Monday, December 12, 2016

Update on the experiment

Mistress and I have had sex for the last 4 days straight.  I believe this to be rare with couples that practice chastity and male orgasm denial.  My goal when starting this experiment was to have sex for as many days straight as we can, but with 100% of my focus on giving Mistress orgasms.  My pleasure is to take a back seat to hers and my orgasms are up to her.  In addition to increased intimacy, I really wanted to build up my stamina to where it was when we first met.  Mistress primary way to orgasm is with my cock inside her, and when I was only being stimulated every 7-14 days, I was too sensitive to please her in the way she desires.

The last 4 days Mistress has as many orgasms as she wants, how she wants.  Once she is pleased, then she tells me she is done with me and I am to clean up.  The first 3 days she had me lock myself up chastity, but last night she didn't.  It's about all I can do to not touch myself as I write this.

During this period I have noticed that I can please Mistress better than I had before.  I am still not where I want to be, but I am working on it.  I believe that if I had an orgasm and we kept on the plan I would last longer.  As it is now, my testosterone and libido are through the roof.  Because of that I think I am more sensitive than I would be if I had recently cum.

A big part of trying not to cum when the body is demanding it is to have some sort of penalty for doing so.  The penalty for me used to be that if I came without permission I had to clean it up with my mouth.  That no longer works as well as I now have to clean up after every orgasm that I have.  It still works, just not as well.  I read a blog about a guy that gets an immediate whipping if he cums without permission.  This is particularly cruel as since he has just had an orgasm, he has lost the ability to use his horniness to mitigate the pain.  His beating is non sexual at all.  Here is more on the topic CLICK HERE   

While being less sensitive is a nice goal, I am afraid that an orgasm would take me out of this space that I am in.  I am so full of sexual chemicals.  I am in such a suggestive state that any thing Mistress says to me or makes me do goes straight to my core.  I want to be more and more under her thumb.  I want to obey no matter how much I don't want to do something.  With the chemicals I have running through my body right now, I could easily be coerced into just about anything.

Another benefit I have seen over the last 4 days is that Mistress has become much more demanding.  Her comments and actions both in and out of bed surprise me.  She is much more confident in punishing me.  She comes up with consequences I won't like as a deterrent for not obeying.  She has been calling me her bitch quite a bit which I like way more than I should.  She has escalated my feminization much faster than I expected.  I am in a wig for the first time in years.  The wig has only been used for scenes and sex, but now I'm afraid it's going to be part of my day-to-day routine.  She has had me using a very feminine body wash and very soon we are going to be finding me my own feminine scent for bathing and wearing out of the house.  While I have reservations about dressing, Mistress is pushing me in a way that is very erotic and will likely have me doing things I have reluctantly fantasized about for years.

On the non sexual front, I have been in much more of a service frame of mind.  In the morning, I find myself making sure Mistress coffee is ready and that the dishes are done before I do anything for myself.  When Mistress asks me to do something, I do it immediately instead of putting it on my mental list to do later.  I truly enjoy it when she asks me to do a particular task, and I especially like it when it's an order vs. a request.  I feel submissive serving in non-sexual ways, so being ordered to do things becomes a turn on.      

In closing, this experiment of increasing our sexual time together seems to be working well.  I know I am much happier and hornier and by all accounts Mistress seems to be happy and more sexually satisfied than I have seen in some time.  I am very excited to keep experimenting and see where this goes.    

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