Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Worked Up

This morning I woke up and quickly realized I am incredibly horny.  Even though I had 2 orgams last week, I feel like I haven't cum in a couple weeks.  My mind is racing with submissive thoughts.  There are a couple reason I can directly think of as to my state of mind.

The first one is that I have been locked in chastity for over 72 hours now.  Friday night when Mistress gave me my orgasm one of the tasks she gave me was to lock up first thing Saturday morning.  As much as I hate to admit it, being locked up soon after an orgasm is a surefire way to get my mind back on track.  One thing that I don't understand is that I am very good on the honor system of chastity.  Not perfect, but very good and I do not orgasm.  But when I am not locked, I can really go without touching my cock.  However when I am locked up all I want to do is pull my cock out and slowly stroke myself for hours.  I assume it's the theory that we want what we can't have.  Anyhow, chastity definitely has me worked up as much as I don't want to be in this device.

The second reason is that Mistress has me still dressing up.  Yesterday I spent the entire day dressed.  I am working from home the next couple of weeks, so I don't have the excuse of going to work to get out of my outfit for the day.  Based on my mood right now, I am pretty ok with the arrangement.    Yesterday was a bit different in that I couldn't just hide behind my desk all day.  I had to do some stuff around the house which required me to be away from my desk and out in the open quite a bit.  I was constantly reminded of my attire and my situation as Mistress' girlfriend.  Mistress acted indifferent to my outfit most of the day, which made me feel like this is "normal".  I was so worked up when I woke up that I planned my outfit for the day before I even got out of bed.  I am in a bra, a blouse, short skirt and heels.  I am so turned on...

I recently purchased 6 bras that are my actual size.  The few I already own are perfect for play, but are too small to wear for a long period of time.  The ones I purchased I had hoped to be able to wear under my male clothes out of the house, but the padding is a little too prominent.  A bra is certainly a constant reminder of what I am wearing.  I can easily get used to panties and my nighties, and I am starting to get used to my heels and some of my outfits.  The bra is a new challenge.  It makes me want to pull my arms back a bit and keep my chest up.  If I don't the bra tugs on my arms a bit to remind me.  Mistress had me wear my forms the other morning, that too was a great mental enforcer of my place as Mistress' property.  If I ever start getting used to a bra, I will consider myself more feminized than I thought possible.  

In closing, while I am frequently conflicted about chastity and dressing in women's clothes, I am in absolute heaven today.  

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