Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elise Sutton

Around the 1st of each month, Elise Sutton updates her "Real Stories" section on her website.  Elise had a huge influence on me over the years and I appreciate her site greatly even though I visit just once a month.  For the most part I like her preachings on Female Led Relationships.  I like her Psychoanalysis of the submissive male series (http://elisesutton.homestead.com/page2.html) as well as the Real Stories and Q&A sections.  Usually around the 1st of the month I visit for new material and edge to that. This month is recycled material but still edge worthy nonetheless.

Today's edging material...

From Gettu B:

Dear Elise, I have been in a female dominated relationship for a little over a year now and for the most part I am happier than ever before. I'm 28 years old and before I met my girlfriend I was in a very bad place financially and my life was a big mess. I could not even afford to pay the rent. I was also having trouble iat work (I’m a graphic designer) and it was probably the hardest time of my life. I started to drink a lot on the weekends and most of my friends were worried about me. It got so bad that I had to find a new place to stay, but I had almost no money and really didn't know anybody I could stay with. I managed to find a room to rent through my friend Sara, but she told me that her friend Tina wasn't really looking to rent out the room so it would only be for a short time.

I had met this girl only once before at a party and remembered she was good looking, but I had heard she was a real feminist and kind of a bitch. When I met with Tina she told me she was only renting the room as a favor to Sara and I could get the room very cheap but there were some conditions though. She did not want my friends to come over, I would respect her privacy and I would help around the house. She was very strict about the fact that she was not going to be cleaning up after me and there was no way she was going to do my laundry for me. She told me she had rented the room before and that she had problems every time and she just didn’t have time to be cleaning up after other people.

At first I thought she was stuck-up and hard to live with, but I had no place else to go. As it turns out she wasn't as bad as I thought, we got along fine and I found myself liking her.

For the first month I really made an effort to be helpful and did much more than she asked me to do, just to keep her on my good side and I felt she really liked having me around. She kept telling me how good it was to have a man in the house, to fix things and how helpful I was to her. She worked a lot of long hours to, so this one Friday I decided to be extra good to her and cleaned the whole house and made her a fancy dinner. When she came home she was extremely happy, and told me she wished she could have dinner like this every Friday. She even gave me a kiss and told me that if I kept this up I could live there for free and use the money to pay up my loans, but she would expect me to increase my home duties a little bit and help her with her errands.

When I look back on this moment I’m surprised that this didn't offend me, instead I was really grateful to her and appreciative. Later that night we started to discuss my money troubles, and I told her everything and she listened to me and was very helpful and nonjudgmental about what I had been going through. Before going to sleep she told me she could probably help me.

I remember feeling a little embarrassed for a few days after that, it had been a long time since I had opened myself so completely to another person. I also sensed that something was different between us. She had been very loving to me.

It started slowly, in the beginning she would hint to me that laundry needed to be done, or how nice it would be if I could make dinner for her that night. But soon she was becoming more aggressive and almost rude when she told me what she wanted me to do for her. It got to the point that I was having doubts about her, and I wondered if I should be letting things go on like this. I started to really slack off, and not paying as much attention to things. I was also spending more time working and worrying about my money troubles.

One night when I got home, Tina was standing in the kitchen looking very beautiful and she had made dinner for us. I was really surprised it was the first time since I started living there that she had cooked. She told me we needed to have a talk, that she knew that I was becoming unhappy with this situation and she was hoping to change that. I had no idea what to expect and thought that she might be going to ask me to move out of the apartment.

Over dinner she apologized to me about how harsh she had been and told me that the reason for it was that she really liked me and she wanted to explain something about herself to me. I was not prepared for what she was about to say.

She started to explain that she was very attracted to me, but that she held strong beliefs that a woman was superior to a man and that she simply could not let herself be in a relationship unless the man would submit to her. I was stunned, not just because of her beliefs but also I had no idea that she had feelings for me.

She started to tell me about her philosophy and to tell me about how she could never be with a man unless he was her complete servant and respected her as his superior. She went on to say that because of her feelings for me, it would be best that I move out, if I could not accept her terms. I had till the end of the month to make a decision (four days) but after that I would have to go. I was completely lost when I left the dinner table and the first thing I could think of was going out to a bar.

The more I thought about it, the more exciting it was. I went from being completely puzzled about it to starting to desire it. I just could not get it out of my mind. We had some good times over those past few months but I didn't understand how strongly she felt towards me, and I guess that I was just so confused about the way she had told me I didn't know what to do. It was all very strange.

I finally realized that this woman was the anchor that my life was missing. I needed stability and accountability, just like what you write about. Needless to say, I decided to stay.

After I agreed to her terms we became very close but a lot of things took time to develop. We didn’t go straight to any of the harder disciplining actions or BDSM stuff. But I knew that was what she wanted, and she was very open with it. She gave me plenty of time to get used to it all.

She started out with small stuff like assigning me more and more things to do around the house. What happened was that I started to want her to have more control over me, and I guess I started to play the part of a submissive further and when I became more submissive she became far more dominant. She even found me a new job, one that paid better.

Months went by and she decided it was time for us to go further into this and she wanted me to sign a contract that would layout what she expected from our relationship and that it would be non negotiable. Tina said she cared for me but she needed to know for certain that I was dedicated to her.

The contract stated that I was the property of my Mistress Tina and that from now on she would be making all decisions for me. I knew it wasn't legally binding but it brought clarity to our relationship and it defined our roles. The contract stated that I would accept punishment in whatever form she would she fit, should I ever break my oath to her. It also had me surrender my finances over to her so she could manage my money, seeing that I had done such a poor job of it. I was hesitant to do this but I signed the contract and I began to give her my paychecks. She gave me a small allowance.

There was a clause in the contact about sex. It stated that sex would be for her to initiate and control. We had never had sex so reading this clause made me develop an erection which she noticed. She told me to pull "it" out of my pants so she could inspect "it". I'm not sure if I was excited or humiliated or both. She squeezed it and fondled me, but then she told me to put "it" back in my pants.

I signed the contract and since then I have become her full time servant. She has paid off all my debts and seen to it that I am well looked after. I can't even go out (other than to work) without asking for her consent. She comes and goes as she pleases.

I must say, life is really better. I get more love and attention now than ever before. She dominates me in the bedroom where I am required to orally pleasure her. She has talked about placing me in a chastity device but so far she allows me to masturbate and we have been intimate through intercourse a few times. I would prefer it more but she prefers to be orally pleasured.

All is good, however, for the first time I’m starting to worry. Tina has admitted to me that she wants to take things further and let our friends and my family know about us. Her mother and sisters already know, which I’m not happy about. She wants me to call her Mistress Tina in public when we go out with her friends.

I’m hoping you can give me some answers on how I can slow her down or stop her from outing me to everybody. I also hope you can give me your opinion on our relationship. I know Tina reads your site a lot and I know she would listen to you.

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