but couldn't help it today.  I edged imagining this morning's order was more intrusive.  I edged to the thought of Mistress adding in more and more feminization (and anything else she desires) into my life.  Especially in front of her where the full psychological effect could take place.  I allowed my thoughts to get away from me and almost had an unauthorized orgasm.  I stopped it in time, but did have some leakage.  Where I almost went to far was me thinking of Mistress telling me for X amount of days she didn't want to see me in any male items of clothing in the house.  Of course I would have to wear male clothes out of the house for work, but I would be required to be in feminine clothes the rest of the time.  The amazing part is those thoughts that pushed me so close to the edge only took a split second to get me there.


Some random pics that piqued my interest the last few days.

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