Thursday, December 15, 2016

Post Orgasm Thoughts

The other night Mistress and I were going to bed.  I really hadn't anticipated sex of any sort, but after a minute of kissing and fondling each other, Mistress wanted my cock inside of her.  I got on top of her (I still had my nighty on) and put my cock inside her.  Mistress reached up under my nighty and pinched my nipples.  There is something about still being dressed in my nighty when we have sex that makes me feel very submissive.  It had been 10 days since my last orgasm so I was certainly on the upper end of being aroused.  Unfortunately I was just a bit too sensitive to go very long inside Mistress.  Once she sensed this I was given the order to cum.  I was so close to the edge at the time, there was no way I was going to deny myself this opportunity.  After I came I prayed that Mistress wouldn't make me eat my cum out of her.  After about 30 seconds she told me to clean her out.  I put my mouth on her pussy and my tongue inside her and started scooping my cum out of her with my tongue.  At the time I so didn't want to do it, and even thinking about doing it now makes me cringe a bit.  But at the same time my cock just got super hard writing about it.  The act doesn't turn me on, but being forced to do it does.  After about 20 seconds of me cleaning up my cum, Mistress told me to put my fingers inside her.  As I brought her close to orgasm she told me to keep licking as she was going to cum in my mouth.  10 seconds later she was gushing on my face as she had an orgasm.  I kept working my fingers inside her as she told me to keep licking.  After another half minute or so, she told me we were done.  I was well used at that point.

As I cleaned myself off, I realized I had post orgasm drop. I was still in my nighty and went through a bit of shame as I always do.  That's one of the reasons I like to deny my orgasms as much as possible.  I woke up the next morning still let down a bit.  Because of this I was reluctant to get myself dressed in feminine clothes in the morning.  However since I am committed to doing as I am told and really wishing to be pushed harder in this lifestyle, I reluctantly got dressed.  Just this act got my libido up a bit.  I was still a bit too down to post to this blog, but I was trending in the right direction.  I still wore panties and a camisole at work so I had that in my mind all day.  This morning I again got dressed feminine and obviously my libido is up enough to post.  Replaying the other night as I write this has me hard and horny.

I will always have orgasm drop.  By Mistress putting these rules and protocols in place the drop doesn't last long.  In the past I would rebel a bit after an orgasm.  I would "forget" orders she would give me before I came.  As I disobeyed, Mistress would pull back as I appeared to be disinterested, and our D/s lifestyle would go in reverse.  Now that I have rules in place, and Mistress has demonstrated she will punish me instead of pulling back, I feel like we have momentum.  There is something to be said about pushing even harder after an orgasm.  Making me submit when my libido is down is a great mind fuck.  

Now that I have had my orgasm I want to keep working on being intimate as much as possible so that I can focus on Mistress' pleasure.  I love being used by Mistress and not having her take my pleasure into account.  I have had a long held fantasy of being a sex slave and this really goes a long way toward that.  My purpose is to please her and be used as she sees fit.

Here are a couple more outfits that I have been wearing.  I am trying to wear something new each day but that gets harder as I get deeper into my closet.


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