Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Revving Up

Last night I woke up around 1 AM with a raging hard on that made sleeping near impossible.  I felt so naughty in my nighty with my cock straining against my chastity device.  Every time I moved I felt naughtier.  I tried to distract myself with thoughts of work or home improvement or practicing some gambling for an upcoming trip.  For the most part I could only distract myself for a few minutes at a time before I was reminded of my situation.  It was frustrating, but a very, very hot frustration.

At 2 AM I had to get up and let the dog out.  I kept my nighty on as I walked through the house looking for my robe.  If someone was looking they could have seen me, but it was too early.  Either way I felt so self aware and slutty walking around the house like that.

This morning Mistress left early and I woke up to am email telling me to be plugged for at least 2 hours.  I woke up so horny, I plugged myself immediately.  I kept my nighty on, knelt on the floor and rested my chest on the tub so I could insert my big plug.  I was soooo tight.  I love the full feeling and hate the emptiness that comes when I remove it.  Moving around I can feel it rub against my prostate.  I felt like such a slut that I kept my nighty on while I right this.  It's cold, so I am wearing a robe, but I am sitting on my plug stuffed ass, in a nighty, in chastity while I did my other assigned tasks and while I write this.  I have to run an errand before 8:30 which is the soonest I can take my plug out, so I will have to wear it to the hardware store.  I love being such a slut.  I just wish we didn't have people coming over today.  I would love to slut all over the house today...I don't go back to work until Jan 4th, so maybe I will have some time.

I ran my errand.  I was so sub-spacey walking around the hardware store.  My eyes wanted to roll back in my head as my prostate got rubbed.  I loved being locked as well.  I should have thrown on a bra just to complete the effect.  I am so worked up.  Unfortunately, my ass is a little out of training so I will make it to 3 hours and will take it out wishing I didn't have to.


The last 24 hours has had me seriously considering long term chastity.  By changing my mindset I have taken it from a chore to something more like a gift to my Mistress.  My current device was state of the art 8 years ago, but the device that traps the balls to keep it on, is a dated design especially for someone with a pierced cock.  I have come across a few devices that seem to have all the benefits of a device without any of the down sides.  Essentially they cover the head and foreskin of the cock.  Between the tightness when hard and the lack of stimulation, it prevents orgasm.  The nice thing is it doesn't tug and pinch a million different ways.  Men report it being the most comfortable device they have ever worn.  If Mistress decides to keep me locked indefinitely, it would be something to pursue.

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