Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mental Effects

When I woke up this morning, I wasn't in much of sexual mood.  I had zero intention of writing a blog post today.  I didn't sleep well and for whatever reason my libido was down.  I still have a rule that I must wear women's clothes when I am in the house, so my intention was to wear jeans and a casual top of some sort with some flat shoes.  When I got to the extra bedroom and saw my feminine clothes in the closet something clicked in my mind.  I have been trying to dress in ways that please Mistress as well as in ways that get her mind running with things to do to me.  To keep Mistress' mind racing, I decided it was in my best interest to dress better than jeans.  I picked out a black and white animal print blouse, black skirt and high heels.  I then fed the dog, emptied the dishwasher and loaded the dishwasher, all in my outfit.

I have to confess that I went from nearly zero libido to 8-9 in short order.  There is something erotic about waking up and first thing doing things I consider submissive and humiliating.  Wearing these clothes and doing chores in towering high heels went straight to my submissive libido.  These rules and protocols Mistress has me following makes it hard to slip out of subspace for very long.  When I have written posts in the past about protocols, I wrote more for it's kinky aspect.  However after this morning, I can see protocols having a long lasting mental effect that keeps me in a particular state of mind.  The same goes with wearing a nighty every night or when I am in chastity.  In the case of dressing up, and doing chores as my first acts of the day, I am essentially starting my day in submissive mode.  Instead of me waking up and having a kinky laundry list of things running through my mind, I am quickly put in my place and redirected into serving submissively.  As it is now, I am constantly reminded of my place.  Whether it be first thing in the morning, or getting ready for bed.  Whether it's when I am at work and I see my panties when I go to the bathroom, or when I come back home and have to change back into a dress.  Whether I am in chastity or have a large plug in my ass, I am constantly reminded of being Mistress' slave.  I hate to admit it, but the more she puts on my plate the harder it is to deny what I have become.  That's a good thing.

Yesterday was a different story.  I woke up with my libido on 12.  I dressed about as slutty as I could. I dressed in a black bra, plaid panties, white blouse, plaid schoolgirl skirt, white knee highs with bows and black mary jane platform heels.  Typing that out made me blush.  Mistress had ordered me to wear a wig, so that added to my humiliation.  My libido stayed pretty high yesterday.  In fact, it would start dropping off as I hid behind my desk working, but every time I had to get up to do something, I was instantly reminded of what I was wearing.  My humiliation and libido would peak each time.  Getting up and having to show myself is a pretty good mind fuck.



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