Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sweet Dreams

With my recent medical issues I had received some good strong pain killers.  In addition to helping with the pain, I found out that they gave me some good and crazy memorable dreams.  I don't generally remember my dreams so when I do I am pleasantly surprised.  While I was in the hospital I was understandably not interested in sexual matters, but I still managed to have some erotic dreams.

Fast forward to now.  I didn't use all of my pain killers when I was recovering, so last night I decided to see if I could get some good dreams since I was healthy and very horny.  It turns our it worked.  I was surprised how much of my dreams were focused around recent events I have been reading.

Now I did have some random dreams as well.  A talking stuffed dinosaur.  Being at a bar with my buddy and seeing the cops outside tazing robbers that looked like there were out of a 50's comedy movie.  I dreamt about getting a new dog and going on vacation.  But there were 2 dreams that stick out in my mind for their naughtiness.

The first one was right as I was falling asleep.  I was going in and out of falling asleep. I ended up dreaming that I was tied to the bed in our normal fashion.  Me spread eagle using straps from under our mattress.  I was blindfolded and heard Mistress walking around the room.  Mistress climbs on the bed and tells me to open my mouth.  I imagined she was going to put a gag or dildo into my mouth.  She tells me to open wider and very quickly shoves something into my mouth. I quickly realize this item is a semi soft ball and it's cold and wet.  Before I can react I feel Mistress slap a strip of very sticky duct tape over my mouth.  Within seconds I can taste a salty acrid taste.  I realize it's piss.  Mistress pinches my nipples hard, causing me to gasp and I bite down on the ball, and some of the piss releases into the back of my throat.  And then out of nowhere she zaps my balls with an electric device of some sort.  I actually kicked my leg in real life (I think) due to the zap in my dream.  

Mistress then tells me "you have a big porous sponge soaked in my piss in your mouth right now.  You have been talking back to me, you have been telling me I am wrong, you have been correcting me, and telling me how to do things I obviously know how to do."  "From now on, if your mouth keeps being pissy with me, I am going to keep getting pissy with your mouth."  

I wish the dream went on, but it didn't.  I have my own ideas of where it would go, but that's not the purpose of this post.

My second dream happened later after some of the dreams I listed above.  In it Mistress keeps adding things to my daily feminization routine.  Not all at once, but slowly and deliberately.  I don't know the exact order, but she started making me wear a wig whenever I was dressed (to keep me warm in the winter months).  She had me wearing fake nails that could come off and go on easily.  She added earrings, a necklace, bracelet, and anklet and a ring on my finger.  She had me wearing lipstick, clear mascara and perfume.  By the end of the dream, I would have all of the above items on my as soon as I got home from work until I left for work the next day.  From Thursday night to Tuesday morning, Mistress enforced this regimen which meant that I went 4 full days dressed as a woman.  I became an expert in walking in heels, makeup application and when I looked in the mirror, I no longer saw a man.

To sum everything up, I had a great night of dreams.  I am wondering if the recent hypnosis tracks I listened to have anything to do with what I dreamt.  

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday.  My goal is to post each day's outfit on its own page.  


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