Friday, October 11, 2013


As I write this I have a large plug in my ass and a lingerie set on under my clothes, waiting for my fingernail polish to dry.

My head is spinning and I am soooo horny.  Today I edged to the idea of Mistress making me wear more and more items and outfits.  Things that make me uncomfortable or fear being found out.  I imagined her verbally taunting me about what I am wearing or having me tied down and making me admit how much I love it.  I imagined her not letting me change out of my day lingerie until bed time.  Essentially I have to be in some form of femininity 24/7 as I do tend to be in male clothes in the mornings and evenings.  I imagined her telling me how much she likes pushing my buttons and how it turns her on to see me dressed (if it does) and humiliated (if it does).  I keep dreaming of more elaborate outfits both under my clothes and actual outfits.  There are some companies now making some pretty sexy clothes for men that wear women's clothes.  All I can think of is being MBB's naughty slut slave.

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