Thursday, October 31, 2013

Girl Spanking Girl

Today I edge to the following story

An excerpt.

"Well I don't think you've learned your lesson yet. You're liable to go right out and spend your and Brian's money without consulting him. Another hundred, harder than the last, will make you think twice about overspending!"

With that I threw my right leg over the backs of her thighs. I asked Brian to hand me her white and red polka-dot panties that were bundled in with her pants.  I took the panties and stuffed them into her little mouth. "Oh Nooooooo" she said.

"Are you ok with this, Brian?" I asked him.

"Yeah, absolutely. Spank the brat." He said. Ha Ha! this would work out well!

"Do you hear that, Michelle? Brian thinks you're a brat and that you need this spanking."

She responded with a little plaintive "Ohhhhhh" through her panty gag.

I then started in on her second set of one hundred. I made these all harder and faster than the first, and went in groupings of twenty or so at a time, giving her only enough time to calm down a bit between the groupings. There was a lot of struggling under my leg and left arm, and almost animal-like grunts coming out of her mouth at the climax of each grouping of twenty. I got to the end of the second hundred, with Michelle bravely holding on right to the end. somewhere in there she had spat out the panty gag in order to hyperventilate. After the spanking, she lay across my knee, sobbing, sniffling, and vocalising little sounds like "uh uh uh uh uh".

I helped her up to her feet, which she did gingerly, and I guided her over to the wall, and made her stand facing it with her hands on her head. Without being asked, she stood up high on her tiptoes. I wondered if this was something a Dom had once made her do? She stood there very submissively, dark, dusky red bottom on display for Brian and I.

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