Monday, December 28, 2015

Stuff running through my mind

Instead of a topic, this post is just a bunch or random stuff going through my mind.

I was given a list of tasks today.  I enjoy being able to help Mistress with things she feels need to be done.  On top of it she added the kinky task of my butt plug.  2 times in less than a week.  I feel very fortunate.  I also vacuumed the house as I know Mistress wanted it done even though she didn't ask me to.

Chastity is still going very, very well.  I don't know my record being locked up, but believe it's in the 10-14 day range.  I have gone far longer without cumming, but that doesn't really count any longer.    Normally I feel sorry for myself or get pissy because I am not getting other D/s, but my mindset has changed.  For some reason, chastity feels right this time around.  I mention this to let Mistress know I am really ok with staying locked up or released for some fun and locked right back up.  If this changes or I am having issues, I will communicate and not let it build up.

Nighty.  Mistress is continuing to have me wear a nighty.  Here is last night's.  This one is a little tight but it certainly goes straight to my head.  I have been in such a mood the last 3 days I have worn my nighty long after I woke up.  It's too cold to wear it by itself, but I put my pajama pants and shirt on over the nighty.  I am able to still feel the straps and the bottom of the nighty.  It makes me feel very naughty.  I imagine having to wear my nighty under my clothes some nights before Mistress gets home from work as well when I get up.  In the summer, nighty only.

Errands.  With the mood I am in I can sexualize just about anything.  When I go to the dry cleaners I imagine Mistress only having me drop off my feminine clothes.  Or even worse, just one item that clearly is a little slutty and in my size.   At Walmart or Costco, I imagine Mistress telling me to buy something feminine with the other things.  Today they had women's Speedo one piece swimsuits at Costco.  I imagined having one that I would have to wear in our hot tub.

Orgasm without ejaculation.  I have been doing a lot of reading on this topic and it seems like it's something that can occur with some practice.  The best part is that it seems multiple orgasms can be achieved.  I can only imagine the mindset I would have going months without post orgasm let down.

Massage.  Mouth, fingers and toys.  Until I am up to a stage where I can orgasm without cumming, I have thought A LOT about serving Mistress with my hands, mouth, and toys.  I want to tease (in a good way to build up an orgasm).  I want to make her write with pleasure and squirt all over.  I want to be able to know her body like I never have so that she can derive the most amazing pleasure.  And the best part is my needs don't matter.  If she wants my cock in her, I will do that.  If she wants me locked up I will do that.  I just want to make her cum over and over and over again until she is spent.  

Communication.  Mistress warned me the other day that she would need time to ramp up into more of a D/s mindset.  I completely understand.  I tend to get over excited, however this time around I have a different mindset.  I have no preconceived notions of things happening.  I want to enjoy my chastity and denial and focus that energy into pleasing and serving Mistress.  I am excited to focus on Mistress pleasure sexually, and while I still want intercourse I'm hoping to delay my next ejaculation as long as possible.  I can appreciate Mistress wanting to take getting back into D/s slow.  To help me with it, I just need a little bit of encouragement.  Tasks, picking out my nighty or other naughty items, and occasionally bringing up my situation in a naughty way will go a long way.  I get mentally insecure, so for me to know I am doing something that turns Mistress on in some way is a great way to take away any doubt I may have.


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