Saturday, December 10, 2016

The last few days

The last few days have had Mistress and I going through our normal lives.  Our new normal has me wearing women's clothes whenever I am home.  I have to admit, the more I wear clothes, the more I get into it.  I am starting to take pride in the outfits, as if I were going to go out in the clothes.  While I am more comfortable, I am also insecure.  I had to ask Mistress to reaffirm that she likes seeing me dressed.  She said "yes I like it.  When I start making you wear makeup you'll really now how much I like it".  Just typing that got my cock hard.  Here are outfits over the last couple days (I missed a picture one day).

I had recently bought a 3D printed chastity device.  At first it was wonderful, but something happened and now, whenever I wear it I get swollen and the skin around the device turns red and flaky.  I believe I am alergic the plastic used to make the device.  I believe they coat it in paraffin or something similar when they make it, but now that it has worn off, I have a reaction.  To make sure it's that specific device, I have been wearing my stainless device off and on for the last few days.  I have no issues with the steel device, other than the weight and the bulkiness of it.  It's much harder to wear this device than the plastic one.  I am now researching metal devices that are similar to my plastic device.  In the meantime I need to try wearing my old school CB3000 plastic device, to rule out any issues before I invest in another device.  I want to make sure the tighter devices don't cause any skin issues.

The last few days Mistress has been a little pushier.  When she ran out of wine one night, she told me that it was my job to keep her wine stock replenished.  That same night she told me to do the laundry the next day.  That is one job she has kept for herself so it was very hot to be told to do it.  Thursday night Mistress had a girls night out. She made me drop her off so she could Uber back home.  When she got home she had me unlock myself and we had sex.  I made sure to have her cum and I didn't get an orgasm.  Last night, at bedtime Mistress got the bed ready for sex and again, she used my cock and fingers to get her off.  Shortly after she orgasmed, she told me she was done with me.  I pulled out and started cleaning up.  As I did, she told me to lock myself back in chastity.  I can't remember the last time she told me to lock my cock up after sex.  Being told what to do, and being used for sex, has my submissive mind soaring.  I woke up early this morning with my cock straining against its steel cage.  All my mind could think of was Mistress doing something painful, something humiliating or something challenging to me.  I am feeling so horny this morning.         

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