Monday, December 14, 2015


Last Thursday I was in chastity at 4am not knowing when I would get my release.  At a minimum I had planned on 2-3 days.  I went about my day obviously thinking about my cock the entire day.  While waiting for Mistress to come home I was watching some porn with a male Dom and a female submissive.  I found in interesting the only time I have watched porn in weeks is when I am locked in chastity and even then it wasn't Femdom.

When Mistress got home we went to happy hour with some friends.  Almost the entire time I was reminded of my locked cock.  When we got home we hung out a bit before bed and when we got into bed I got a little frisky with Mistress.  She told em to go get some towels for the bed.  I reminded her I was locked and she said "oh yeah".  She went to grab the key to my device and we were quickly having sex.  Between my stupid libido and alcohol I begged Mistress to lock me back up and make me wear my nighty as soon as I came.  She said I would certainly be wearing a nighty but didn't say anything about chastity.  I came in no time and as we cleaned up Mistress reminded me of my nighty. Of course I had a post orgasm let down and as much as I didn't want to wear it, I was in no hurry to go back into chastity so I complied.

Friday morning Mistress commented on how lucky I was to be out of chastity.  I don't think that she planned on letting me out so soon and I was surprised and fortunate that she didn't lock me back up once she realized I was free.

Friday night I didn't put on a nighty as we had a niece staying with us.  However both Saturday and Sunday I put on a nighty without being reminded.  The humiliation I feel when I have to do it without a word from her is hard to describe.  In my own mind I imagine I am "forced" to wear one.  I could certainly choose not to wear one and Mistress could choose not to dominate me.  So instead of "forced" I call it "coerced".  Either way I feel a little slutty wearing one and I like that Mistress makes me do it.

As much as I hate being locked there is no denying it's effect on my behavior as well as my libido.  I always play back my time in head and end up aroused.  

The day I was locked up I saw this online and thought "that's kind of hot".



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