Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's edge and pics of me

So far I have been following my instructions without fail.  Yesterday I was to wear something "sexy" under my clothes.  I chose these lace leggings.

Today I chose white panty hose.  I'm not sure if they are "sexy" or not, but I feel pretty slutty in them.

I also wore a nighty as instructed.  It's hard not to have feminine thoughts when you are a guy sleeping in a nighty.  Now that I have cum recently, I still think about all the femme stuff, but my focus is back to immovable bondage and relentless teasing and denial.  Just thinking about being close to the edge and begging to cum and not cum at the same time.  Spouting off at the mouth, agreeing to anything.  Taking pain, wanting humiliation and discomfort.   My head just spins thinking about it.

I also edged to the thought of my cock buried deep in Mistress.  Making her cum again and again.  Holding her down and not letting the sensitivity go away while I keep fucking her.  Wow!  I could do this all day.  I need to get to work.

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