Wednesday, October 2, 2013

None for me

Before I got out of bed this morning I got a text from Mistress telling me I was to wear stockings under my work clothes today and to send her a picture.  That gave me a slight subspace buzz and an instant hard-on.  Needless to say I started edging before getting out of bed.  What I edged to this morning I have been thinking about off and on for the last few days.  I am coming up on 3 weeks since I had an orgasm and almost a month since I was inside my Mistress.  She has hinted and I am fairly certain her last orgasm(s) have been much more plentiful and recent than mine.  Because of that I edged to the idea of MBB telling me each time she gets herself off while at the same time telling me it's too bad I didn't get to cum.  She might text me and tell me she did it in the bathroom at work.  She gets up super early in the morning so I could see her pleasing herself and then sending me an email morning saying she just had an amazing orgasm and it's a shame I can only edge.  I imagine her whispering in my ear at night that she had an orgasm or two that day and what she was thinking about while she did it.  It's like being cuckolded, but without a third person.

A couple days ago I commented on creating shopping carts of femme items.  Yesterday I got an email from Fredericks with this in it. 

I added the above item to my cart and was surprised to see these items from my last shopping trip.  Sometimes I feel like such a slut.

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