Monday, December 21, 2015

Who Knew?

In my list of sites I like to keep up on, I came across a blog someone was following and commented on.  It's a blog written from a Christian wife's perspective.  They are not in a D/s relationship and there is no "porn" aspect to her postings.  She is no prude.  She teases him and makes sure he is always aware of his situation, they just don't get into the kinky part of chastity.  It's a matter of fact blog about how and why they ended up using male chastity.

Essentially she found out her husband was masturbating a lot and had nothing left for her.  She also felt she had to perform sexually for him.  By using chastity he now performs for her.  In the past she used to give blow jobs as she believed taking care of his needs was her Christian duty as a wife.  Now he services her (mainly while locked).  She also commented on how a lot of women don't like guys going down on them, because they feel like they have to reciprocate and go down on him.  With chastity they no longer have to reciprocate and in turn can enjoy receiving oral sex.  He comes so infrequently she has to put numbing cream and a condom on him when she wants penetrative sex without him cumming too fast.        

I used to be a chronic masturbator.  However over the years I have learned that I like the feeling of "wanting" an orgasm more than getting an orgasm.  Since I also don't like wearing a device I am pretty darn good with the honor system.  Being in chastity a few times over the last couple months I have learned of one downside to the honor system.  It's that I can easily slip into no desire for sex or arousal.  If I get busy, or have some other interest come up, sexuality can easily take a back seat.  By being in a device, there is absolutely no way for sexuality to take a back seat.  I can be typing, driving, moving boxes, watching TV, cooking, reading, talking to a customer, essentially no matter what I do I am thinking about my locked cock which triggers my sexuality.

For me chastity has been a kink.  D/s is a part of who I am so I will always need it in some way.  That being said, I took a lot of interest in her writing.  There is a mindset of hers that I can use when I am locked up.  Mainly that I will be locked up because it's important to my Mistress.  She isn't "making" me do it, she is asking me to do it and I want to do it for her.  If I do it with love in my heart, knowing what it does to me, it's a win-win for both of us.

In conclusion, I always feel I am a little weird between my desire for D/s, femdom, feminization, chastity, etc.  After a little more research, chastity seems to have transcended the kink world and is a little more mainstream and normal than I ever would have guessed.  I feel a little less weird than I did before I found this blog,

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