Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Keeping me on edge

Yesterday was a long day in the home office.  I had to print a lot of items that required constant back and forth between my computer and my printer.  In the outfit I chose to wear, I felt very aware of my situation.  Very high heels and the sound they make on the hardwood floors.  My skirt riding up and me having to pull it down to stay proper.  The new bra forcing me to improve my posture all day to avoid discomfort.  As I went back and forth I imagined a woman in an office dressed similar to how I was dressed and that would be the day her boss asked her to work on a special project.  He saved the project for a day she was dressed in a way so he could watch her movements for hours.  Mistress did a great job of commenting on my outfit a few times.  Every time she did, her comments went straight to my brain and my locked up cock.  I sure do love/hate the verbal taunting.  By 5pm I was ready to get undressed.  I have a new appreciation for women that get home from work and the first thing they want to do is get out of their heels and bra.

Just before bed, Mistress and I had sex.  Mistress did an amazing job of using me for her pleasure and she made sure she came many times.  Now my stamina is getting better, but I don't think that mattered last night.  Mistress can usually cum within me putting my cock inside her within 30-90 seconds.  I now have my stamina back up to the point where I can go non-stop that long, but she wasn't cumming from it.  I could tell that when she would get close, but couldn't go over the edge that she would make me stop and use my fingers on her g-spot.  She came 3-4 times from this approach.

While we were having sex Mistress kept asking me if I wanted to cum.  The truth is I wanted to cum very badly.  Having 2 orgasms last week has me remembering how awesome they feel.  The conversation went something like this.  "Do you want to cum?" Mistress asked.  "Yes and no" I replied.  "Do you want to cum?" she repeated.  "Do I have to eat it if I do?" I asked.  "That's beside the point, do you want to cum?"  I assured her that I did want to cum, but I didn't want to eat it.  I added that I also didn't want to lose this horniness that I have built up, but in reality I was ok if I did.  An orgasm would have felt so good.  The truth is I wanted to cum if she wanted me to and if she didn't want me to I didn't want to cum.  I only wanted to make sure she was pleased.

Mistress told me she wanted my horniess to stay.  She asked me how horny I would be if I came and I didn't go back into chastity.  I told her it would take awhile to get me ramped up again.  She asked, if I would be horny if I came and then was locked back up. I assured her that would get me going much quicker.  At this point I thought she may make me cum.  I then told her this is the order my horniness would be.  These are from low to high.

Let me cum and we go vanilla for a while.
Let me cum and lock me back up.
Let me cum, lock me back up and choose my outfit for the next day.
Don't let me cum and don't lock me back up
Don't let me cum and lock me back up.

In short, to keep me at my horniest, don't let me cum, keep using me for her pleasure, keep me locked up, feminized and lastly keep adding something else to the mix.  With this combo, there is no way for me to not be a horny mess.

As she was having her last orgasms she told me that I would not be cumming and that I would need to lock myself back up in chastity first thing in the morning.  I thanked her profusely for using me for her pleasure, for locking be back up in chastity, for making me dress up every day, and for really starting to demand more of me.  I assured her that she is on the right path and that she can be as mean to me as she wants.

When I awoke, I put on my device, got dressed in a black low-cut blouse, long black pin-stripe skirt and below the knee boots.  I did my morning chores including dishes and getting Mistress coffee ready.  I am sitting back in my office with my head spinning replaying yesterday and last night in my mind.  The sexual chemicals in my bloodstream have me dreaming up some pretty extreme thoughts as I write this.  I am a very, very happy slave.    


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