Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stockings and Spankings

Yesterday Mistress had me wear stockings under my work clothes.  Initially I was planning on wearing pantyhose as they are easier to deal with, but then I realized she specified stockings.  If I have learned anything over the last 3 years is to do more, not less when she asks me to do something like this.  My first instinct was to go for black ones that fit great, but then the submissive sluttiness that my brain is currently producing had other things in mind.  I chose a pair of white and pink panties that have built in garters.  To that I added pink stockings to attach to the garters.  As much as garters and stockings can be a pain, there is no mistaking their ability to keep reminding you of their existence.  Pantyhose can be ignored somewhat, but I was constantly reminded of the tightness of these particular stockings.  I was reminded that they stopped at mid thigh.  I was reminded of the garters not only with every step I took, but also every time I sat down.  I could see the straps pushing through my pants.  In short there was no escaping the mind fuck of wearing them  I was proud to take a picture for MBB as requested and humiliated at the same time.  I loved it.

I was planning on edging to something based on the above post, but before I could I stumbled across this post in my blog list.  I edged a good 30+ times reading it as it was so hot (and a little scary)

View on her blog or see below.

Sex with my husband

Yesterday night, watching X-Factor on TV at night with my husband. After the show... SEX. Not fantasy or fiction this time. The real thing. This is what sex is like between me and my husband (sometimes... and embellished with some things I wish I would have said). You will get a good general idea, however. It isn't exactly what you might call Vanilla...

Me: Go upstairs and get into your panties, I want to fuck you tonight.
Him: [says nothing... gets a gleam in his eye... does as he is told]

I give him a few minutes and then walk slowly upstairs. david is naked except for a pair of sheer pink panties. He has chosen the panties from a drawerfull we keep for him for this purpose. He has chosen to put his nose in the corner and wait for me like that. I can totally see his ass and ass crack through his sheer panties. I get an immediate, visceral urge to beat that ass.

Me: Lie on the bed, ass high across the pillows, you're getting a beating, bitch.
Him: [says nothing... does as he is told... him cornering himself meant he wanted a beating tonight before his fucking]

We have four pillows on the bed, he piled two of them on the left side of the bed, in the middle, and lay across them submissively, pantied ass nice and high. He is presented like an offering. He has asked for this beating, so he will receive it on the spot where nature intended slutty submissive husbands to catch their beatings: ass and thighs.

I feel excited watching him do this for me. I can feel my own panties dampening. I open the bedside drawer and pull out my strap. He groans in a sexy way, knowing what is coming.

Me: You're getting a beating now. You want to know why? Because you're a man who wants to be dressed in panties and fucked like a woman. So you want to act like a submissive little cunt? I'll beat you like a submissive little cunt. Simple math, baby. [He likes when I talk dirty to him... he tells me any bad words one might think of applying to a woman can be safely applied to him!]

I whip the strap down hard low across his pantied ass cheeks, right at the panty line. He groans. I do it four more times just like that. His wiggles and moans turn me on even more.

I reach over and lower his panties to just below his cheeks. No reason this bitch will get to keep her panties up for her beating. Part of her humiliation will be to display her anus during her spanking. I am rewarded with a bird's eye view of my husband's now bare and totally exposed asshole. He's getting a fucking in there later and he knows it. No reason I shouldn't see it now.

I give him five more. I target two of them to wrap around between his ass cheeks, near his sensitive little puckered hole.

I put away the strap. His ass is nicely red and marked in places. I reach under my bed to get the riding crop.

Me: Reach behind you and pull those cheeks apart for me.
Him: [says nothing... does as he is told]

Me: Pull them apart harder. Really reach in there. Pull harder. I mean it.
Him: yes ma'am [as he struggles to obey me]

His little boy hole is gaping open now. I take my crop, crouch down a little to get the right angle, and whip the tip down onto his hole. He half moans half ouches. I repeat this over and over again. I am fascinated by the clenching and unclenching and puckering of his hole as I whip it.

As I whip, he loses the grasp of his cheeks, but immediately scrambles to reaffirm it. I love watching him in pain from the whipping, but still submissively pulling his cheeks wide apart for me over and over again in order to submit to my painful stroking. Paradoxically, the worse the whipping, the wider he pulls. Seeing him pulling himself wide for me, waiting for the next whipping stroke, I'm thinking I want to fuck that ass.

I put the crop down.

Me: Are you going to let me fuck you in the ass?
Him: yes ma'am
Me: I'm using Adam, you know that don't you? [Adam is my biggest dildo - realistic looking - large]
Him: yes ma'am.
Me: Are you going to be my little ass bitch, tonight, huh?
Him: oh yes ma'am
Me: Are you going to take it like a woman for me?
Him: yes ma'am
Me: I'm 'gonna flip you over, raise you legs nice and high, and take you missionary style. Will that make you feel like a proper woman, baby?
Him: yes ma'am
Me: Is your ass beaten enough?
Him: yes ma'am
Me: I don't think so. Not yet anyways. Put your hands in front of you and hang on.

david releases his deathgrip on his ass cheeks and puts his hands in front of him. He clutches the covers, knowing what is coming. Knowing that quite a lot may still be coming.

I open the drawer and take out the little souvenir hardwood paddle. I put my left knee up on the bed. I put my left hand down on the small of his back. With my right I pull his lowered panties right down to his knees. Then I start paddling his ass. I count out two hundred strokes to myself in my head. Each one hard and stinging. I get to watch his ass redden to a deep crimson as his knuckles whiten grabbing the bed covers for dear life. About half way through his paddling I get what I want.

Him: No please! No! No more! Please! It hurts!

