Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Restraints and feminine undergarments

As I write this I have my large butt plug in for over 4 hours.  I put it in immediately when Mistress ordered me to.  4 hours is a long time and I knew it I waited I might not get it done.  I am feeling like such a slut today, I decided to work out with it in even though today was a day for squats.  I am in quite the mood now after all of that stimulation.

My mind has been pre-occupied with the idea of being restrained with cuffs and leg irons.  Inescapable without a key or bolt cutters, easy to lock myself in without the key.  To add to the humiliation I found some pink ones.

Some images I have in my mind.

On top of being restrained I can't get feminization thoughts out of my mind.  I blame it on the nighty each night.  I have found these hot items over the last couple days. 

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