Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today's Edge - Akasha

When the internet first started being accessible to the masses, I was able to change my D/s reading materials from seedy book stores to the internet.  One of the 1st Femdom sites I ran across was  For the longest time it was free and there was a wealth material there.  It is another one of the sources that greatly influenced me.  I can really get into her material, but her public outing stuff scares the crap out of me.  Occasionally I will get a blast email from the site.  This morning was one of those days.  Today I edged to some things in her email that was linked to.  The full link is here, and below are some of the things I focused on.  Pretty hot to me this morning.
The items below are her describing subs she has in her "stable".

I absolutely love it when a strong, professional, masculine man comes to me with a curious need to be introduced to sensual female domination and an open mind. Oh, and did he ever reach out to me at the perfect time – everyone is well aware of my current state of mind.

There was no stopping me. In no time this little slut was pantied and plugged, sucking dick in pantyhose, a true “corporate” whore in the highest sense, and damn was I turned on! He went from running an office to being run ragged, in high heels and on all fours. So masculine at first, solid muscle and flesh, then a wanton whore. Fuck yeah – that’s all I could say.

What is it about the strongest of corporate, successful men who have the build of a linebacker, are athletic and run teams of professionals, yet are lipsticked and pantied, slutted up and turned into the biggest of sluts, that makes it so incredibly intoxicating? It’s the total transformation “behind closed doors” and I control the puppet strings.

This is the man I want to have bent over his own desk, legs spread wide in stockings, my fingers exploring his wide open ass cheeks while he stifles his own moans, not wanting his “support staff” to catch wind of the shenanigans going on. The lubricant spread thin, because his body wants it so bad. He may seem conservative and strong, but he’s really, deep down, just a nasty, desperate whore. The panties are soaking – his not mine – pulled down around his thighs when my shaft enters his tight hole. The fucking of his “pussy” mid-afternoon is just what this corporate bitch needs to maintain focus on his day job.

I think I am going to rename this powerbroker “Ginger.”

Christina Cocksucker
The transformation has been dramatic and incredibly arousing. Now when I see my cocksucker performing on cam, she looks just like those lesbian cam girls. Her body is completely shaved now, head to toe. Her body is so smooth and silky. The way she devours the thick, realistic black cock – it’s like her life depends on it.

In some ways, it does. She truly is addicted to cock. After months of training, having her suck cock and play with her “pussy” at the same time, I have re-wired her arousal.

She knows I am watching her 24/7 because of the cameras that she set up in her apartment. She sleeps in shackles around her wrists and ankles. I sent her a pink nightie that MsBlondage and I picked out on our recent shopping trip, and more recently I made her a custom little “choker” out of lace and a pink ribbon with a little rhinestone! Christina Cocksucker will be wearing that around her neck to bed. Every night. A mark of ownership.

The hottest torture was recently. I allowed her to cum by stroking her clittie only with a dildo. The ejaculation was quick and degrading. She saved it and had to put it in a baby bottle and freeze it. During the next cam session she mixed it with water and sucked it out of the bottle while I watched. Every drop. So, so degraded. What was I doing the whole time? Oh, you mean, besides masturbating?

Bitch boy b. From boston, of course.
Where did you come from? Did you drop out of the sky, a present? A little bondage bon bon, a bitch boy for my entertainment? What a perfect toy for me. A slut that looks like he’s 20 but he’s actually in his 30s, but he’s been reading my site since it launched, so he knows me like a book. That means he can push my buttons and understands how I tick.

Plus, let’s face it. He’s a whore. Yet, somewhat innocent and shy. My claws were ready to sink right in, and I was not disappointed in the tender flesh.

The first thing I noticed about the bitch was his mouth and tongue. I could have forced him to endure an entire bondage session of photos and videos just of his mouth and tongue licking and worshiping the head of a cock. That’s how much I enjoyed seeing his aching, parted lips and the tentative tip of his tongue. Would he tire of that? Do you think I give a damn? It made me wet. That’s what mattered.

In due time he was deep throating down to the base of the shaft. I knew he was capable. Men that have a good tongue and nice lips always master the art of the deep throat. It comes with the package. And did I mentioned the eyes? Compelling, expressive eyes. Another great quality for a master dick worshiping whore. He had, indeed, done his homework.

Now if I could only get him to grow out his hair. I might keep him as a personal pet.

My personal fantasy about bitch boy b:
Oh, it would have to be extremely tight bondage, a very uncomfortable ball gag, and a situation that would assure me that there would be some tears in those beautiful eyelashes. I don’t care how long it would take. An entire evening in a furnished dungeon at my leisure. Him on all fours. Wearing all black. Worshipping my black thigh high boots. With his cheek. Looking up at me with those green eyes. Begging not to be gagged. Just how he learned. Then that mouth wrapped delicately around the head of my cock. My hand in his hair, gripping until he winced and gasped in pain, and then taking that opportunity to shove my shaft into his mouth. Get the picture? I think you do.

My special fantasy for tantalized: A diabolical torture chamber while he is blindfolded and led in on a dog chain, wearing bra and panties on his hands and knees. Forced to suck three strap on cocks in a row, never knowing what comes next. Ass exposed. No questions are answered. Simply knowing that I am in charge, and no one else will be able to give any mercy. Then the o-ring gag, and the funnel….and attachments to his cock…..

I have such growing affection for malena because of her devotion, bravery, and willingness to stretch her limits and comfort zones. When I look back at where we started and then see where we are now, I am amazed and I know malena is too. She used to be afraid to go lingerie shopping casually and quietly, and now she openly shops and even tries on shoes.

She used to be afraid to buy makeup and now she has had her makeup done professionally. And damn it looked hot!

I have to say, what is hottest of all is when I get malena completely dressed up with makeup on, and high heels (malena has AMAZING legs) and then add bondage and get photos or video and add cock sucking. Malena has a perfect body. Lean, lithe, and really intense androgynous facial features.

Just last weekend malena was going out on a distinctly masculine activity and I nearly flipped my femdom lid. My juices went into overdrive. I was pleasuring myself immediately at the thought of this. I've written about this a lot; male capability and competence is a HUGE turnon. The thought of my feminine slut out there doing this MALE sport (very outdoor, rough, demanding sport, and all day affair) knowing the little slut was going to come home and be mine…could at the snap of my fingers be in FULL lingerie…..let’s just say my fingers were quite moist.

I recently bought malena a hogtie kit. I’d been making her hogtie herself with household items and loved it so much, I wanted the real thing. It finally came, and the poor thing has spent so much time in bondage taking pictures, malena must feel SO used (ha!). But I love the helpless look. Sometimes I make malena take pictures hogtied trying to suck cock at the same time. Something about a slave helpless but still trying to suck cock for me…it’s so cruel!

My personal fantasy about for malena: A feminine bondage photo shoot with me as the photographer All my bondage gear, and all her outfits, AFTER we go on a shopping spree to add more, of course. More shoes, some outfits, and a few wigs. We would go to a private studio. I wouldn't actually be taking the pictures but we’d have a female photographer. I would just direct the shots. Bondage photos and poses, some videos too. Hogtied, o-ring gag and sucking cock, on all fours, suggestive poses with a latex cock. Make up would be done in advance. Of course, I would be so aroused, afterward we'd need a hotel room for some serious cocksucking and more…

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