This is the part where I start to really get excited. I love his begging. I love his begging when I can see the damage I'm doing to his ass! I can feel the sweat on his lower back. I can smell it. I can watch his legs convulse, especially as I paddle the backs of his thighs. Targeting the insides of his thighs when his legs inadvertently spread which makes him clutch them together again. The next time they part, which they do, he gets a harsher lesson. A light paddle stroke to the undersides of his genitals. A gurgling scream and he shuts his legs tightly together. They do not come apart again. Ha Ha! I finish off the padlding to his ass. Hard and fast. His reactions are genuine. My man cries little tears.

I leave him there, in his little puddle of tears. I strip down to just my panties. They are kind of wet. I pull on the strap-on harness over them. I have a big dick now!

Me: Lie on your back, one pillow under your hips.
Him: [says nothing... does as he is told]

I pick up his legs by his ankles and hold them high. I pull the panties up to around his ankles. I stretch them and loop them around his ankles. His ass is really, really red. Dark cherry red.

Me: Hold your legs up like that.
Him: [he holds them up high... like a little slut should]

I walk towards his head, I make him turn and face me. I spread my legs and crouch down so that my cock is at his mouth level. I push towards him, he moves his face to the very edge of the bed and takes me into his mouth. I grab his head and face fuck my little whore. I love the sounds his mouth makes as I face fuck him. Little gurgling sounds, mixed in with the occasional gagging sound when I "accidentally" go too deep.

He tries to steer me into his cheek. I know his little tricks. I grab him by the throat and squeeze. "OPEN" I tell him. He gets Adam down his throat for his troubles. I make him gag no fewer than five times for his impertinence, until I am satisfied he has learned his lesson. This bitch will learn to deep throat me. By the time I pull out there are more tears in his eyes and he is slobbering like crazy.

Sometime during that intense face fucking he apparently got the idea it was ok to disobey me and drop his feet back down to the bed.

Me: Did I say you could drop your feet?
Him: [he quickly raises his legs again]
Me: Oh no! You need a lesson. [I say as I pick up my paddle again]
Him: No! Please! No More! Please!!!

But there is more. I push down on the backs of his thighs, practically doubling him over. His genitals, his asshole, his deep red ass, and his light red thighs are presented to me in a perfect attitude for a childish diaper position punishment.

I paddle him again. He's lucky he's not getting the strap, but I am feeling generous. I know it hurts him a hell of a lot more when his skin is stretched and tight over his ass and thighs, as it is in this position. But he does still have to learn to not lower his legs during his face fucking. I make sure he learns that lesson. I make sure he learns to obey.

I especially enjoy targeting the relatively virgin insides of his ass crack when he is in this position. I am especially excited spanking him while wearing Adam. It's a big glorious erect cock sticking out in front of me! I make sure to brush his flanks with it as I spank. His own cock is shrivelled pathetically. No competition for Adam at all (nor even at the "best of times" for that matter).

Me: Now hold that fucking pose, you little cunt! If you drop your legs again I'll belt whip your ass in that position until you can't cry anymore! [I grab his cock and balls and roughly pull them out between his legs, so they are sticking out behind him]. And that whipping will be balls out, do you understand me?
Him: Yes Ma'am!

I have great aim, but a balls out whipping terrifies the fuck out of him. I move progressively closer until he can feel the wind whipping at his balls. Haven't missed yet and don't plan to. He still gets scared for some reason, though.

I get the lube. I lube up Adam. Then I lube up his asshole. He is holding his legs nice and high for me! I dribble lube onto his genitals, and I rub some into them as well.

Then I hop up on the bed kneeling in front of him. I slide forward until the tip of my Adam touches his asshole. Then I start gently pushing in. I need to change the angle a couple of times, but then I have it right, and I start slowly exerting the appropriate pressure. david "ows" and complains, but slowly, slowly he starts opening up for me, like a flower, as I keep the pressure on. He knows it goes easier for him if he presses out, as if performing a bowel movement. I can see him straining to do that from the look on his face. Magically he opens up and I pop in. "Ow ow ow Ow" he says, but I hold my ground patiently until the cramping dies down. Then I slowly start fucking my little bitch.

I pull his hips into me as I rock back and forth, fucking his ass. His legs are high with his panties wrapped around his ankles. That is his view: his raised legs and his panties banded around his ankles. He also sees me: my face, my bare breasts, my flat tummy, as I fuck him, slowly and deliberately.

As the fucking proceeds I grab his lubed up cock and balls and rub them gently. I rub my cock in and out of him, scraping by his prostate gently, gently, as I rub up and down the length of his now rigidly erect cock. He moans. What a little slut I have on my hands! Tramp! Whore!

Me: Are you going to squirt for me, baby? Squirt as I rub your clitty and fuck your ass, huh baby?
Him: yeah! oh yeah!
Me: You know that after you squirt I'm going to scoop it up and put it in your mouth and make you swallow every last drop, don't you?
Him: yes
Me: Will you like that? Will you like being a little cum bucket for me?

I fuck gently and rub his cock hard and I get a nice big juicy squirting for my trouble. I aim his cock towards his face. The first bit gets to his chin, the next ones dribble on his chest and tummy.

I pull out slowly, wrapping Adam in paper towels I had handy and taking my harness off carefully.

Me: Keep holding you legs up, baby, you're a bit messy back there.

That always embarrasses him, knowing that! I have some baby wipes in the dresser drawer, bought specifically for this purpose. I clean him like a baby and wrap the soiled wipes into the paper towels.

When he is clean, I move up to his chest and I use my hands to scoop up the cum and push it into his eager mouth. He licks and sucks my fingers dry, and swallows it all down. I tell him to clean my Adam thoroughly and to take a shower. He is to be quick about, he has pussy and ass licking duties waiting for him immediately upon his return!

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