Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's edge

I edges for just a couple minutes this morning.  I planned edge the full 10 minutes later, so my whole day was thinking about what I could egde to later.  While I was working out the dungeon was 10 feet away.  My mind kept drifting to thoughts of the dungeon.  The only thing I could think of was a good long beating.  My mind was drifting to the thought of a cathartic beating.  One that would hurt like hell, but would release an enormous amount of endorphins.  Then I thought about another way Mistress could hurt me without me being face down.  I have recently been thinking of being tied up on the bed in my normal spread-eagle position.  One difference this time is I would have tied my balls into a tight package.  There would be a loop that Mistress could hook to one of the bondage straps at the bottom of the bed in the middle.  She could then pull the tightening strap to anchor me to the bottom of the bed.  This tight package of testicles could then be tortured with little effort.  Having the balls tied up makes them much more sensitive as well keeping them immobile and under pressure.  Instead of a hard slap, a small flick or tap would be 10-50 times more powerful.  Consecutive light tapping quickly ramps up to excruciating pain, and since it is a light hit, damage is rare. There is also the benefit that if my bod is writhing and struggling, my balls would stay in just one place.  Stupid libido.

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