Friday, December 16, 2016


This morning I find myself locked in chastity as a portion of my punishment.  I am being punished for not following my agreed upon requirement that I am dressed feminine when within 30 minutes of walking in the door.

Why did I disobey?  You would think the answer would be easy, but there are a few reasons I came up with.

Procrastination - I intended to change clothes, in just a little bit.
Laziness - I didn't want to have to go upstairs to change clothes.
Insecurity - Am I just doing this for me or does Mistress really want me to do this?

My disobedience had nothing to do with not wanting to obey.  In fact I am really liking her rules.  Also, Mistress gives me a lot of latitude as to what I wear.  So long as I am not casual all the time I can pretty much pick out whatever I want.  So I should count my blessings she doesn't enforce stricter attire.    

Yesterday I went out for drinks with a buddy.  When I got home Mistress had me start the grill.  Once the grill was hot enough, I cooked our dinner and we ate.  We spent the rest of the evening watching out TV shows and then got ready for bed.  Shortly after climbing into bed in my nighty, Mistress called me out for not dressing up.  She told me to immediately put on my chastity device and that I would soon receive the rest of my punishment.  As we were falling asleep I thanked Mistress for being more firm with me.

This is what I have been yearning for.  A more D/s focused life.  One where there are certain rules I must follow and where I am held accountable if I don't.  One that pushes me deeper which in turn increases my service to my Mistress.  One where the consequences get worse every time I disobey as I should know better by now.  One that I can't pull away from when it gets tough as I am so addicted to her.

Even though I am locked in chastity and I know additional punishment is coming, I am happy as ever!


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