Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Last night Mistress mentioned she might soon free my cock and not let me make me wear a nighty so that I will sleep in which in turn lets her sleep in.

A nighty I forgot how much I like.  Comfortable and cute with just the right amount of erotic humiliation
The thing is I am now conditioned to be in this state.  I am linking chastity to this amazing feeling I get whenever I think about it.  I am wearing my nighty under my clothes right now because of the chemicals pumping through my brain makes it feel so good.  By changing my mindset, I am relishing the thoughts of servicing Mistress, chastity, orgasm denial and extended feminization.  I have allowed myself to believe this will go on for a long time, so to think it will be taken away (even for a short while) is kind of a mind fuck.  Of course I will do whatever Mistress wants but wanted her to know I am still doing amazingly well with being locked up for so long.

This got me thinking about conditioning in general.      

Conditioning: to bring (something) into the desired state for use.

Conditioning is a behavioral process whereby a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, with reinforcement typically being a stimulus or reward for a desired response.

Conditioning is a form of learning in which either (1) a given stimulus (or signal) becomes increasingly effective in evoking a response or (2) a response occurs with increasing regularity in a well-specified and stable environment.

Conditioning is something that is in every single relationship.  In a vanilla relationship there are verbal and physical ways a person can get their partner to behave.  A man might come home and he will hang up his coat and put his things away.  He didn't do this when they first started living together, but he has been conditioned to do it.  Or how a certain look can get the other partner to change what they were doing.  These are all learned responses.

I have been thinking about conditioning in a D/s relationship.  There are many articles, mostly about training, but not a lot of real world examples.  Here are some that I found that was male submissive focused.

  • Classical conditioning works on a subconscious level. If you experience A and B at the same time, and A causes C, then after enough paired repetitions, B will cause C. For example, if you jerk a man off while licking his nipples, and only lick his nipples when jerking him off, eventually you can give him an erection just by licking his nipples. The possibilities are endless.
  • My favorite thing to do is to condition a sub to want something he wouldn't normally want, something that pushes or tests his limits. With enough work you can get him to anticipate and even ask for such things. Pick something within your pet’s hard limits he wouldn’t want, something he would never ask for. Perhaps something you use as a punishment that you happen to enjoy. Maybe just something humiliating. When playing with your sub, and I mean physically stimulating him in some way, tell him what you are going to do to him. Don’t be skimpy on the details, elaborate as best you can. You want his mind focused on it. After you go through the of details of how, tell him what it’s going to feel like. You can repeat yourself if you run out of things to say about it. Keep him as hard as you can while you’re telling him all this. When your sub is all worked up and eager for orgasm, and fully anticipating his fate, make him ask for it. Don’t give in though, make him keep asking. After a little while, make him beg for it. Tell him to make it convincing. Have him tell you how much he wants it, and why. Only once you are really convinced do you follow through. This works surprisingly fast compared to the other examples because it uses a secondary trick. Just as people who are forced to smile tend to feel happy even if they weren’t happy before, a person begs for something, finds themselves really wanting it.
  • Allow your slave to play with himself when sucking your strapon only. After awhile your slave will be aroused by the thought of sucking cock. Any cock.
  • Have your sissy watch gay-porn if you want your sissy to get bi-curious. Dress her up, talk in her ear about what you see and keep her on edge constantly during the scenes. You'll condition her to like it.
  • This is not mandatory, but will speed up the success you will have in your training.  Google Femdom, cross dressing, sissy, or cock sucking hypnosis and find all that you can find.  Preview the files before putting them on his phone so you know what kind of training you would like him to have.  Try to build this library up all the time, and find the best ones that suit your training style and require him to listen to them every night and/or morning.
  • My sub-hubby has been conditioned to be aroused only when he can smell my pussy.  Whenever we have sex, a tease and denial session or if I allow him to masturbate he must be breathing my scent through his nose.  Anytime his cock is being stimulated he either has his face in my pussy or he has a pair of my dirty panties over his nose.  I have done this long enough that he can no longer get off and sometimes he can't even get an erection without the smell of my pussy.  I own his brain!
  • Frequent use of the strap-on, coupled with extended chastity can have the effect of essentially re-wiring the pleasure centers in his brain. By stimulating his prostate, while denying him any direct stimulation of his penis, he will, over time, begin to associate his own sexual pleasure with anal penetration.  What you want to do, about once every twenty days, is release him from chastity, proceed to fuck him with the strap-on and give him a good hard fucking. Initially you will stroke his cock a lot.  You want him to cum like that while you’re still all up in his ass. After his penis goes soft, immediately lock him back up. He needs to feel that immediate authority from you. As time goes on  you will reduce the amount of direct cock stimulation he gets until he is cumming from the strap-on only.  Keep this up and he will, over time, go from resisting the strap-on, to tolerating it, to enjoying it, to craving it. But only if you keep his penis locked up 24/7 and don’t otherwise allow him to cum. If you have the patience and determination to maintain the discipline, you will see how effective it is. After a while, he’ll start putting his ass up for you frequently and spontaneously, like a bitch in heat, because he needs and wants that stimulation. You can effectively cause the same physical/psychological conditioning regarding him sucking cock, if you want to. It’s a little more complicated, but can be just as effective. I’m currently in the process of doing exactly this with my hubby. By the end of the summer, my goal is to get him to the point where he associates sucking cock with his own orgasmic relief.

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