Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Orgasms for her and not for me.

A friend told me that stats show that the average person has sex 89 times a year. He went on to say that he's excited for all the sex he will get in December.  That's my joke for the day...

I have been giving a lot of thought to orgams, or the lack thereof.

Last year at this time I had 36 orgasms and this year it's 26.  This pales in comparison to my pre-chastity (and pre-long term relationships) days when I likely came 400-500 times a year, 98% of them by myself.

Also, I went 46 days without an orgasm this year which is less than my record of around 75 days.  I have been yearning to break my old record as I really enjoy the high I get from denial.  There is also something cool about breaking personal records.

There are countless women that keep their men in chastity and forbid orgam for long periods.  They are still intimate and get pleasure from toys or their partner's tongue and fingers.  There are many others that do not ever allow a man's penis inside them. I have read of men that have gone years without being inside their Mistress and some that haven't had an orgasm in over a year.  Some of this is very hot to me.  The level of submission it takes for a slave to give up orgasms or to give up pleasure at all is incredible.

On the flip side, I recently read a blog (click HERE) where the woman has her sub cum every 5-7 days (or up to 9 days if he misbehaves), but they have sex almost daily.  When they do have sex she cums 10-30 times and he doesn't cum at all.

I think she has it right.

The more I think about it, the more I want to be as sexual with my Mistress as possible.  Mistress loves having my cock inside her and I can make her cum quite easily.  In fact when we first started dating I could make her cum time and again to the point where she would get so sensitive that she would have me stop.  Back then she would try to make me cum and I could stop it from happening.  I believe the reason is back then I was inside her constantly.  If we were apart, I would edge.  My cock was always being stimulated and therefore I had more control.

Today things are a bit different.  Unfortunately chastity and orgasm denial have also been stimulation denial.  I understand Mistress not wanting me to touch myself and I have no problem with that rule.  However lately when we have had intercourse, I am ready to cum in no time.  I want to change that.  I want to be able to go as long as hard as Mistress desires without needed to stop every 10th stroke.  Her sexual satisfaction means everything to me.

I think we should be having intercourse daily.  The best part is we can still incorporate everything else we do into this way of life.  I imagine Mistress and I setting aside 10-30 minutes every day for the sole purpose of me pleasuring her.  In fact, by setting a daily requirement, we can make it my job to initiate on a daily basis.  Mistress of course decides if we proceed, but it could be up to me to do the daily initiation.

I will work on focusing on her pleasure full well knowing I will not have an orgasm.  When she is done, I am done.  If I am locked in chastity, I will be released until Mistress is completely satisfied and then I will happily go back into chastity.  If I am not in chastity I will still honor the no touching rule.

To keep me wanting and needing I still believe I should practice orgasm denial.  There is no reason we can't have sex daily with me only cumming occasionally.  Reading that blog some more, she references a study that male testosterone peaks (145% of baseline) on day 7 of not having an orgasm.  It appears that as men age, the peak takes longer.  I would agree that my peak is in the 7-12 day range.  That doesn't mean we also can't push me to new records, but all within the context of Mistress' needs being met.

This seems like a win-win to me.  Mistress will have a man that can last and last as long as she wishes.   Mistress is sexually satisfied.  I am constantly denied, and at the same time constantly reminded of what I am missing.  Mistress is in full control of my release and therefore in fill control of me.  Everything else we do can continue as D/s is still part of who I am.

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