Thursday, December 10, 2015

Do the crime, do the time...

Last night after Mistress went to sleep, I checked my email.  There was an email from her for my tasks she needed me to do today.  After a couple of standard couple tasks, the last one was telling me that I was to lock myself in chastity and send her a picture.  Since she wanted a picture I think she was ok with me waiting until after she left for work.  As much as I hate to admit it, getting that email made my cock super hard and my mind started racing.  I even considered locking myself up right then and there, but decided against it so I could sleep.  I woke up around 4, and half the time I can go back to sleep.  But between the nighty Mistress had me wearing and knowing I would be locked up for some unknown time, I couldn't fall back to sleep.  Stupid submissive mind...

I got out of bed and put on my device right away.  I also sent her a picture  to make sure I followed her instructions to the letter.

While I could have likely delayed it, I figured the sooner I started the sooner it would be over.  Also my male testosterone in the morning makes me more susceptible to naughtiness.  As much as I hate chastity I can honestly say I am OK with it since I disobeyed Mistress.  Being punished (whether chastity or other means) resets my submissive button.  I don't purposely misbehave to bring D/s back.  I get insecure and my mind reverts back to trying to be a macho male.  My macho male side convinces my dormant submissive mind that it's OK to disobey.  I am lucky that Mistress reminds me of my place, my submissiveness gets restored and I am in the right frame of mind for quite some time.

Yesterday I was feeling naughty and wanted to show Mistress how I was feeling.  I wore some fishnet type stockings under my work clothes all day.  I also ran to the local grocery store and imagined what people would think if they knew what I was wearing.  I kind of wish I wore it until bedtime so Mistress could verbally taunt me for being such a slut.

Next week I will be out of town for 2 nights on a business trip.  I have been fantasizing about ideas to keep me D/s focused.
  • Getting a brutal ass spanking before I go so that every time I sit I think of Mistress.
  • A lock being locked in my cock piercing.
  • Being written on in permanent marker all over my body.
  • After laying out my clothes, Mistress would finish packing my suitcase to surprise me when I got to my hotel.
Now that I am in chastity the mind won't stop racing.  I am a little bit of a mess right now with all of the ideas going through my head.

To finish, here is a random Throwback Thursday post.



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