Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mindset this week

I have been ordered to wear something sexy under my clothes this week.  Yesterday I chose pink leggings.  These were by far the sexiest feeling garment I have worn all week.  The leggings were thick and tight.  I almost felt like I was restrained while I was wearing them.  Every step I took I could feel them (even more than garters).  They smashed my cock down, so where I would normally have a bulge I had none.  That was a little emasculating, but in a good way.  All I could think of is "what if the person I am talking to knew what I was wearing".  While I was physically relieved to get out of them, mentally I was not.  It was kind of like being untied.  The discomfort went away, but the stimulation did too.

In addition to wearing something sexy under my clothes during the day I also have to wear a nighty to bed each night.  There is something different this time about having a standing order.  I have to think about what I want to wear.  I have to plan it and make it happen.  There can be no excuses or MBB will punish me by taking away D/s.  It's a mind fuck because I have to overcome my inhibitions and insecurity and just do it.  I have to own it and I have to accept that I like dressing up.  I am emasculated in a way that is so sexy to me, especially when she sees me in something sexy or naughty.  It affects me deeply in a very good way.

One thing about this week is I keep thinking "I wish I had this or that to wear".  I have imagined several outfits and sleeping clothes.  I can't help thinking this way.  I go into sub space just thinking about it.

Today's edge was me fantasizing about everything above as well as the concept below.


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